Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!

Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!1

The younger generation likes to define trends in their own way. They are busy day and night and don’t want to give up their style for pure functionality.

This time, converse launched the urban utility high-end series, including a series of pieces of clothing and shoes. It borrows the transformed geometric patterns to convey the trend while taking into account the practicability. Urban utility high-end series inherits the classic design of converse and introduces a series of essential models to reshape the functionality of street coats, easily cope with all kinds of weather and conquer the streets.

The collection skillfully uses the comparison of color, material and style design to show a unified and practical overall effect, and perfectly integrates the classic style with the modern street fashion,

At the same time, Gore-Tex Ô technology is adopted to improve the functionality of daily clothes and shoes to a new height. The collection includes a chuck’70 shoe with Gore-Tex waterproof material, which is a new interpretation of the classic Chuck Taylor All Star.

Chuck ’70 Hiker was deeply influenced by the Yosemite Hiker hiking shoes in the 70s of last century. It splits and integrates various roles such as translucent nylon, foam and canvas, while retaining the uniqueness of each part.

Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!2

Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!3

Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!4

Amazing! Converse launches a new collection!5