Converse’s classic shoe all star, born in 1917, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the coming year. In these 100 years, the shoes can still stand in the fashion industry without great changes. Although many “successor models” such as chuck II have been launched one after another, only all star is the most popular. In order to commemorate this important day, the authorities concerned will launch the 100th anniversary version of “All Star 100” this December. Under the design that the appearance outline is not much different from the current version, the inner layer is treated with anti bacteria and deodorization, replaced with a more non slip “tractionsole” outsole, and then matched with a more cushioned “react” insole, The new details make the shoes more functional while retaining the appearance of a century old.

Converse “All Star 100” Centennial Series

Converse “All Star 100” Centennial Series1

Converse “All Star 100” Centennial Series2

Converse “All Star 100” Centennial Series3

Converse “All Star 100” Centennial Series4