Mitsui – MVP in junior high school, the best shooter in Kanagawa, the real trump card of Xiangbei team, and the flame man who will never give up, this is what we say hereMitsui ShouHe is a member of this website, a well-known sneaker collector in China, and also a good friend of the webmaster. He can be called the first person in China for his collection of Iverson series styles and versions! This time Mitsui mainly showed us its I3 brand collection, which will feast the eyes of the majority of shoe fans. If you want to discuss with more shoe fans,clickget into. The following is a list of collections:

Question 1 11 pairs in total:
Original year    1 pair of black gold, 1 pair of white blue
Reprint    1 pair of white, red and blue respectively; Yellow blue all star limited to 500 pairs and 4 pairs  
Replica Denver White North Carolina 2 pairs
1 pair of children’s shoes in white and yellow
Question 2   5 pairs in total
White and blue flag sample & amp; 1 pair of commercial version
White red sample 2 pairs
Black and red 1 pair
Answer 1   22 pairs in total
  Original year    Global Limited 500 pairs of red lacquer leather Taiwan special note Edition    11 pairs
  (a pair of US14 size shoes with AI’s signature attached with Reebok’s letter)
     Black gold    4 pairs   
     Children’s shoes black gold 2 pairs      Blue Patent Leather 1 pair
    One pair of blue patent leather shoes for men and women
    White red    3 pairs  
  Reprint    Black gold   3 pairs (including 1 pair of wrong version)
Answer 2    6 pairs in total
Original year    1 pair of black and white, platinum, blue (mesh surface), white and black respectively
Children’s shoes 2 pairs
Answer 3    15 pairs in total
One pair of original black, white, black and gray blue
2 pairs of white, red, white and blue team versions
  Re engraved Black 2 pairs
White and black sample 1 pair
Re Engraved White Orange 2 pairs
Children’s shoes    1 pair
Answer 4     19 pairs in total
              Original year    One pair of white red, white blue shoes for men and women, and one pair of white slip on shoes,
                         Black Silver   2 pairs
                         MVP Taiwan Special Edition limited to 500 pairs    2 pairs
                         Limited reproduction    Platinum 2 pairs  
                         Re Engraved White Black low, white red, white black 1 pair each, white powder low women’s shoes 2 pairs, Black Red Silver 3 pairs
                         Children’s shoes: 1 pair of black gray slip on, 1 pair of white red
I3 Playoff 1   2 pairs in total
                         1 pair of white, red, white and black in the original year
Answer 5     3 pairs in total    
                         One pair of black silver sample, one pair of white and red All-Star shoes and one pair of children’s shoes respectively
Answer6 1 pair in total      Children’s shoes black 1 pair
Answer   seven    7 pairs in total
                                 Rare national flag sample   Super few color matching 1 pair
       Japan limited to grey green, white black players, white red sample, black red, children’s shoes white red & amp; 1 pair of black and 1 pair of red
Answer   eight    9 pairs in total
                 White and red player Faye, white and black player, black and red player, white and green player, white and black orange tiger player version sample 1 pair each
                 Super special note billiards Black 8 patent player sample and commercial version are 3 pairs in total
                Children’s shoes black and white 1 pair
Answer   nine    10 pairs in total
                   Development sample: 1 pair of white, blue, black, lux, black and yellow
                   Sample   White black    2 pairs
                   Training sample 1 pair
                   Player version    1 pair of white, black, red, white blue, silver and black silver respectively
Answer 10   25 pairs in total
                    Initial super rare sample   Black orange   1 pair                    
                    Sample 1 pair of black, red and gold (at the initial stage, there is no “3” on the inner side of the shoe)
                    Sample blue dollar version 3 pairs
                    Sample red dollar version 1 pair
                    Sample   All star   1 pair
                    Sample black gold       1 pair
                    Player version   Black red gold 1 pair
                    Player black and white yellow   1 pair
                    Player version black, white and blue (different words on the heels) 2 pairs
                    Player version   Black and white green   1 pair
                    Player version   Black and white silver   1 pair
                    Player version   White Red 1 pair
                    Player version   Black and red      (followed by different words) 2 pairs
        Player version Denver colors: black yellow blue, black blue yellow leopard pattern, white yellow, white yellow yellow, white black yellow blue and retro white orange
                     Children’s shoes white, black and blue   2 pairs
Question 3     Sample    2 pairs in total
                     White Beika, black and red 1 pair each
In addition, four pairs of used shoes, answer3 black and white, answer4 white and red, I3 playoff 1 black and red gold and Answer5 silver, have been worn
                   total   141 pairs