American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation


  • Appearance design:4.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:4.0
  • Stability protection:3.0
  • Sole performance:4.0
  • cost performance:4.0

In this world, there are many things that can be associated with dreams and ideals. In the last unpacking static tour, we talked about the relationship between dreams and sneakers. Indeed, everyone has a dream, so does everything in the world, and so do sneakers.

Today, let’s test the shoe with a dream – the Nike hypershift EP.

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation1

Reviewer data:

Height: 183cm

Weight: 90kg

Playing style: small forward, break through with the ball and cut into the basket

Venue data: indoor plastic venue for 5 times, each time for more than 5 hours.

According to the latest evaluation standards of Xinxin evaluation group, we divide the evaluation of sneakers into two categories:

1、 Actual evaluation results:

The actual evaluation results are divided intosevenFor minor items, the full score of each item is10branch

(total Full Score:70(min)

1. Appearance design:7 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation2

We mentioned in the previous unpacking tour that the appearance design of hypershift EP is similar to that of that yearZoom MVPHowever, hypershift EP does not use synthetic leather material on the outside of its inner boot to secondary reinforce the upper. Because the inner boot itself is integrated with the upper, the overall appearance of hypershift EP looks round, so many friends who first saw it think it is a pair of running shoes rather than a pair of basketball shoes. Therefore, in terms of appearance, in addition to simplicity and roundness, hypershift EP won’t make you deeply attracted to it when you first meet it.

2. Comfort:9.5 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation3

Xiaobian has worn many pairs of basketball shoes with different prices and brands over the years, but what Xiaobian wants to say is that hypershift EP may be the only sneaker he has worn so far that doesn’t need to run in! As long as you choose the right size, in actual combat, you don’t have to worry about the pressure brought by the shoe facing your feet when the forefoot is bent, let alone the running in of the whole foot and the shoe itself when you fasten the shoelace. Because hypershift EP adopts a one-piece upper design, and the soft engineering mesh will make you feel like playing barefoot.

3. Cushioning:8 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation4

Because hypershiftep only uses a 10mm mahjong (chewing gum) zoom in the forefoot, many friends may think that hypershiftep can not provide the cushioning needed in daily actual combat, but the Phylon density of the midsole of hypershiftep is relatively low and soft, so there is no need to run in or commonly known as “step on” in the first actual combat For some cushioning.

4. Protection:7.5 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation5

Speaking of protection, there must be many friends going to make complaints about how protective the basketball shoes like “running shoes” will be, because for the fierce basketball games, such shoes can’t make people feel steadfast from their hearts. Indeed, in the actual battle of Xiaobian, there will be such worries in the heart, because Hypershift EP has made extensive use of the engineering network. The vamp itself will not make people feel any traditional wrapping feeling, which may be the reason why the vamp is too soft, but no wrapping feeling does not mean no wrapping. Please don’t forget that the vamp itself (integrated shoes and boots) has already wrapped your feet, plus four flywires on the shoe body and one Flywire on the ankle, Let your feet get the protection of basketball shoes when facing every emergency stop and disguise, and hypershiftep is not really as unprotected as running shoes.

5. Grip and abrasion resistance:8.5 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation6

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation7

From the last unpacking static tour, we found that XDR technology is applied to the outsole material of hypershiftep. XDR is like a booster for those of us who are practical, because having XDR is equivalent to the endurance of this pair of shoes! But if you often play on cement or asphalt, it can only be said that the shoes with XDR will wear better than those without this material.

6. Weight:8.5 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation8

Single45 yardsThe weight of hypershift EP is389.3g, it is nearly 100g lighter than the LBJ 13 elite in the last evaluation. It can be imagined that hypershift EP is a pair of very lightweight shoes suitable forSpeed typeMy friend.

7. Cost performance:8 points

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation9

As a mid-range outdoor shoe with an official price of 799, you can’t compare it with a shoe with an official price of about 1000. Although hypershift EP is not perfect, it has met all the standards of a pair of qualified basketball shoes. At present, the price of hypershift EP on the Internet is about 550, if you areStudent practical partySo hypershift EP will be a good choice this summer. However, for regular callsInside lineTo my friends, hypershiftep doesn’t seem to be suitable for you, because hypershiftep’s soft low top upper can’t withstand all kinds of internal confrontation.

2、 Subjective comprehensive evaluation: 20 (Full Score: 30)

Xiaobian personally believes that the hypershift EP launched before this year’s Olympic Games is actually a more comprehensive expansion of Nike basketball’s product line this summer, because this summer Nike team shoes mainly promote the classic hyperdunk series, and hyperdunk has launched two types of shoes, namely high-end hyperdunk 2016 and top hyperdunk 2016 elite, Then the emergence of hypershift EP just fills the gap in the mid-range sneaker market. Although hypershiftep lacks highlights in design alone, almost perfect comfort is a highlight of hypershiftep. Although there are no stars on the foot so far, if you like hypershiftep, let it become the first choice for basketball practice this summer.

American dream – Nike hypershift EP practical evaluation10

Final score: 77 points