Nike’s champion 16 series has become a major player in the footwear industry this summer, including a pair of classic leather boots, the Nike Air Maestro II “trifecta”. The overall tone of the shoes is bright red, with black embellishment added in the details. Swoosh uses eye-catching white and has the same color scheme as the previous kit. The shoes are equipped with a gold Larry O’Brien championship trophy tag that highlights the champion 16 series, inheriting the outstanding texture of the whole champion 16 series.

Second master’s little red shoes air Maestro picture appreciation

When I see this pair of air Maestro II “trifecta”, I always naturally think of Mr. PI and my few memories of this pair of shoes. In the full name game in 1994, the most dazzling star was Scotty Pippen, and the most dazzling pair of shoes was air maestro. In 1994, when Jordan left basketball, Pippen was full of aura and almost played the role of God. The omnipotent Pippen carried the bull Dynasty on his shoulder, Pipeng, who has lived in the shadow of Jordan throughout his career, broke out completely on the day Jordan left. In Pipeng’s entire career, he only won his only MVP in that year: the full name MVP in that year, which sounds like a shame to the best small forward in history, but this is the fact that a man who is always in the shadow of God, Only after seeing the light again can you completely burst out your strength. That year, air Maestro accompanied Pipeng on the field.
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Second master’s little red shoes air Maestro picture appreciation1

Air maestro is my only memory of the 1994 All-Star game. The omnipotent black wore a pair of red basketball shoes. For me at that time, that pair of red basketball shoes became a dream. If I could play in such basketball shoes, it would be very enviable. It was not until many years later that I learned that the pair of shoes called air maestro, a pair of basketball shoes with ordinary configuration, only an ordinary air cushion in the back, and the upper is also a classic full grain leather upper. Even the position of Swoosh is different from that of most sneakers in the same year, just because it symbolizes Pipeng, or Pipeng represents it, all this is not important.

Second master’s little red shoes air Maestro picture appreciation2

Air Maestro should be regarded as a pair of shoes similar to the current Adidas team series. In the NBA, most Nike sponsored players without their own signature shoes chose air maestro. The effect of crowd tactics is self-evident. Air Maestro sells well and proves the performance of air Maestro from one side, The seemingly ordinary cushioning technology and more ordinary shape can not prevent the air Maestro from becoming the most classic shoe of that year. Since the birth of flight 89 ‘, Nike will launch a pair of main flight basketball shoes every year, and the main flight basketball shoes in 1994 are these air maestro. In order to reduce the weight of the shoes, the air Maestro only uses the most common air sole, The max air launched the previous year was abandoned. At the same time, the hollow out splicing design of the lightweight full grain leather surface also well reduced the weight of the upper, and the sock lining design also increased the comfort of the air maestro. It is this pair of air Maestro that makes the flight series recognized by NBA players again and paves the way for the rise of the flight Series in the future.

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The all red air maestro is Nike’s tribute to Pippen. This great player has never received a fair evaluation during his career. His versatility is unmatched by any player of his time. His whole career is under great pressure and lives in a lingering shadow. This pair of air Maestro retro is like a flower blooming for Pipeng’s departure. Maybe Pipeng can find the glory of that year after walking to the coach’s seat.

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The red air Maestro records a period of history, which has nothing to do with its own color matching. It can naturally make people familiar with the full name competition feel cordial and make people who like Pipeng feel beautiful. This pair of fire red shoes is Pipeng’s rare wildness and vent. It represents the most beautiful passion./

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