#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation


  • Appearance design:7.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.0
  • Stability protection:7.0
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:7.0

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#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation1 
Actual evaluation results: each performance score is 10 points, personal subjective evaluation is 20 points, and the total score is 100 points% h” V$ n. N2 M6 m
Evaluator data: height 180cm, weight 65kg.$ J8 Q% B- f* P& v
Playing style: mainly jump shots, supplemented by breakthroughs, more changes and emergency stops.6 A0 c4 x; l+ ?& amp; s( |* R! Q
fieldAnd environment: outdoor rubber ground.
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1. Appearance: 7
#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation2 

Analysis: in terms of appearance, it continues the design of Kobe series. It looks like a simple version of a certain generation, which also gives Komi more

A more cost-effective option.In terms of color matching, it depends on your personal preference. There are several pairs of color matching with am4:00 pattern at the heel,

Make the shoes more in line with the theme of Mamba spirit.

2. Comfort: 7.5

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation3

Analysis: the performance in terms of comfort is OK. The front half of the inner boot provides a certain reliable wrapping. When the full-length Luna insole is just put on the foot

It feels a little hard. It gets better after pressing the road for a few days. The upper is made of fabric and artificial leather, which is more flexible and plastic,

But I still feel soft. I’m worried that the support provided in actual combat is insufficient. In addition, the air permeability is very good. The low top design of shoes is very

It is flexible and lightweight, giving people a feeling more like running shoes as a whole. Finally, a friendly reminder: you’d better not wear it when playing

Socks with too low top and even boat socks may increase beauty, but they really wear your ankles.

3. Cushioning: 7.5

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation4

Analysis: when it comes to cushioning, I have to take out this most illustrative picture. As shown in the figure, the whole pair of shoes is called full palm

Luna cushioning is a pair of insoles that are several coins thick. Luna insoles are available in the eighth and ninth generation of Kobe series

So we also feel that this pair of Mamba spirit has the taste of 8 and 9 Simple versions. I didn’t wear 8 and 9, so I can’t be sure

What’s the difference between this pair of insoles and them? From everyone’s feedback, it may be a little harder than 8 and 9. But to tell you the truth, I feel good

Before that, I crossed the road for two days and stepped on it before I went to the actual battle. I’m quite satisfied with the performance in actual combat. Besides being flexible, low top shoes are

It’s fast. When starting the breakthrough, there will be no feedback. It doesn’t feel like it’s too slow to eat. At the same time, it won’t feel as hard as Addy’s shoes. It’s better to play for a long time

The feet will feel very tired and a little worn (as previously evaluated)Adidas D Rose Englewood III)。 As Laoge said, this insole is placed on 8 and 9

I don’t think it’s worth it, but it’s very valuable and suitable for shoes in the middle and low-end market.

4. Protection: 5.5

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation5

Analysis: in terms of protection, it should be the biggest problem of this pair of shoes. First, although the upper is more flexible, it can provide some support,

However, in high-intensity actual combat, I still feel a little soft and lack of support. Second, there is only one at the heel of the shoe

The black horizontal bar provides support and stability, and it is soft. There is no conventional TPU, and there is no TPU even in the midsole.

Although the body can not feel how powerful the anti torque or stability effects of carbon plate or TPU are during actual combat evaluation all the time,

But this pair of shoes is still a little thin in actual combat, which makes me feel insecure. Third, the anti rollover design is quite conservative, that is, the small logo is slightly

Protruding out a littleFourth, the shoe itself is a low top design, which is naturally protectiveIt’s worse than Gao Gang. It’s even more important in combination with the previous points

Shoes are worrying about protection. So, dear friends, if you have a serious old ankle injury,Those who have a great demand for protection, those who jump and constantly impact the internal line,

Or consider carefully according to the situation.In order to write actual combat evaluation more accurately and intuitively, Chinese New YearDuring this period, I went to practice almost every day. Unfortunately, the whole holiday came down

I’m not hurt at all, so I’m going to give it an extra 0.5 points~~

5. Sole: 7

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation6

Analysis: as mentioned above, there is no TPU in the bottom to provide torque resistance and stability. However, in terms of anti-skid and wear resistance

In terms of performance, it is very good. First of all, the herringbone pattern is stable in actual combat, and there is no situation of slipping and pedaling.

Secondly, although there is no special wear-resistant material, the degree of wear is also very small after frequent actual combat on hard rubber and cement.

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6. Air permeability: 7.5

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation7

Analysis: the air permeability is really good. If it hadn’t been taken to Sanya for evaluation in winter, I really don’t know what it would be like.

In addition to the fabric upper, it has good air permeabilityBesides, the diamond shaped air holes in the middle are also awesome, like a few small windows.

7. Weight: 8

#X-lab# Mamba Spirit — KB mentality actual combat evaluation8

There should be nothing wrong with giving a high score in weight, running shoes? Basketball shoes? I can’t tell

8. Cost performance: 8.5

Analysis: the highest score of the whole pair of shoes must be cost performance! Kobe Bryant’s star endorsement is a continuation design like a simplified version,

Low top, lightweight, breathable, full-length Luna cushioning insole like Kobe 8 and 9,It faces the middle and low-end market,

The issue price is not high,Online shopping is much cheaper. If the price can decline a little in the future, it should be in low top sneakers

The cost performance of the market is really no one!

9. Subjective evaluation: 16

Analysis: first of all, I like this pair of shoes on the whole and am very satisfied. Let’s summarize:

1. Kobe’s star aura, needless to say. 2. The appearance design is in line with the style of Kobe series shoes,

Provide a good choice for the student party and low-income groups. 3. Low profile, lightweight and breathable

Personal care and love. 4. Use the full-length Luna cushioning insole of zhengdai on this pair of middle and low-end shoes, let’s first

Without discussing whether it is the same thing as 8 and 9, it is enough to just talk about the configuration of full-length Luna. 5. Cost performance

Super high. Maybe I haven’t evaluated enough shoes, especially low top shoes. So far, I think in terms of cost performance

Few low top shoes can surpass it. 6. The main problem is protection, but to be honest, accidents really happen

Injury, let alone low top shoes with good protection, even high top shoes are useless. The main thing is to protect yourself,

The second is protective equipment, and the last is protective shoes. 7. Now I gradually fall in love with the flexibility of low top sneakers, and this pair of Mamba spirit

It is also very suitable for me, so I recommend this pair of Kobe Bryant’s new series “Mamba spirit” to you as a whole.

7 a, J    t5 M4 P* p1 f1 w% f” Z

    Final total score:  seventy-four point five  branch

6 h) b2 }# r( B+ B

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