famousNBAStar Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics and Adidas announced today that they will launch a limited edition charity shoe Adidas Team Signature kg commander during the NBA championship. All the proceeds from the charity sale will be used for public welfare purposes in Boston

This shoe was originally the model that kg will use next season, but it will be launched in advance for the championship. The number of issued shoes is quite special. In addition to the only pair of kg Autographed special versions sold on nba.com, eight pairs will be launched in each game during the championship. Therefore, with the win-win system of seven games, at least 32 pairs and at most 56 pairs will be launched, All the sizes are the No. 15 player off court version written by kg. In addition to kg’s handsome face, the NBA championship cup printed on the inside is of course the key pattern on the vamp. In addition, a string of white numbers from 1 to 7 are printed on the top of the three lines on the side of the shoe. The number printed in green represents the number of games issued by the pair of shoes, which greatly improves the rarity of the pair of shoes~~~

Another noteworthy detail is that kg also left a memorial to two beloved players’ close friends on these shoes. One is Malik Sealy, a teammate of the former gray wolves. He was killed by a drunk driver on his way home after attending kg’s birthday party in 2000. Kg left the words “2 Malik” under the ankle tape of his sneakers to express his memory… In addition, The words “KP 34” below the adidas logo on the heel is kg’s supreme respect for Kirby Puckett, a famous star of the Minnesota Twins twins twins in the major league

This limited edition Adidas Team Signature commander will only be sold on celtics.com, TD Banknorth garden pro shop and NBA store in New York. The price of each pair will be $1017 (symbolizing the 17th championship cup in team history)

Garnett’s 2008-09 adidas Team Signature Commander Garnett’s 2008-09 adidas Team Signature Commander1