Creative regeneration (CR) is a very young brand. It was first sold in California in the autumn of 2002, and it has been less than six years now. However, the reputation is still good. In 2004, it was rated as the most concerned wave shoe brand in the United States. CR takes the edge route, setsneakersAnd trendy shoes. Of course, it’s easy for us to say. It’s over as soon as the upper lip touches the lower lip. To be good, great is like the great shift of Zhang Wuji and the great shift of the universe to the world of Zhang Wuji. At worst, grandma doesn’t hurt, uncle doesn’t love people who don’t rely on both sides. It is not easy to survive in the fierce market competition and become a trendsetter.
Appearance: the design of Cr is good, but it’s just good. It’s amazing and rare all over the world. It’s absolutely impossible to talk about it. In the past two years, there have been more and more luxurious sports shoes, often with a style priced at $250. But in 2002, as long as it involved “Sports”, high technology was the primary productive force. Not many people pursue quality and workmanship like CR. Even laterBapeFor those high priced Seiko “sports shoes”, I think speculation is the main reason, by no meansshoesHow well it was done. In comparison, Cr is real material. Each pair of shoes is made of very high-grade leather, which is completely handmade, and it is still handmade locally in the United States. The labor cost is a very large expenditure. The slogan of Cr is that the original hand made is not only the embodiment of unique style, but also a kind of respect for all consumers who buy CR. In this mechanized society, such a human move undoubtedly makes CR popular.
Of course, limit is also a conventional means of CR. As soon as it appeared, it announced the quality of each styleColor matchingUp to 500 pairs can be produced. It is thought that CR may be the only sports brand whose products are ultra Limited sales. With the unchanging truth of “rare things are expensive” and the excellent quality of both internal and external cultivation, it is not surprising that CR has accumulated a good reputation in just two years and jumped to a new upstart in wave shoes.
In fact, the above words are just watching fire from a distance, because we have no artist temperament and no model figure. CR has no intersection with us. The reason why I paid attention to this brand was that it cooperated with the famous online magazine evilo monito to to produce a limited number of 80 pairs of shoes. After a little research, I found that the output of this brand was pitifully low. At that time, I thought, how can I live such a small life? But now it seems that it’s just looking at the tears of the Three Kingdoms – worrying about the ancients. They not only survived, but also lived very well. However, seeing these CR spring new models, I feel that the style has changed a lot, and the characteristics seem to be not as distinctive as before. When the radish is fast, it doesn’t wash the mud, and when it makes more money, it doesn’t make progress. Is this the so-called keeping pace with the times?

Creative Recreation – sports? trend? Thank you, I am Creative Recreation – sports? trend? Thank you, I am1

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2008-4-28 creative recreation – sports? trend? Thank you, I am

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Creative Recreation – sports? trend? Thank you, I am Creative Recreation – sports? trend? Thank you, I am2