EDC’s personal assistant is not so easy to be

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?

As a trendy icon, Edison Chen’s every move is watched by trendy people. He can do anything with the trend, the wind and the goods. If anyone can make a spark with him, needless to say, it will certainly attract great attention. So do you know his current fashion assistant? She frequently appears on Edison Chen’s ins. Edison takes good care of her. She is not only Edison’s assistant, but also a model and stylist.

She is Elle Hu, a Chinese girl from New York.A really cool girl buys more men’s clothes than women’s clothes and wears more sneakers than leather shoes.

Now they have time to sit down and face the camera together and have a good talk about their views on the trend and cooperation.

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?1

Q: How did you establish a partnership? Many people know about you, but few about Elle, so can we talk about Elle first?

EDC:Social media is now very developed, so I learned that there is a brand called sneakerboy in Australia. This brand not only sells sports brands such as Nike or Adidas, but also some fashion and high street clothes. I think it’s really interesting, so I paid attention to their ins. I saw Elle above, which is very different, so I found her online.

Elle:Yes, it was a strange contact two years ago.

EDC: Later, she went to work in New York. At that time, my assistant had a new job, so I needed a new helper. At that time, I met in Los Angeles and established interaction in the United States

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?2

Q: So what happened later? As your assistant?

EDC:I need a new assistant. One of them was the manager of the store and the other went to vlone and became a brand manager. They all have good development, so I need strong assistant ability.

Q: Elle, did you think it was crazy that Edison could like you as his assistant?

Elle:I’m surprised and crazy. I like to work in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, you have great opportunities. You have the opportunity to learn new things every day.

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?3

Q: What did you do in New York before?

Elle: At first, I did display design, and then I did brand public relations. I grew up in Australia. New York is always attractive. When Edison extended an olive branch to me, I think they are perfect together.

EDC:It’s really cool. She can’t finish it now. This is an interesting cooperation. We all give each other the best help. I like the way we interact. I told everyone in the team: I like to open a door for you, but the door of the next room must be opened by yourself. It is also possible that I can’t open the door of the next room myself. Sometimes I need your invitation.

I think we benefit from each other rather than always thinking about some interests. Without Elle and the team’s efforts and help, I will not be able to accomplish anything, which proves how good they are.

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?4

Q: Edison, what are the chances for you to create in Los Angeles? Do you think you can make a difference in Los Angeles from other cities? Does it make you energetic? And how did it feel 10 years ago? Or five years ago.

EDC:Yes, it feels very different. In Los Angeles, the environment gives you hope to create some opportunities, both physically and mentally, which was unmatched in Hong Kong 10 years ago.

In 2008, the pressure of daily life and work was going on in the noisy and busy, and everything had its immediacy, such as “Hey, we’re five blocks away, do you want to come out to talk?” and in California, it became “we’re five miles away, are you sure you want to meet and talk?” so when we really meet each other face to face, we will cherish and enjoy that moment.

I think this is the advantage of Los Angeles. You have more space to think and feel creativity, but it is also very community-based. Because there are not so many people. When you meet some people at work, you must work hard, because it means you must like these people. These things begin to develop into a community and create more positive energy for you.

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?5

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?6

Q: What do you want Elle to do in five years?

EDC:Maybe I’m joking, but I’m absolutely real. That’s — I hope she can become me. I hope he can help me finish things and do what she wants to do at the same time. I will provide her with many resources. The brand we build is not just a single brand, but a collection of cultures and the driving force to promote contemporary street fashion.

To be honest, I’m 37 years old. I’ve been working for 15 years, so I work with Elle. Just let them go to the front. In the back, call them, like “Hey, that’s what I think”, but when I’m watching Netflix. That’s what I’m eager to do. So I’m training a group of people. Elle must be one of the most cutting-edge in this area. I hope she can have creative ideas, she can have her own brand, she can become a force in the creative industry, and then those opportunities will take her to realize her dream, no matter what it is.

What is her relationship with Edison Chen?7

Q: What is your vision for you, Elle?

Elle:For me, I am improving my ability. Every day I am very grateful to have such a great mentor as Edison, who can learn so much. I just want to be a sponge and try to learn more knowledge. Study as much as possible, and then I hope I will have a breakthrough by the end of this year.

Q: Are you both super sneakers?


What is her relationship with Edison Chen?8

Q: Are there any stories? Like with Jordan shoes?

Elle:Growing up in Australia, I didn’t have so many opportunities to get in touch with sneakers and star culture. When I went to the United States, I really began to understand everything about sneaker. It’s really cool and crazy.

EDC:She will be a hometown hero, just like Jordan. When she returns to Australia, everyone knows her.