Which star started the star signature shoes? I really don’t remember that, but the most famous must be Jordan’s Air Jordan. It’s easy to ignore the air jordan series. At the same time, it also created a whole derivative series, including Jumpman, life series and training shoes. So today’s star signature shoes have followed suit. Today we’ll take a look at harden, his signature shoes and derivatives.

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.2

He has been selected into the NBA first team for four times, all star for six times, weekly best and monthly best for many times, and has played luxury data for several consecutive years; He, once one of the three youngest members of the thunder, was the best sixth person in the 11-12 season, helping the thunder rekindle its dream of a championship; He, now the cornerstone of the Rockets, led the Rockets to the playoffs and the division finals for five consecutive years; He, who created the name of ball control division, is the greatest left-handed player in the league, creating records one after another. He is James Harden, the star of the Rockets.

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.21

Like the beginning of all great dreams, harden was once as ordinary as thousands of young people who love basketball and has a long distance from his ideal. In 1989, harden was born in Compton Town, southwest of Los Angeles, a place once full of violence and crime. Harden’s childhood was not happy. His father was jailed for drug trafficking, and a single mother had to work hard to raise three children. In order to prevent harden from going astray, his mother has always encouraged him to join sports. Young harden also became acquainted with basketball and kept company all day. He practiced alone many times until 1:30 a.m. After entering high school, harden became the only first-year member of the adicia high school basketball team. However, harden, who suffered from asthma and was short, was not favored. The coach commented that he “played very soft and his physical quality was not enough”. However, harden has a more accurate grasp of his physical quality. He chose to develop his strengths and avoid his weaknesses and make up for his weaknesses with diligence: while practicing shooting hard, he learned the art of footsteps from his former idol Ginobili. Now harden’s almost unsolved European quirks and medium and long-distance jump shots have laid a good foundation at this time. In senior two, harden, who developed late, suddenly jumped 11 cm, and his ball skills also improved by leaps and bounds. With his hard-working shooting feel and physical quality, harden got the all-round data of 18.8 points, 7.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists in this year. He led the team to win the California Championship for two consecutive years in 2005 and 2006. He was also rated as the National Star of McDonald’s, and successfully entered the team of Arizona University, a famous basketball school, and gradually became an eye-catching basketball star. From a weak town teenager in Compton to today’s high-profile NBA most valuable player candidate, James Harden’s basketball story is not wonderful. However, regardless of honor or disgrace, harden has always maintained a childlike heart for basketball and always respected his mother. The boy who was secretly determined to become an NBA star has now awakened to be a super killer in the NBA, and harden Vol.2 under his feet will continue the beginning of that great awakening, accompanied by harden’s innovative way to awaken the whole world

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.22

After changing the endorsement brand and immediately having his own signature shoes, with Lillard’s filling of middle-end practical shoes and Ross’s decline, harden has rightly become the “number one” of Adidas basketball product spokesperson. Harden Vol.1 also received high evaluation in the market. This time, with different configurations and Rashad Williams’ design concept, harden Vol. 2 officially met with you in February this year. As for the performance and inspiration source of this pair of shoes, the Internet is overwhelming, so I won’t repeat it more. Generally speaking, they still have excellent performance, but their appearance has fallen

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.23

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Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.24

Today, I want to talk more about the derivative shoes of Vol.2‘  

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.25

Adidas harden B / E 2, a team shoe of harden, is a cheap choice. It can be said that this pair of shoes has a good appearance. The upper is made of fabric, with strip hot-melt reinforcement on the toe cap and heel to increase safety. The midsole is still made of corrugated bounce material, and is equipped with a super large Y-shaped tup support plate which is not inferior to the original generation. The style is simple and the configuration is kind. It is a cost-effective practical choice. This pair of shoes can be said to be one of the most popular Adidas team shoes this summer. The B / E series will also be continued and become a choice for buyers pursuing cost performance.

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.26

The second derivative comes from the cooperation between harden and Y-3, which is really unexpected. With the theme of “king of the flowers”, Y-3 x James Harden ss18 series inherits the consistent dark style of the brand and integrates James Harden’s domineering fashion. The blooming flower elements are particularly eye-catching. Among them, Y-3 x James Harden JH boost shoes based on byw are quite popular. They combine many elements such as foot and deconstruction. Yamamoto’s re combination makes it not complicated, but also has a very unique personality line

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.27

Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.28

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Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.29

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Derivative of beard plan harden Vol.210

Anyway, at present, harden series is the top brand of Adidas. With DENGO playing better and better, I believe this signature series will be more and more successful, and there will be more and more derivative shoes. Let’s look forward to it.