#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review


  • Appearance design:7.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:10.0
  • Stability protection:8.3
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:9.0

 For static evaluation, see[new evaluation group] Mamba is still evolving – static evaluation of nike kobe x elite/ ?& amp; ? 6 S0 O$ o
5 e/ B+ @5 W& I- {
Data of the tester’s big milk donkey* F” \+ T4 \0 w  I3 e
Age: 30
Height: 186cm
Weight: 85kg5 B% [1 v$ p4 s5 A0 }0 h
Venue: Indoor
Style: swing man( q) r’ P” m’ h# p

#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review1The evaluation of Kobe x Elite Edition still starts from the towering upper. Yes, compared with the ordinary version, the upper height is the biggest change (of course, the upper is also changed to flyknit, but it doesn’t feel obvious in the sense).

There are two things to say about this gang:/ Z# D/ m+ C/ L. T( G
First of all, from the design point of view, the word “thin as a cicada’s wing” is very appropriate. Because in addition to being absolutely thin, it is still transparent, that is, the color of socks can be displayed through the upper. This is an interesting design. The landlord changed three pairs of socks on different actual combat occasions. In addition to the orange of the picture, there are green and red. You can have a look.% W$ D0 N7 e% ~& D5 D4 ? 8 d
#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review2#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review31 V8 c2 M2 Y’ i; R
, t. o’ A/ N1 j
You see, the colors of red and green socks can be seen through. It should be noted that such a high and thin upper must be matched with ultra-high ball socks, and the bare ankle will be very uncomfortable.

Secondly, the second thing to say about the ankle is comfort. The ankle material of this pair of shoes is thin but hard, on the contrary, it is hard but thin, which leads to little protection, but the dead folds during bending are not very comfortable. The last picture above is taken from the inside, and you can see that there are very clear folds at the Achilles tendon.
#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review4
” U! |% S4 C# o- w( B
Another one is taken from the outside. From the wearing experience, there is a feeling of being pressed by the Achilles tendon, which is not very comfortable.

Finally, on the ankle, let me say again: personally, I don’t believe that high top shoes can prevent sprain. I believe that high top shoes can help improve the wrapping, make the ankle comfortable, and make the wearer feel that “people and shoes are integrated” and improve their sports ability. But the “hard and thin” collocation of Kobe x elite does cover the ankle. But the slightly hard texture makes people uncomfortable. In contrast, the AJ 28 (thin and soft cloth) and UA BB charger (thick and soft) once worn are also super high but very intimate and comfortable.  ~ 0 ~# n$ m( h2 W+ m

To sum up,Ankle score: 6.5* {    d’ l: h( @* c1 m4 z3 {” t6 m- f
   E- z7 E6 V4 q% `- e5 a6 {
Let’s talk about midsole comfort. As mentioned in the static evaluation, the Kobe x uses a large visible zoom in the back. This design language is used for the first time in KD VI elite, but the Kobe x air cushion is more close to the ground.
#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review5 * |” ]) V. X- C0 C* b; v

In the actual wearing process, I feel very soft, the slack force is uniform and smooth, and I have completed the task of magic shock very well. When you really play, you won’t feel the existence of shoes (in contrast, the rebound of AJ 28 magic shock is too obvious, while some magic shocks that are not in place, such as Kobe 9, make people feel stiff). There is no air cushion in the forefoot, but it is not the focus of magic shock, and Lunarlon’s performance is enough.1 L/ N’ X3 Z5 R- X
– O5 Y1 M7 @: d% T9 B& ^
When it comes to the midsole, by the way, this special-shaped carbon plate on the side. The previous generation Kobe 9 borrowed from the Jordan xx8 and adopted the configuration of double carbon plates at the front and rear of the side, while this generation is simplified to a carbon plate at the front and outside. However, the carbon plate is changed to a more forward and reasonable position, and the 90 degree carbon plate locks the sides of the outsole and midsole, effectively preventing excessive deformation during directional movement. In addition, the setting of the forefoot itself is wide, so I feel that the lateral stability can be assured after actual combat.

Midsole magic shock: 10 points
Lateral stability: 10 points

Compared with the previous generation of removable plastic insoles (stiff), the insoles of this generation are fixed in the shoes, and flocking is basically done on the insoles. There is no problem. In the forefoot, you can see that there are grooves made to increase flexibility, which is light in practice.9 W0 j- I; h6 a( u& U
# f3 g” S. C( i1 d
Midsole comfort: 9 points6 k9 j$ ~% ?- ~* ]! S8 x
   P+ h: k! q( @! H: H
#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review6

This is a pair of slim shoes, which is very flat from the side, and the package is particularly good, especially the foot surface and front half foot. It feels firmly fixed, and there is even a faint sense of oppression inside. It takes a few games to adapt. As mentioned earlier, the high upper leads to further wrapping of the ankle, and the embedded TPU reinforcement of the heel. In short, the foot is firmly fixed in the shoe. The integration of feet and shoes is the feeling. Note that if the high top part is cut off with scissors, the shoe itself is the same as the low top ordinary version. The whole shoe body is reinforced and willful. From this perspective, I don’t think flyknit has any practical effect except making it look more like snake scales.
; L* G$ ~$ c# S: R0 S
Wrapping: 8.5 points(1 point is reduced to the hardness of the high upper, and 0.5 point is reduced to the forefoot, which is excessively wrapped at the beginning and feels oppressive).
– W, k’ j6 |) H
There is no carbon plate or other similar structure in the middle palm of the shoe, but it is relatively close to the ground and wrapped well, which alleviates the lack of middle palm support structure.# H( O    z# r8 h” J5 t# w3 @
Middle palm support: 7.5 points
% S+ ^    U; Y$ ?- x0 ^3 Z
The sole is made of translucent material, and the grain is fine and small, which is unconventional. Friction can only be said to be good.+ u2 h* }8 u2 G( {% z
Grip: 8 points   M) b, F$ `   ?$ [; d& w
$ A6 d; m$ p/ v3 y# y9 N
Finally, two actual photos. This donkey is 186 in height, not low… However, the upper is too high and too high, and it still looks short and thick. It is recommended that friends who care about the appearance of the lower leg should choose carefully.1 l’ ^* d) e$ L1 c6 e

#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review7#X-lab# Mamba still evolving – nike kobe x elite live review8/ S3 r. M4 R( X. A& {    q1 I
: c6 z3 ]” W” c5 u+ D3 r8 A7 R! q

I’ll give you 85 points! I think Gao Gang is a bit of painting the snake and adding to the foot. It’s useless. The cushioning, wrapping and lateral stability of the shoes are still enjoyable.
I think the ordinary version of low help will be more enjoyable! If it is low, it is expected to be 90 points:)