I basically didn’t go through Converse All Star, but I was full of respect for this old man and wrote an article seriously. Let’s commemorate it
The “Rolls Royce” in the field of sports shoes, the most popular style in the world, has one pair for less than ten people on average… This is converse all star, a pair of “antiques” with a history of more than 90 years, but it is still active at the forefront of the trend.

In the early days of the invention of basketball, people didn’t have much concept of what shoes to wear to play. Until those two people appeared – converse and Chuck Taylor. At the age of 21, Mr. converse began his shoe-making career. At first, he specialized in cotton shoes and children’s shoes for winter. In 1908, he invested in a rubber shoe factory and took his name “converse” as the brand name. A few years later, the first World War broke out, and people’s lives fell into hardship. It was difficult to spend money on shoes. As a last resort, Mr. converse thought of using canvas and rubber as basic raw materials to make shoes, which was not only low-cost, but also strong and durable, and could be cleaned by washing machine, which was in line with environmental protection, pollution-free and the needs of people’s livelihood at that time. However, when trying to bond the canvas upper with the rubber sole, Mr. converse used many methods, but failed repeatedly. In a rage, he threw the semi-finished shoes into the stove… Miracles always happen inadvertently: the high temperature melts the rubber and adheres tightly to the canvas, Converse All Star, one of the oldest shoes in the history of sneakers, was born.

However, at that time, Mr. converse did not expect that Chuck Taylor was the one who applied Converse All Star to the basketball court and made this shoe complete the “transformation”. The second year after the launch of Converse All Star, Taylor was still an excellent basketball player. After wearing this shoe, he loved his feet. It’s no wonder that converse all star has abandoned the original soles made of hemp and other materials. The soles are made of three layers of thickened rubber, which not only increases the elasticity, but also plays the role of cushioning and shock absorption. It’s more comfortable than previous shoes. From the school basketball team to the professional basketball world, his foot has always been Converse All Star. In addition, he enthusiastically recommended this shoe to his teammates, and even went to converse’s office in Chicago to put forward his personal experience in the wearing process, and put forward a series of improvement schemes, such as changing the sole pattern can improve the grip, strengthening the upper part to increase the protection of the feet and ankles… In order to commend Taylor’s contribution to all star and converse, in 1923, Converse decided to add his signature to the logo of each pair of shoes. Since then, several basic elements of Converse All Star have been perfectly combined.

From today’s perspective, it’s hard to imagine that professional athletes will play in Converse All Star. But at that time, it was definitely a “top” shoe. Moreover, convert all star has been improving. Because it was found that canvas materials could not meet the needs of professional athletes, converse then used leather materials as uppers, and the leather version became the United States in 1936OlympicThe designated game shoes of the basketball team are even more popular in the American Professional Basketball League. Like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Ford Motor and Levi’s jeans, they have become the symbol of American traditional culture in the 20th century. In addition, the Converse All Star initially had only black and white – this was related to the overall environment, and at that time allBasketball shoesLike a “black and white film”, there is no noise. However, in 1966, converse made another amazing move: it launched the colored all star, breaking the shackle of single color of sneakers for a long time. By the 1970s, influenced by the hippie trend, young people’s clothes began to move closer to the natural and primitive feeling. All star has a retro appearance, which is comfortable to wear, easy to match and easy to clean. It has been highly praised and has quickly become the darling of the younger generation. Then he rushed out of the United States and went to the world to help converse create a “Kingdom of canvas shoes”. Today, Converse All Star still occupies an important position in the trend field with multilateral colors and patterns.

However, the Converse All Star launched for the centennial of converse this time is quite different from the previous style: most shoes are mainly black and white, as if it had returned to half a century ago overnight. Even if there are other colors, they are mostly dark, and deliberately “worn out” treatment, reflecting the characteristics of this shoe with a long history. Moreover, the patterns on the shoes are not popular elements at present, but mostly pictures recording the brilliant history of converse in that year. Looking at the shoes carefully, it seems that they have returned to the era of “brilliant stars”. More importantly, the converse logo on the shoes is not the classic “Taylor signature + five pointed star”, but a brand-new logo specially used on the Centennial shoes. It is also ancient and modern, like fantasy and truth. A pair of retro shoes and several black and white paintings have a history of 100 years.

Converse All Star – black and white Converse All Star – black and white1

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2008-3-18 Converse All Star – black and white painting

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Converse All Star – black and white Converse All Star – black and white2

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2008-3-18 Converse All Star – black and white painting

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2008-3-18 Converse All Star – black and white painting

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Converse All Star – black and white Converse All Star – black and white4