I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th

No responsibility to guess, maybe you’ll get it!

The playoffs are coming to the most exciting finals,NikeunionJordanandConverseLaunched《Art Of A Champion》Throughout the playoffs, it’s a big play. Each pair of shoes represents a classic playoff moment and a legendary star.

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th1

Why16Double?16The playoff games he needs to win to win a championship for a team,4Round total16Field. In《Art Of A Champion》The last pair of shoes is hidden, and all shoe fans are looking forward to or guessing what the last pair of shoes will be.

Remember2016“Hot blood” at the end of12“Soul”《12 SOLES》Are you? The last pair also let us guess for a long time, and felt a little“Uncompleted” because it was originally setLeBron 14Failed to due to manufacturing problems“Catch up” blood12The ceremony of the soul. Do you remember the last pair of shoes today?

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th2

But《Art Of A Champion》It seems to be a chance“Premeditated” planning, which shoes are they? We might as well guess.

We can sort out our ideas first. this16A pair of shoes, including ordered ones4doubleConverse4doubleJordan4doubleNike Sportswearas well as3doubleNike Basketball, if there are no special circumstances, the last pair should belong toNikeBasketball shoes, right? And this is originally a“Basketball shoes” is a series of activities, so you can think about actual basketball shoes.

Then our first choice will beNike KD 11

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th3

Although it has been exposed, if the warriors win the championship, thenKD 11yesNikeThe easiest pair of shoes to write articles, after all《Art Of A Champion》It’s a fit“Finals” themed shoes, right? There may be a pair of “championship special edition”KD 11, and in front15A new pair of shoes comes out of a pair of shoelaces, which also lays a foundation for future sales.

The second option would beSoldier 12

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th4

James won the championship, although LeBron unexpectedly had no choice in the playoffs this yearSoldierSeries, but always wear itLeBron 15But star selection and brand planning are really different things. Very simple, for example, the brand has prepared All-Star color matching for stars, but what the All-Star players want to wear is up to him. butSoldier 12Will be the second16A pair of shoes is an alternative. After all, this pair of shoes should be rhythmic in summer.

The third option isKyrie 4

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th5

Isn’t it particularly new? I’ll guess for you. Well, yes, that’s the truth. Don’t think of the brand as magical and spend so much time packaging this article16Double is mostly the rhythm of selling goods, not limited. Of course, it may also be limited. But if it doesn’t play a role in product sales, why do you want to do such a big project? Are you right?Kyrie 4It’s a pair of guard shoes,NikeAmong the signature shoes, only the guard shoes ranked second in the sales of signature shoes last year,KyrieThe series deserves attention.

The fourth option isLeBron 15 Watch

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th6

chooseKyrie 4The premise is that Celtic win the title, but Owen’s injury will tarnish these shoes,NikeOf course, I hope warriors or Knights will win the championship. There should be no surprises, because they can’t cope. If James wins, then the special edition of the finalsLeBron 15 WatchMaybe it’ll be the second16Double.

Fifth choiceHyperdunk 2018

I probably know which pair of shoes is the 16th7

Last year, the boy wearing hi bodenko has become an idol. This year, it’s an annual eventHyperdunkThe selling time is summer. This is the signature shoe among the team basketball shoes. It is the most high-end basketball shoe reaching the signature shoe level. It is absolutely qualified.

See if everyone here will think we are so boring, we also think, so we are looking forward to itNikeI’m looking forward to a fried one.