Off-white x Air vapormax

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Off-white x nikelab air vapormax, a heavyweight co branded shoe with great attention, released a group of new physical details and shoebox packaging design pictures on the Internet after exposing the physical panorama and upper foot pictures earlier.

The classic black-and-white color contrast is used to show people, and the previously familiar design style is still continued. The Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe is enlarged and presented with suture design. In addition to the original white shoelaces, it will also be equipped with three pairs of black, bright orange and green shoelaces. Add a large “air” in the heel and finish with a black translucent vapor Max unit.

A huge “Swoosh” is printed on the top of the shoebox. The side can not only know the shoe product number and size information, but also the “the 10” at the front end indicates the total quantity of this joint venture. The familiar signature slogan on the side of the shoe is dotted in the front of the shoebox, showing the off-white brand style and high recognition!

It is rumored that a number of off-white x Nike co branded shoes will go on sale from September 1.

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