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2009-1-8 Iverson talk RBK Answer XII

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1. Q: you and Reebok have maintained a good cooperative relationship for many years. PleasetalktalkWhy is it important for you to work with Reebok?

A: The only thing I want to say is that it is a gift from God to cooperate with Reebok. In such a period, it is very important for me to have a company like Reebok to spend all this side by side with me. Sometimes I stumbled on my career path, but Reebok was always by my side, supporting me and accompanying me. At the same time, Reebok also helped me grow. Looking back on the early days of my career, there were many things I could have done better. I hope I can change many things in my life. However, it is these experiences that make me a good person, that is me today. Reebok has given me a lot, which is a gift from God. I hope our cooperation can continue.

2. Q: how do you understand Reebok’s brand slogan “your move”?

A: Don’t be the next Iverson, be the next yourself. Your move is up to you.

3. Q: you have made a lot of remarkable achievements today. We’d like to know what kind of motivation keeps you enthusiastic about every game?

A: There is no doubt that the championship drives me forward. The desire for victory and championship inspired me to play my best in every game.

4. Q: what is the greatest moment in your career so far?

A: In my career, breaking intoNBAThe final is the most important moment.

5. Q: when can it be called your most interesting moment on the court?

A: I think it should be my first NBA Finals against the Lakers.

6. Q: follow ustalktalkThe meaning of “training, not game, training…”.

A: Ha ha. This is what I said a long time ago! Frankly speaking, when you don’t show up in the gym during the training, success will only be left to those who show up

7. Q: over the years, you have worked with Reebok’s design team“Answer”There is very close cooperation in the design of the seriestalkHow did you participate in the design… For example, the selection of colors and the determination of signs? What is your favorite part in the design and production of shoes?

A: My favorite part is definitely the first time I see new shoes. I can see the shoes at the first time and put forward my ideas, such as where to add or delete, but I really integrate into the whole design process! I’ve always been a big fan of sports shoes, so it’s very important for me to have my own shoes and affect its appearance and wearing feeling.

8. Q: YestalktalkAnswer XIIAre you? For example, your first impression of it, your idea of the appearance of the new shoes and their performance characteristics?

A: My favoriteAnswer XIIThe most important thing is its weight, because it is really a pair of very light shoes. Overall, the design of the shoes is very clean without too gorgeous decoration. I really like this style. The poem on the upper is the creation of my career. In addition, this shoe has a sense of speed, which I like. This is also my requirement for all shoes.

9. Q: are you involved“Answer”How many years has the series been designed? Has it started from the “question” series?

A: This is the 13th year. Since the first series “question”, I have 12 pairs“Answer”A collection of shoes. I’ve been involved since my first pair of shoes.

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10. Q:“Answer XII”What is your design inspiration?

A:“Answer XII”The design is inspired by my favorite sport – American football. When I play American football, I usually have to run faster than others. So“Answer XII”Maintained what I call the concept of speed. “Answer XII”It’s the most fast shoe I’ve ever seen, and it’s very low-key. It’s created the way I play, that’s speed.

11. Q: what are your prospects for the coming season?

A: I hope I can have a successful season and have an excellent state for the NBA championship.

12. Q: about 10 years ago, you visited Latin America. What was your best memory at that time?

A: When I was young, I was surprised that people outside the United States knew who I was. That visit was definitely a good experience.

13. Q: two years ago, you met Thierry Henry in Barcelona. Have you communicated with him? Do you like him? What do you think of him?

A: Henry is a great player. Unfortunately, I can’t watch his games often, but I will pay attention to some of his highlights. A few years ago, just after the world cup, when I was playing in Barcelona, Reebok took Henry to my training ground. We all know him and are very excited to see him with our own eyes. I can’t imagine Henry playing in front of 80000 spectators, because we only play in front of 20000 spectators, and I think that number is enough.

14. Q: you have had such a long career. What do you think is the most important thing to make you so successful and stay young?

A: For success, I must remain competitive for a long time. When peopletalkWhen it comes to basketball, people always think that star players should be better than other players. So for me, I have to do what a star player should do. The most important thing is to believe that you are the best in the world. I believe I have talent. It’s not arrogance or anything else. I respect and cherish the talent given to me by God. God gave me the best gift in the world. That’s my opinion. Now there are many different players in the league. They should be a new wave. But I usually see them as challenges. Just like, if a 20-year-old newcomer enters the league and tries to catch up with me and surpass me, I will appear in front of him and strangle his ideas in his infancy.

15. Q: back in the preseason, the team didn’t have a coach. What was the most interesting about that experience?

A: I think the most interesting thing is that you don’t have to worry about anything like playing street ball or pick up basketball. You can follow your own pace, start what you start, stop what you stop, and play completely according to your own ideas.

16. Q: how do you define the leader on the court?

A: A good leader must do his best and give everything in every game. As a leader, treat every game as your last game. When you do this yourself, you will affect the other players in the team. Every night, I will let my teammates know that I share weal and woe with them anyway! These efforts will eventually pay off. When you lead a team, all the players want you to play 110%, which is what I pay day after day.

17. Q: which team do you like to play against best?

A: I love playing against any team! Every game is a big event for me because I regard them as my last game. God bless me to have a long career, I cherish it very much. I will not despise any opponent. Even if it is the bottom team in the league, I always maintain a consistent attitude.

18. Q: who is your favorite opponent?

A: It’s fun to play against superstars, but it’s also exciting to play against ordinary players. You will find it interesting to play against famous players; The game with League rookies also excited me. I have a consistent attitude towards every game and I respect everyone.

19. Q: in addition to training with your teammates before the season, how do you prepare yourself physically and mentally?

A: Physically, I played a lot of pick up basketball games during the rest period and went to the training camp in advance. Psychologically, during the rest period, I spent a good time with my friends and family.

20. Q: you are a basketball legend. Your 76ers Jersey is the second largest selling Jersey in NBA history. How do you think you can make your T-shirt a sales champion?

A: I will try my best to become the best basketball player in the world. Only by working in this direction every day can I continue to have the support of fans from all over the world. Whenever I see someone wearing my shoes and shirt, I feel great. Until now, when I see a fan wearing my shirt, I still get goose bumps.

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