Since the launch of the futurecraft project of Adidas last autumn, several designs launched successively have attracted great attention, from futurecraft leather, the “triple black” created for Olympic athletes, the ultraboost beige color matching to the futurecraft m.f.g. not long ago, and the newly released futurecraft biofabric.

It was developed in cooperation with amsilk and officially unveiled at the biofabricate conference in New York. Adidas futurecraft biofabric is the first pair to use imitation Biosteel ® Made of silk polymer. The application of this new material makes it nearly 15% lighter than traditional synthetic fiber, and 100% biodegradable. It is also a pair of environmental protection works. Adidas has just launched the joint brand of ultraboost uncaged with the marine public welfare organization parley for the oceans, and these two futurecraft biofabric undoubtedly promote the further development of the three stripes brand in the field of sustainable innovation.
Futurecraft biofabric is still in the conceptual research and development stage, but it also contains the great possibility that Adidas will apply this technology to the field of sports and sneakers in the future.
Adidas launches new concept shoe futurecraft biofabric
Adidas launches new concept shoe futurecraft biofabric1
Adidas launches new concept shoe futurecraft biofabric2
Adidas launches new concept shoe futurecraft biofabric3