#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation


  • Appearance design:7.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:7.0
  • Stability protection:6.0
  • Sole performance:6.0
  • cost performance:9.0

 [Xinxin evaluation group] “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boostPractical evaluation

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation1

The summer passed quietly, leaving a little secret. In the twinkling of an eye, the autumnal equinox has passed. The 2015 crazylight boost, which was unpacked not long ago, has also focused on the practical test of high-frequency words in more than two weeks. Today, I’d like to share with you the wearing experience and feelings of this pair of team practical shoes, which are the flagship of Adidas this year, and see the advantages and disadvantages in all aspects of the actual combat.

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[Xinxin evaluation group] “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost unpacking review

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Let’s start the practical evaluation:

Evaluator data: height: 177cm weight: 65kg

Playing style: slow speed, good floor flow, more breakthroughs and medium and long shots. Pass organization first, traditional PG style.

Venue data: two full court infield, many outfield and half court.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation2
#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation3 
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1、 Actual evaluation results:According to the latest standards of the new evaluation team, we divide the evaluation of sneakers into two categories:

The actual combat evaluation score of sneakers is 10 out of the following, and the total score is 70 out of the following

1. appearance design: 7 points

2. comfort: 7 points

3. cushioning performance: 6 points

4. protective: 6 points

5. sole: 6 points

6. weight: 9 points

7. cost performance: 7 points

Total score: 48 (Full Score: 70)

Let’s explain the details one by one

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#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation4

1. appearance design: 7 points

CLThe appearance of the series has always adhered to the idea of lightness and streamlining. This year’s cl15 is the same. In addition, it takes the low help style as the main publicity, weakening the publicity of the middle help style (Wiggins, Lin Shuhao, etc. are also wearing low help styles). The overall appearance looks like a running shoe. The three bar logo of Adidas is placed at the heel, which makes the overall feel of the entire upper very good. However, there is no bright spot in the detailed design of the whole pair of shoes. After all, it is still a team style, which is not as popular as the star signature style. This is particularly obvious in the three advertising colors of blue, green and red sold in the first batch of main products, In the subsequent release of Wiggins, Jeremy Lin and other PE color matching slightly improved. Generally speaking, the appearance design is in line with the public’s aesthetic taste. There is no stem that many people can’t see at first glance, such as the big ass of HD15, but it is also pan good and Chen, lacking highlights, which can only be regarded as regular.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation5

2. comfort: 7 points

PrimeknitThe air permeability of the vamp is very good. When I only wear thin socks, I can obviously feel the cool air blowing. In practice, when I wear thick towel socks, thanks to this excellent air permeability, there is no sense of stuffy heat, and the heat can be quickly dissipated through the perforated vamp. So as a friendly reminder, if you want to wear this pair of shoes and pay attention to personal hygiene when dating your sister, if you want to see a smell of smelly feet suddenly floating out when they watch a romantic film in the cinema, you can only get a negative score.Another great benefit of primeknit upper is softnessThe upper does not need any adaptive running in after putting on the foot, and there are no problems such as foot sticking caused by plastic shoes or leather upper.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation6

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation7

An obvious disadvantage affecting the wearing comfort is that the seams of the two materials of the tongue are not smooth. After the upper foot is tied tightly, the seam can be obviously felt, which affects the flatness of the whole upper, has an obvious prominent feeling, and will cause some discomfort to the foot surface. It needs to wear thick socks to alleviate it.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation8

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation9

In addition, a highlight of cl15 is also in the tongue. The integration of tongue and upper is only separated on the inner side, and the semi covering design is rare in basketball shoes. This attempt has well solved the problem of lateral displacement and deflection of tongue in fierce actual combat.

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3. cushioning performance: 6 points

The volume of the rear palm embedded with boost is significantly larger than that of the previous generation. The midsole rear palm module is very similar to rose 6. Through comparison, it can be found that the thickness of boost is basically the same as that of rose 6. The q-bomb cushioning performance of the back foot boost is easy for speed positioning shoe friends, and it is also enough for small steel guns with heavy weight. The advantage of Boost is that it is directly elastic and feedback, and has high durability. This characteristic is more preferred to the front palm setting, and make complaints about Tucao CL15’s cheating father. Whether it’s ultra boost and other high-end running shoes or the newly released rose6, ADI has embedded frame TPU with various shape designs on the full-length boost shoes to restrict the elastic deformation of the boost to achieve better stability. This is more important when more lateral force is required on the forefoot of basketball shoes, so we can see that the soles of rose 6 are embedded with an unprecedented large X-shaped TPU frame.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation10

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation11

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation12

Considering the price positioning and cost investment, it is understandable that cl15 only uses boost in the back, but the lack of cushioning in the front is disappointing again. From Wal to crazyquick3, we found the return of adiprene and adiprene +. This high-density cushioning adhesive widely used in old ADI basketball shoes has a good performance. There is no particularly obvious cushioning feeling in the initial test, but there is good cushioning feedback and toughness in the actual combat. On the premise of ensuring cushioning, it has a good sense of field and starting response. This is very suitable for positioning CL15 speed, but the front palm of CL15 is not used. The front foot feels very stiff. After many actual combat, there is no obvious improvement. In addition, the extremely thin and undurable foam insole is very obvious in the actual combat.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation13

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation14

So I also used a pair of UA micro g high elastic insoles after several actual battles to make up for the lack of cushioning in the forefoot. If only the original insole is used, the cushioning difference between the front and rear palms is really ice and fire. It is suggested that shoe friends who have certain cushioning requirements for the forefoot should choose carefully.

4. protective: 6 points

Naturally, the protection of the ankle by the low side has inherent deficiencies, but through the huge TPU stability system of the heel and the thin heel space design, it achieves a good performance of heel locking. When turning and other actions, the heel does not feel obvious instability such as sliding. The filling elasticity of the lining is slightly poor. If you can change to a material with better elasticity, you will have better performance in ankle protection. However, the strengthening of personal ankle strength is more direct than any shoe. Around me, there are all kinds of low top shoes and unscrupulous breakthroughs. Madmen also have friends who wear ankle protection high top shoes like this every time, but occasionally twist themselves without being padded.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation15

The primeknit woven upper is very light and thin, and the protection of toes is basically equal to zero. The toe cap is reinforced with hot-melt material and covered with 3M reflective coating, but this coating is easy to scratch in the actual change of direction. On the lacing system, the wide nylon belt stretched from the midsole forms the shoelace hole, which is similar to Nike’s flightweb. It has a good locking effect on the feet, but the strength and wrapping support of the upper are slightly lacking in actual combat.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation16

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation17

5. sole: 6 points

A small TPU embedded in the arch of the foot is of little practical significance to resist torsion. The outsole uses a fine herringbone pattern outsole, which has a good grip. Although the marking is a non marking outsole, due to the thin and shallow grain and general wear resistance, the inner side of the forefoot and the outer side of the heel have been obviously worn after several field plastic battles. It will be more tragic if it is cement, Moreover, due to the thin and shallow lines, there was a lot of ash on the wooden floor in the infield, and I felt that the soles of my feet slipped obviously several times.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation18

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation19

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation20

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation21

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation22

6. weight: 9 points

US9The single weight of the original insole is 345g. Although it is a heavier generation in the whole CL series, it also belongs to the leader in the current lightweight sneakers. This is really no problem. In the actual combat, even in the later stage of physical decline, I don’t feel the drag brought by the weight of the sneakers, which really lives up to the name of the CL series.

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation23

7. cost performance: 7 points

The selling price of the low top model of 929 is consistent with the quality and price in terms of the configuration of two ADI high-end technologies, namely, the back boost and primeknit upper. At present, the prices starting from various channels have been reduced to the range of 500-600. Referring to the actual combat performance of various aspects, it also has certain advantages in the new basketball shoes of the season, but it has no obvious advantages compared with the old practical good shoes with further reduced prices such as warrior 8 and HD13.

Based on the above items, the full score of the first half actual combat evaluation of kd7elite is 70, and 48 points can be obtained as a reference

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation24 
#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation25 
#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation26 

2、 Subjective comprehensive evaluation of sneakers:

Overall evaluation and scoring for the following contents (30 points in total):

1. characteristics and shortcomings of sneakers

2. market appeal and stadium performance of shoe spokesmen

3I. estimate whether there is discount risk and market price trend of sneakers

4. whether the shoe design / Adoption of science and technology is innovative and practical

5. does it have characteristics and competitiveness compared with other brand sneakers at the same price

6Audience and user group of sneakers

CL15Equipped with primeknit upper and back foot boost, Adidas currently focuses on high-end technology. Compared with higher-end rose6, the price is relatively approachable. It is a good choice for shoe friends who like to experience these two technologies but have a limited budget. The cushioning of the forefoot is obviously insufficient, but it can be made up by changing better cushioning insoles, and the wear resistance of the outsole is slightly poor. It is more suitable for speed playing and lightweight shoe friends. The endorsements of Wiggins, Lin Shuhao and other players have also improved sales to a certain extent. In terms of price, the online shopping channel has dropped to the price range of more than 500 yuan and has a further downward trend. It belongs to the price range in which practical shoes can be widely accepted. Comprehensive score of Supervisor: 20 points

Total rating 68 points

#X-lab# “explosive, light and fast” — 2015 crazylight boost actual combat evaluation27

Some close-up videos of actual combat test shoes are as follows:

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