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James’ Nike Zoom LeBron 6 has been announced, while Kobe Bryant’s nike kobe 4 has been a mystery before. However, all the confusion and suspicions of the past should now disappear. Don’t doubt your eyes. You’re right. Kobe’s latest shoe, nike kobe 4, is an out and out low top basketball shoe. Of course, it’s lighter than any previous shoe.

This is not a “drill”, but a true fact. Just as Kobe continues to improve his skills on the court and become a qualified team leader, the nike kobe series is also constantly challenging the limits. For example, the Kobe 2 is divided into three different versions, which can be regarded as an innovation in the history of basketball shoes. But this time, the nike kobe 4 challenges an “impossible task”.

As we all know, when other performance indexes are the same, the lighter the weight of the shoe itself, the more beneficial it is to the athletes, especially those outside players who pay attention to speed. Although it seems to be a negligible slight gap, but aNBAThe effect of the game should not be underestimated. Nash had been wearing the air jet flight for several years in a row because of its lightness. But in the first half of this year, Nike just made a revolutionary breakthrough and developed the lightest basketball shoe hyperdunk in history. What magic weapon can nike kobe 4 surpass its predecessors?

Lower the upper! Eric EWA, creative director of Nike’s sneaker design department and Kobe 4 designer, gave the answer to the problem. EVA’s friendship with Kobe Bryant is extraordinary. He made the first pair of Nike basketball shoes huarache 2K4 for the Lakers leader. EVA knows Kobe’s habit of playing and wearing shoes like the back of his hand. In the Nike Sports Research Laboratory (NSRL), Ewa carefully watched Kobe’s game video. After studying his breakthrough slow motion, he found that because Kobe’s breakthrough center of gravity is very low and wide, the top of the upper of the shoe often cuts to the ankle, and even makes him unable to make the ideal action. So EVA discussed with Kobe: do you need to lower the upper of the new signature shoes? Kobe is very interested in this proposal: basketball shoes are an extended part of the body. It should be in tune with the action and lower the upper. Why not? Who says basketball shoes must be high top?

EVA’s reform confidence comes from two new technologies developed by Nike: Flywire and lunarlite foam. The “power” of Flywire has been undoubtedly revealed on Kobe’s last Nike hyperdunk: this thin and firm nylon fiber is applied to the upper, which greatly reduces the thickness of the upper, and the support performance is not affected at all, or even better. With the help of Flywire technology, Nike has manufactured a large number of ultra light sports shoes, which have been applied to basketball, track and field and other fields, effectively improving the overall performance of sports shoes. In addition to fitting Flywire on the upper, EVA also uses it in the middle of the shoe, which helps lock Kobe’s feet and avoid sliding in the shoe when he breaks through. In this way, EVA can safely and boldly design the upper of the Kobe 4 lower.

The nike kobe 4 can be so light, but it’s also a credit to the lunarlite foam. Lunarlite foam is not as conspicuous as Flywire, but its name is not small: Nike’s lightest cushioning material so far is 30% lighter than the familiar Phylon material of the same volume. Moreover, it is also a masterpiece of NASA and comes from the same door as this year’s famous Speedo “shark skin” swimsuit. With the help of lunarlite foam, nike kobe 4 has the capital to become a “super lightweight” star. In addition, EVA uses the molded heel stabilizer to make the heel of the nike kobe 4 fit the heel to the greatest extent, which can provide Kobe with the same support and fit as high top basketball shoes.

Since the upper is no longer a necessary condition to protect your feet, there is no need for shoes to adhere to the traditional warning line. Such a nike kobe 4 is more “beautiful” than all basketball shoes. With design insights, smooth lines and surprising workmanship, it is definitely a masterpiece of Nike in recent years.

Lowering the upper to an incredible height is not reckless, risky, or unconventional. For Kobe, keeping a low profile is just to sprint faster.

Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster1

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2008-12-13 nike kobe 4 – keep a low profile, just for faster -by sound

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Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster2

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2008-12-13 nike kobe 4 – keep a low profile, just for faster -by sound

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Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster Kobe4 keep a low profile and just want to be faster3