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A colleague of mine is particularly fond of the Arab League since he was indifferent to it in the past. His reason is that the Arab League is Chinese, but it is not like Chinese. Few Chinese athletes are so sunny. As described by a popular saying today, they are very confident and have the flavor of the times. East and West fans, men, women, old and young take it all. This is probably the reason why the jerseys of Arab League are so popular in the United States, and the products specially designed for him in China are also emerging in endlessly. And it is not limited to simple sports, air Force Such leisurefashionProducts have also been launched, and the influence of “Chairman Yi” can’t be underestimated.
There are 23 associations and thousands of athletes, which is the number of sports teams supported and sponsored by Nike in China. It is no accident that a Lian can stand out. Before the A-League draft, I once interviewed the relevant responsible personnel of Nike. His attitude is: Yi Jianlian is the representative of the new generation. Nike will not only package it according to an excellent basketball player, but build it into a “Youth Idol”. Therefore, when doing publicity, they played down the taste of competition and paid more attention to highlighting the handsome appearance of the Arab League and the identity of the “post-85”. In Nike’s view, Wang Zhizhi was a Chinese player with both appearance and skills, but his special military status became his biggest shackle. The Arab League is another. It is entirely possible for him to open up a new era.

In addition to the good performance on the field, the unique personal charm is also a very important standard to measure whether a player has a promising future. Yao Ming is already a “peak”, but people still start to pay attention to his performance on the court. When he plays well, he can stand out. Yi Jianlian is different. When he first made his debut in Hongyuan, he has been pursued by many people. People not only appreciate his superb skills, but also like his handsome appearance. His image of youth and sunshine has won him super popularity – he has such appeal before he has become a team leader, which neither Wang Zhizhi nor Yao Ming has done. The strong popularity has brought great commercial value to the Arab League, and its “money path” is unanimously favored.

Nowadays, sports commercialization is quietly going on in China’s sports market. How to shape the brand image is the top priority of every company. In the company’s marketing strategy, sports marketing has become a tried and true means for businesses. Many brands are also exploring the way of sports marketing, relying on sports stars, sports events and sports activities to promote brands. The Arab League is in such an era that it can be said that it is born at the right time. The image of a Lian is not deliberately created by Nike. His unique conditions make him the most idol Chinese basketball star. From this point of view, it is not surprising that he is given priority. Moreover, Nike is preparing to further “carry forward” its unique temperament.

As early as the 2006 all star game, Nike hired designers to make graffiti versions for Guangdong three tigers Yi Jianlian, Du Feng and Zhu FangyuBasketball shoes。 Although the shoes are not on sale, they have begun to try to highlight Yi Jianlian’s “personalization”, which is more obvious in the 2006 Asian Games: as one of the “golden 7”, Arab League has a pair of shoes specially designed for it. When designing Yi Jianlian’s personal logo on the eve of the draft, Nike specially selected the best designer team in China. The main designer Michael Delaney isBeijingNIKE The main designer of 706 space, he was responsible for the overall site design of the 25th anniversary of Air Force 1, and James Qu, another designer, once participated in the design of the Nike Air Force 1 special edition of the dog year. This has been completely divorced from the simple competition, but purely from Yi Jianlian’s personal work. At that time, Nike staff said to me, “this logo is to highlight the characteristics and personality of the Arab League league. It must have Chinese characteristics.”

The draft commemorative T-shirt, the front and back three editions of sneakers, and now exclusively for tier0SupremeWith the first-class air force 1 and the “China gets up and moves forward” series, the treatment of Arab League even exceeded Durant, the No. 2 show of the same year signed by Nike. Some people may say that the idol effect of Arab League league is just the superficial Kung Fu of embroidered pillows, but it’s like there’s nothing wrong with being ugly. What’s the crime of being handsome? It is unrealistic to expect the League to be as good as Yao Ming, but who can say that the league’s rookie season is his limit? From “chair man” to “chairman”, the Arab League has made a big step forward; In the future, why not?

PS: red and green bucks match, and with this vamp, it looks like Gucci. Nike borrows the east wind

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2008-1-27 Nike Air Force 1 Yi – “the idol effect of” Chairman Yi “

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2008-1-27 Nike Air Force 1 Yi – “the idol effect of” Chairman Yi “

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2008-1-27 Nike Air Force 1 Yi – “the idol effect of” Chairman Yi “

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