First of all, there is no direct relationship between what parts of sports shoes are equipped with air cushion and what technology is equipped with air cushion. A technical air cushion can be installed in different positions to meet different design requirements. Talk about a confusing concept, the built-in air cushion in the forefoot. Some sneakers have built-in air cushion in the midsole of the forefoot. This air cushion can not be seen from the appearance, and there is no direct mark (except the mark on the description material). The air cushion equipped in the forefoot does not judge completely according to its own experience and information, which gives some JS the opportunity to confuse the concept. Please note that the signs on the shoes, such as Nike hook, X sign, etc., including the air cushion technical signs zoom, Max, etc., are not necessarily related to the position of the air cushion. Some are more original marks that have nothing to do with the air cushion. If you ask the clerk, you will generally answer that you have a built-in ultra-thin air cushion, but please note that this ultra-thin air cushion is different from the zoom ultra-thin air cushion we all know. The value and technical content of the two are not at the same level.

Knowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefootKnowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefoot1This is the built-in air cushion in the forefoot. In some materials, its official name is actually airline — hehe, which translates as “air cushion”.

Knowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefoot2The airline is in the lower left corner on the left. It can be seen that it is quite slim compared with Max in the same area. This kind of air cushion is mainly used in the forefoot, but it is also made into a circle and built into the rear foot (such as some running shoes). It is characterized by low price, thin, and good bending flexibility, which is suitable for the requirements of the forefoot. Although the technical content is not high, it is widely used at present. If it’s not a basketball shoe with zoom air cushion in the forefoot, it’s basically this thing. To be honest, the feeling of this thing is actually quite slight, and the cushioning effect is limited. Sometimes I can’t even feel it (of course, my feet are a little blunt)

Knowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefoot3

The above is the air cushion of a top running shoe in 2001. The back foot is the tube Octopus air cushion, and the front foot is the built-in air cushion. However, the shape of the air cushion has been well improved. It has been well differentiated according to the shape of the sole, so it is equipped on the top running shoes.
       Speaking of this, I would like to ask Russell that the value of Nike shoes sometimes has little to do with the obvious selling point of air cushion, because many designs and scientific and technological content can not be seen on the surface. Sometimes it takes considerable skill to judge the value of a pair of shoes.
      In addition, all sports shoes equipped with zoom air cushion must have zoom mark. What doesn’t have zoom is definitely not zoom.

The picture on the right is the picture of zoom air cushion.Knowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefoot4

Knowledge of sneakers — on the built-in air cushion in the forefoot5The middle two on the left are the slotted air cushion (2 lower on the left) that originally used the “flexible air cushion” (in fact, this is not an air cushion type, but the concept of production and Design), and the second on the right is the original blowing air cushion (in fact, it is not a classification, but also the concept of production and Design).