Comprehensive upgrade of harden Vol.1

Comprehensive upgrade of harden Vol.11

Harden Vol.1, harden’s first combat boot after signing Adidas, has been on the market for a long time, but it still maintains the rhythm of pushing through the old and bringing forth the new! Recently, several pairs of brand-new shapes have been exposed, which has aroused everyone’s appetite! On the basis of inheriting the original appearance, first, the leather toe cap is cancelled and the woven upper with new texture is adopted, which has stronger air permeability and richer visual level. Most importantly, the problem of the original foot sticking will be solved. The second is to cancel the TPU frame originally wrapped on the full-length boost, so as to be closer to the familiar exposed shape. Presumably, after release, the foot feel will become softer and more prone to daily casual wear. It is reported that it will be released next month. At present, there is no more relevant information

Comprehensive upgrade of harden Vol.12

Comprehensive upgrade of harden Vol.13

Comprehensive upgrade of harden Vol.14