however,NikeStill not satisfied, they are rightZoom AirBold reforms were carried out. Normally,Zoom AirCushioning technology is generally built-in. But in1999In,NikeZoom Air。 A protective mold is installed outside the air cushion, which can effectively prevent external force damage; Secondly, the visible type made of high-density nylon elastic fiber is usedZoom AirThan built-inZoom AirBe thick. Don’t underestimate this change, it can provide the wearer with closer to perfect cushioning.

Now, after a series of innovations and improvements,Zoom AirThe types of become more abundant: exposedZoom AirCaged Zoom)After reinforcement and protection treatment, it not only maintains the original advantages, but also greatly improves the durability. Today, this technology has been applied inZoom LebronSeries basketball shoes. on the other hand,4mmUltra thinZoom AirIt has also come out. The wearer can hardly feel the thickness of the air cushion, but he really understands itZoom AirComfortable feeling. For the wearer who emphasizes speed, this is undoubtedly a gospel.

As a sports fan, how can I not experience itZoom AirWonderful? Now,NikeIt provides such a good opportunity for consumers, which can not only bring sports fun to the field of science and technology, but also get unexpected rewards.

8month11From the th,NikeWangfujing flagship store in Beijing, Shanghai ganghui Plaza store and GuangzhouXihu RoadThe store held a large-scale meetingZoom AirExperience activities. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, and you don’t need any training. Anyone is qualified to participate——As long as the phone has Bluetooth function. wearZoom AirSneakers, turn on Bluetooth, run the whole course on a set distance and experience itZoom AirDistinctive performance……In hot weather, what is more pleasant than running?

Moreover, according to the time displayed on the mobile phone,Consumers with the shortest time and the fastest speed can get a pairZoom AirSneakers are really killing two birds with one stone. However, the participants did not come for prizes.When I first chose running shoes, I chose to go around or bought a pair of running shoesZoom AirYes, it does feel good. This time, I saw the launch of new varieties, so I came to try. Although there are many new technologies, I still trust themZoom Air

Come on, it’s cruel. YesNike ZoomYou can be better than othersRuthlessSome.

Nike zoom, come on! “Crazy foot run” Nike Zoom consumer experience debut

NIKE Zoom, Quick attack!

“Crazy foot run”NIKE ZoomConsumer experience heat debut

Run, run……It’s speed. Come on, it’s cruel. However, this is not a running race. The greatest true meaning is to experience fun from sports.

Zoom Air, a technology can12It has lasted for years, which is enough to prove its excellence. Initially, designZoom AirThe original meaning of““To adapt to sports like golf, you need more realism on the grass, and you don’t need too much cushioning.howeverNikeThe designer soon found that due toZoom AirThe volume is small, the distance between the soles of the feet and the ground is relatively close, and the time for the air cushion to return to the original state is shorter and faster, which can effectively improve the reaction speed.Zoom AirThe good performance of is quite unexpected.

therefore,NikeStart trying toZoom AirTo other sports fields.BasketballShoes have become the biggest beneficiaries. The size of the air cushion is no longer a measureBasketball shoesThe only criterion for good or bad performance.“Zoom Air + Air JordanSuch a perfect match makesNikestayJordanthe secondTriple CrownPeriod, also won their ownGolden Age。 Until today, we have been pursuing innovationAir JordanStill used on the collectionZoom AirTechnology is enough to prove its excellence. In addition,Zoom AirIt has also become a realGeneralistTennisFootball, running, fitness……almostNikeAny sports product is indispensable.Higher, faster, strongerThe spirit of sports seems to have becomeZoom AirA true portrayal of.