#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series


  • Appearance design:9.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:9.0
  • Stability protection:9.0
  • Sole performance:9.0
  • cost performance:9.0

1、 Preface

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       For a long time, domestic fans have some prejudice against domestic shoes, more or less, or say or not, for complex reasons. It is difficult for even the most senior people in the shoe industry to conduct a complete self-analysis to get a complete answer. Personally, there is no big gap between domestic sneakers and international brands in quality level, but they are not as eye-catching as international brands in design and publicity. Sneakers, as consumables, are neither cars nor houses. Their sales ultimately depend on stars and publicity. Often, word-of-mouth is a very important parameter. Unlike other brands, peak seems to have realized the role of the brand for a long time. From Ares to Battier, few domestic brands have made a series close to ten generations. On the one hand, the brand awareness is not strong. On the other hand, the mentality of eager for quick success and instant benefit is easy to kill a slightly famous series. This is not good news. The establishment of a series depends on time and the trust of consumers. The sneaker series is the intangible asset of the enterprise. Even if it looks completely different from the previous two generations, as long as it is still the name, it can let people know it and understand it. Looking at international brands, which pair of top selling sneakers is not a generation of signature shoes from a certain sneaker?

       From this point of view, peak lightning, although just started, has been valuable.

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series1

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series2

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series3

2、 Endorsement

   J/ |& L) H& u9 f” L

       When it comes to lightning, we have to mention Parker. At the beginning of tp92013, the news that Parker signed peak spread widely and detonated the shoe fan circle. At that time, peak just established the actual combat shoe layout of three pillars: beast with excellent protection performance, hurricane with both inside and outside, and lightning focusing on pure speed. Parker naturally put on the lightning series focusing on pure speed. Speaking of this, we need to insert a small song. In order to strengthen the publicity, peak even changed the lightning originally called lightning generation into tp9 on TVC. Of course, we all understand that this is for better publicity effect and that peak urgently needs to make rapid use of the resources brought by Parker.

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       In 2014, towards the end of the NBA season, the second generation of shoes of the lightning family was ushered in. The main color was changed to the walker color of yellow and blue, because peak had better endorsement resources to endorse this pair of shoes that were originally just middle and high-end team shoes. George Hill, the original spurs player, took the heavy responsibility. However, if you pay attention to the game, GH3 seems to be more interested in the more classic “big triangle”. On the contrary, Parker, his signature shoes, Parker generation 1, has been on the market and is still wearing lightning generation 1. I really loved it~~~

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       After 15 years, lightning 3 generation was eager to try early. It can be seen that lightning generation 3 has begun to get rid of the shadow of the previous two generations, with more sharp visual effects and more balanced performance. There are many changes in both visual effects and overall workmanship materials. The only regret is that no player can fight at present.   

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series4

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series5

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3、 Science and technology

       Since the first generation of lightning, lightning has used the most popular fuse technology at that time. To be honest, this is not a very difficult technology, but it is used properly in the first generation of lightning. The hierarchical frame structure design gives the shoes better stability and breathable space. The midsole is equipped with cradient dual, that is, the Legendary Dual Gradient shock absorption. In order to make people less confused, the heel is visually designed. As for the effect, I think the TPU stabilizer of the midsole should be more stable and reliable. In the arch position, a TPU stabilizer with considerable area and bright shape is embedded in the sole. This is football, a technology with vulgar name and no vulgar function. Especially for flat feet like me, the stable conduction torsion and strength buffer of the sole are much more important than the soft feeling of stepping on shit.

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series6 

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series7

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       Lightning II, strictly speaking, is only an upgraded version of the upper of the first generation. The sole remains unchanged and the upper is reduced to maximize flexibility. At the same time, it adopts a new full hot-melt process, which has fewer car lines than the first generation and is more stable than the first generation. The point is that it’s really lighter and more breathable.

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series8 . J   |. S- [” b) ~3 i

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series9

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series10

6 F4 ~# n” a3 |+ G# a, I6 x

       Lightning 3, a new generation, is also for GH3 as planned. However, GH3’s heart has been firmly controlled by the “big triangle”. Therefore, lightning 3 returns to its original role – a pair of medium and high-end guard shoes with cost performance. The whole shoe adopts more radical design language, and many concrete lightning signs tell others every minute: my name is lightning. The midsole adopts the new cushion-3 three-level cushioning technology, which is more than the first generation and the second generation (although I don’t know where it is). It is still a visual design, and the middle palm is more stable and firm. The upper is tough and stable, but not breathable.

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series11

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series12

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series13

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4、 Performance chapter

1. Air permeability: Gen 2 & gt; Gen 1 & gt; 3 generations

       Although the ventilation windows of generation 1 and generation 3 are opened a lot, in fact, the ventilation performance of generation 1 mesh is less than that of generation 2 because it is too dense, and the ventilation windows of generation 3 are not only the least, but also fully closed. In other words, except that the three holes on the side have certain ventilation, the others are sealed with glue with the lining, and the retrogression is not a bit.

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series14

2. Stability: 3rd generation & gt; Gen 2 & gt; Generation 1

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       The 3rd generation does not use external TPU heel stabilizer. However, the midsole itself has a thick shape, and the strength of harbor protection is stronger than that of the previous two generations. The use of all hot-melt materials for the vamp is solid and reasonable, which is not easy to produce vamp deformation. As for the first two generations, you can regard generation 2 as various enhanced versions of generation 1.

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series15

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series16

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3. Comfort: 3rd generation & gt; Gen 1 & gt; Generation 2

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       The full-length inner boots are well matched with materials. Although the air permeability is poor, the third generation is indeed the most comfortable and thick pair. The materials used in the 2nd generation are the same as those used in the 3rd generation, and the filling is also in place. Unfortunately, the material order of the inner boots seems to be reversed. It’s very smooth when worn in and out, which is strange. Generation 1 has nothing but leather toe caps. That’s enough.

( }* S3 I! ^! {1 m” ]0 h# S

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series17

4. Traction: Gen 3 & gt; Gen 2 & gt; Generation 1

         There’s a good reason to improve the traction of generation 3, what?! Two pairs of shoes as like as two peas are still different in grip? Yes, that’s it. Peak seems to realize that the bottom of lightning generation 1 is too hard. On generation 2, it is obviously softer and more suitable for grasping the ground. The 3rd generation is entirely due to its new line zoning.

% |” c* k- A/ h) c7 M/ c

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series18

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series19

: g. z# ?’ G& h3 @3 d8 c5 w

5. Cushioning: Gen 1 & gt; Gen 2 & gt; 3 generations

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       To be honest, peak’s insoles have always been sold well. It’s easy to get into shape on the first foot. This treatment obviously helps a lot when trying shoes in exclusive stores. Moreover, the insole thickness of lightning generation 1 is thicker and softer than expected. In addition, the original midsole is more comfortable, and the first generation of cushioning wins. The insoles of the second generation are thin and powerless (this is the business ~), and the soles of the third generation are thick, but they are adjusted to exercise. They follow the all-round route.

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series20

#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series21

Finally, shoesnoWhether it is appropriate or not,

At what price, what style,

Even what color you like directly affects the suitability of a pair of shoes.

Personally, if I play a wild ball in hot summer, I will choose generation 2, which is flexible and breathable.

If playing an infield requires a higher intensity of confrontation, I will choose generation 3.

Generation 1, if you have to know its name, I can only tell you that it is called lightning.

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#X-lab# lightning strike — Analysis of peak lightning series22

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