Every time I step on the court, I always feel that I have something to prove. Not for others, but for myself.

Before touching the “xijue floor”

Paul has never been so close to the finals or even the championship this year. In the face of the aircraft carrier in the bay area, CP3 has played a very important role in whether the rocket can take off. Although Paul and the Rockets are confident that he will be able to prosper in his first year, it really makes him feel incredible when everything comes true. You know, Paul is being questioned all the time before touching the floor of the Western Conference finals.

Before Rondo got the nickname, Paul was already the owner of “point God”. In China, more people like to call him “Saint Paul”, that is, “Sao Paulo”, but he is a mortal after all. He is a professional basketball player.

Before touching the “xijue floor”1

The story goes back to when he was in high school. He attended West Forsyth high school in North Carolina. In his second year, he had the opportunity to jump to the University League. Although “jump” was not common at that time, it is really everywhere now. Even some players don’t go to college to develop the league or overseas League. But Paul didn’t do that. He chose to stay in high school so that he could get more playing time. He didn’t rush forward.

Paul said: “everyone wants to go to college. They can walk around the campus and wear your high-end Letterman jacket. But what’s the meaning if I just sit on the bench when I jump to college? Many people say I can only play JV (junior varsity, college team 2), but my average of 30 points is as simple as 10 steals. For me,Success is only a matter of time.

Before touching the “xijue floor”2

One Monday afternoon in March this year, Paul sat in the Jordan building conference room at Nike’s global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. After that, he was going to meet the Trail Blazers. Wearing a Black Hoodie and a pair of black and white air jordan 10 “I’m back” colors, MJ announced “I’m back” 23 years ago this month

Before touching the “xijue floor”3

When I used to sleep, I often prayed for height. I just wanted to be taller. As you can see, I failed to achieve my wish, but I grew taller when I was a sophomore and a junior. I stay in the gym and train alone. Unlike everyone now has a trainer, I often learn things in the game. “

“Everyone should remember that no matter you are a JV player or a basketball legend, you can’t take a shortcut. Loving the game is the premise, and you can’t waver.

Before touching the “xijue floor”4

He happened to participate in the training camp at Nike headquarters. He put on the new air jordan 1 “shadow” and the Nike Hoodie of the Rockets, wore a hat, and told the young players of the training camp about the game, just as he had told Donovan Mitchell before.

There was another task. He attended a small press conference on Jordan CP3. Xi, showing the look of the perfect shoes in his heart, a pair of standard guard shoes, Velcro, excellent wrapping, grip, and the logo with the heel like an art word, etc.

Before touching the “xijue floor”5

Two months later, Paul brought his new shoes

Reached the Western Conference finals

He said it was meant to be