From 10 November to 5 December 2008,BeijingVillage adidasOn the fourth floor of the brand center, anotheradidas OriginalsA photography exhibition inspired by Chinese young original forces“TO BE ALL I CAN BE——Urbanlook street culture image exhibition “is officially open to the media and the public. At the same time, a collection of exhibition works, to BE ALL I CAN BE》Urbanlook street culture image collection was also officially published.adidas OriginalsGive full support to the authoritative magazine of Chinese street culture《Urban》Completed this original project that comprehensively recorded the current situation of China’s hip hop culture, jointly commended the unremitting efforts and remarkable achievements of 108 leaders of China’s hip hop culture, and jointly interpreted the spirit of celebrate origin.

in the meantime,adidas OriginalsThe 4-elements series, which integrates the four elements of hip hop culture “DJ, MC, dancer and graffiti writer” as the design inspiration, has also been launched.adidas OriginalsTogether with the leaders of Chinese hip hop culture and the young people who love hip hop culture, we will witness the historic moment of Chinese hip hop culture under the spirit of celebrate origin.

adidas OriginalsIt has a long-standing close relationship with hip hop culture. In HIP-HOP FILES》《WILD STYLE》《THE BREAKS》《HIP-HOP AMERICAN》 And so on. In the literature recording the early hip hop culture, it can be seen that the early hip hoppers were all dressed in clothesadidasOur products arefashion。 In particular, classic shoes like superstar have become todayadidas OriginalsSoul products. In the mid-1980s, run-d.m.c, the most influential Orchestra in hip hop history, brought hip hop music into the “golden age”, and superstar and others can be found in most of the photos they leftadidasClassic shoes.adidasofCloverThe logo has become the most typical logo of hip hop old school style.

“TO BE ALL I CAN BE——Urbanlook street culture image exhibition “is the most authoritative street culture magazine in China《Urban》, inadidas OriginalsWith the full support of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Taipei, it has filmed 108 representative DJs, MC, dancer and graffiti writers in China BE ALL I CAN BE》Urbanlook street culture image collection is the collection of all photos in this exhibition.

Founded in 2002《Urban》The magazine has witnessed the development of Chinese hip hop culture and is also the most authoritative organization of Chinese street culture. This exhibition and this album comprehensively record the current situation of Chinese hip hop culture, as well as contemporary Chinese youth culture, young people’s hobbies, values and living conditions. The photographers of the exhibition and album photos are Tang Ting, a freelance photographer, fan Xing, a skateboarder and skateboarder photographer, and Zhang Sichuan, a graffiti artist. Through their lenses, people can go deep into the life scenes and states, personal styles and their inner world of 108 representatives of Chinese hip hop culture, and experience the free spirit of self-expression, distinctive personality Unyielding spirit and unremitting struggle

[photographer’s introduction]

Tang Ting
Tang Ting is a young freelance photographer,UrbanThe “non editorial member” of the magazine. He has great talent for photography. Instead of accepting the dogma of traditional professional photography, he chose traditional mechanical cameras from the beginning instead of cheaper and cheaper onesDigitalCamera. With a second-hand Nikon F3 and two fixed focus lenses, his photos always reveal an increasingly scarce texture. He himself loves underground rock music and has been filming and recording his friends in the rock circle around him. The spirit of freedom and independence is actually interlinked between rock and hip hop, so to BE ALL YOU CAN BE》Choose to cooperate with Tang Ting, different hobbies and beliefs, how will he understand anotherUrban Culture。

Fan Xing
Fan Xing is the best photographer in China’s skateboarding circle. The young people recorded in his lens are full of a sense of power. There is no reason for it, because he himself is a skateboarder growing up in the street and has his personal understanding of the free and self young spirit. Feed back the characters and scenes seen by the eyes to the mind, and filter out the most real street world through 120 black-and-white films. Only in this way can people really be excited by these photos.

Zhang Sichuan
Zhang Sichuan is one of the best graffiti artists in China. Living in Guangzhou, she grew up in a multicultural environment. Her graffiti works not only express her unique life feelings, but also represent the aesthetic attitude of the young generation. At the same time, the female identity also makes her creation full of more delicate and subtle sensory emotions. Compared with a large proportion of male characters in the hip hop world, how would a female graffiti express her familiar Chinese hip hop circle? This time, she picked up the film camera she always loved and took pictures of people in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Compared with the lenses of the other two male photographers, it is showing a perfect correspondence.

Adidas originals x urban “to be all I can be – urbanlook street culture Adidas originals x urban “to be all I can be – urbanlook street culture1