Shoe knowledge — the history of Nike  

Before creation (1957-1961)

1957 – Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight met for the first time at the University of Oregon.

1960 – Ritter entered the University of Stanford; Meanwhile, track and field athletes at the University of Oregon continued to break the record in sneakers made by buvivin.

BRS and tiger Cooperation (1962-1971)

1962 – Knight asserted in his market research report that Japanese brand sports shoes with low price, excellent technology and good promotion will replace German brands and monopolize the American market. After graduation, Ritter went to Japan and contacted onitsuku tiger, a sports shoe manufacturer. When asked about the representative, Ritter claimed to be the representative of blue ribbon sports.

1963 – the first 200 pairs of tiger sneakers ordered by Knight arrived in the United States in December.

1964 – bouvivan and Ritter each invested $500 to establish a blue ribbon company. Ritter promoted shoes on the track and field, but bouvivan continued to design sports shoes. In that year, the blue ribbon company sold 1300 pairs of sneakers, with a turnover of 8000 US dollars.

1965 – Jeff Johnson, once a competitor of knight in the track and field, became the first full-time employee of the blue ribbon company.

1966 – Johnson established the first direct store.

1967 – buweiwen began to develop marathon running shoes, the first lightweight and durable nylon upper running shoes.

1968 – Cortez sneakers designed by buviven and produced in Japan have become tiger’s best-selling style.

1969 – with the assistance of nissho Iwai, a Japanese trading company, the blue ribbon company obtained an export letter of credit. Carolyn Davidson, a student, designed the “Swoosh” logo for $35.

From BRS to Nike (1972-1978)

1972 – after the cooperation with tiger, the blue ribbon company officially launched Nike in the US Olympic trials; Canada has become Nike’s largest overseas market.

1973 Steve Prefontaine became the first track runner to wear Nike running shoes.


1974 – the new waffle trainer became the best-selling training shoe in the United States. Nike’s business expanded to Australia and established a manufacturing plant in Exeter, New Hampshire. The number of employees has grown to 250 and the turnover is US $4.8 million.

1975 – bifangting died in a car accident.

1977 – the blue ribbon company established the Western athletics West, becoming the first track and field training club in the United States. Began to sell sports shoes in Asia, and set up factories in Taiwan and South Korea to expand production.

1978 – the blue ribbon company was officially renamed Nike Company; Signed a sponsorship contract with tennis superstar John mcenre. Start selling Nike products in South America and Europe.

Nike’s golden age (1978 present)

1979 – launched the first tailwind running shoes equipped with advanced nike air cushioning technology, and Nike Sportswear began to be manufactured and marketed. Nike’s revenue accounts for almost half of the U.S. sporting goods market, especially in the field of running shoes. Athletes wearing Nike running shoes have track records of 800 to 10000 meters.


1980-2 million Nike shares were publicly listed, and Nike sports R & D laboratory was established in Exeter, New Hampshire. In that year, the number of employees increased to 2700 and the revenue was US $269 million.

1981-nike’s Alberto salazary rewrites the world record in the New York Marathon. Nissho and Nike jointly set up Nike Japan company in Japan.

1982-nike sportswear has grown to nearly 200 styles, making $70 million a year.

1983 – Joan Benoit in Nike running shoes broke the world women’s marathon record. 23 Nike sponsored athletes won medals in the opening world track and field championship in Helsinki, Finland.

In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Carl Lewis won four track and field gold medals; Joan Benoit won the first Olympic women’s marathon gold medal. 58 players sponsored by Nike won 65 medals.

1985 – Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes and sportswear named after Michael Jordan, a newcomer of the Chicago Bulls. Revenue growth has reduced, resulting in the need to save expenses, reduce general administrative expenses and reduce inventory, with 4200 employees worldwide.

1986 – turnover reached US $1.07 billion.

In 1987, the income dropped to 870 million US dollars. However, the advanced nike air patented cushioning insole has re established Nike’s leading position in science and technology in the industry; The air max visible air unit sneaker shows the excellence of Nike Air patented cushioning unit for the first time. In addition, the fourth generation air Pegasus sold 5 million pairs, and the multifunctional sneakers just caught up with the aerobics boom.

1988 – developed the design of footbridge stabilizer. Nike acquired Cole Haap leather shoes.

1989 -‘Just do it ‘campaign into the second year; Nike used famous athletes to witness products and the collection boom triggered by air jordan basketball shoes to promote the substantial growth of Nike sales.

1990 – the growing overseas market contributed to Nike’s global total revenue of more than $2 billion and more than 5300 employees. Nike world campus was established in Bevington, Oregon. Meanwhile, the first Nike town opened in Portland.

1991-nike members became the world’s first sporting goods company with revenue exceeding US $3 billion. Huarache fit technology is introduced by the revolutionary air huarache running shoes. Multifunctional sports combine air mowabb shoes and f.i.t. sportswear to go outdoors. Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to win the first NBA championship in the team’s history; Nike’s overseas turnover increased by 80% to $860 million.

1992 – overseas revenue exceeded US $1 billion for the first time, accounting for 33% of Nike’s total revenue. Nike has signed a sponsorship contract with the American track and Field Association. Before this century, all VIP members will wear Nike clothes to participate in various world competitions.

1993 – Michael Jordan announced his retirement from basketball after leading the bulls to their third NBA championship.

1994-nike promotion p.l.a.y. P. L.a.y. includes a sports shoe reuse plan to build a new playground with more than 100 million pairs of recycled sports shoes as raw materials. Nike has signed sponsorship contracts with 10 top players of the world cup champion Brazil, the National Men’s and friends’ teams of Italy and the United States and the Chinese football team. In Australia, Shane Warne became the first cricket star of Nike.

1995-nike’s annual revenue reached $4.8 billion. Michael Jordan and Monica seles returned to sports respectively. NFL and Dallas Cowboys signed a contract with Nike; Hot tempered French player Eric Cantona challenges racial discrimination in football in a series of advertisements. Nike air chlorine pad technology is introduced with a new low-weight and exquisite Zoom Air shoe.

1996 – athletes and teams sponsored by Nike dominated the Atlanta Pacific Olympic Games. In the first season of major league football, five teams were supported by Nike, attracting more enthusiastic fans than expected. Nike sponsors the Brazilian national football team to play in the 98 World Cup; Tiger Woods has won the American Amateur Open for three consecutive years, changing the face of golf. Nike town was founded in New York. Nike’s sports equipment department was established after merging with Star Sports in 1994, and began to produce ice hockey skates, inline skates, protective gear, balls, glasses and watches.

From 1997 to 1997, Nike’s revenue in Asia increased from $300 million in fiscal year 96 to $800 million in fiscal year 97; The two major customer service centers were established in Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan; The Chinese mainland has become one of the sourcing countries, and also a very important market. The headquarters world campus continues to expand and plans to accommodate 7100 of the 18000 employees worldwide. Nike’s air GX and air foamposite shoes set the standard of comfort for football spikes and basketball shoes. Sports industry analysts estimate that Nike’s annual revenue will reach $9 billion. All efforts are only for a simple goal to help athletes pursue better performance

one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight   Nike was the first female football player to sign a contract in. M9 is the lightest, with a sense of speed, comfort, ball control and ball feeling   Impact cushion –   The air cushion can resist the increased impact pressure from the outside world and break the very uncomfortable wearing feeling of traditional football shoes; The sports equipment department creates ice hockey series, skates, watches, glasses, etc  ; The growth and expansion of women’s business is mainly in the support of fitness and physical fitness  

1999 – innovation turns to business   , Presto was born   It’s like a T – shirt on your feet. It’s a revolution, a lighter, more comfortable and more casual running shoe   Dimensions are (XXS,   xs,   s,   m,   l,   xl)   At the same time, there are many gorgeous colors    Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike, died on December 24 at the age of 88.

2000 — Nike   Shox technology was born   Using the materials of the system on the race car and cushioning through elastic cushioning columns, it provides a new generation of runners with new running equipment   Basketball player Carter spoke for the first time in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games;   Nike designed uniforms to support more than 2000 athletes in 25 Olympic events   , The Olympic Games provide Nike with a platform to show itself, sports product technology, sports spirit and passion   

Nike founded the Casey Martin award in 2001. The award is awarded annually to athletes who strive to make progress in adversity – whether the difficulties are physical, willful, social or cultural. The name of the award comes from Casey Martin, a professional golfer who fought with the U.S. Supreme Court because of a rare heart disease and was finally able to use a golf cart in the game.

2002, Korea Japan World Cup, 2002 World Cup   Grow our business while maintaining our sincerity (movement)   nike   Football has made the biggest promotion in the history of the world, and there is an ambitious website,   Sponsor 8 teams   Ronaldo scored 11 goals   Brazil won the world cup   

2003Nike bought converse, a bankrupt sporting goods company, for $5 million. For the first time, international product sales exceeded domestic sales in the United States. College basketball star LeBron James signed a contract with Nike. He also became the best newcomer in the NBA that year.

2004In, Phil Knight no longer served as president and CEO, but continued to serve as chairman. William D. Perez took over as CEO on December 28. The annual total profit exceeded 12.3 billion US dollars. Nike launched the “Livestrong” campaign to raise money for the cyclist Lance Armstrong fund. Yellow rubber bracelets were sold for $1 in the hope of ‘enlightening and making cancer patients strong to survive’. By September 2005, more than 55 million pieces had been sold

2005In, Nike launched the air jordan XX, which is the 20th generation of the air jordan basketball shoe series. Nike also launched the nike free series, which not only protects the foot, but also provides the wearer with the advantages of barefoot training.

In 2006, Nike ushered in the history of the 25th anniversary of Air Force 1 shoes. In the past 25 years, Air Force 1 has been popular all over the world and has been prosperous for a long time. A series of 25th anniversary shoes have been released throughout the year

2008In, Nike acquired Umbro, a famous British sporting goods manufacturer, and launched the suit combination of Jordan series shoes in Jordan.