#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II


  • Appearance design:8.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.0
  • Stability protection:8.0
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:8.0

I’ve always been very interested in fighting, but I haven’t taken this first step. Just recently, there was an activity that made my dream come true. I started my fight from boxing., y3 _ 3 S( g3 J
For me, who likes to buy equipment first no matter what I do, boxing shoes are certainly essential, just in order to add richness and universality to the shoes in the station,: o, D, {- d/ C. C   ?
I’ll give you a new perspective and refreshing experience. I’ll try my best to make an evaluation of “not doing business”~~~

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II1 9 y/ I% s: w6 A9 X3 O$ R& f
The self-examination chart is still necessary. Although ADI is also involved in the field of fighting, ADI’s boxing shoes are not very common in the market,
The main reason is that ADI, unlike fairtex and other brands, specializes in fighting. Fighting should be a minority sport.
I don’t know if you have noticed the Anta boxing shoes at Zou Shiming’s feet. Don’t underestimate them. First of all, they are not on sale. They are specially designed for5 s    j7 W! }, T
Provided by the national team, even if you find a buyer, the price is basically about 1000 yuan. Anta, big brother!

   X6 [9 V: h+ i
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II2 ( G” v& d6 E9 L’ o, d, D7 A, J
I think it’s a classic ADI image in appearance and color matching. Even if you’ve never been involved in boxing, when you see this pair of shoes
There will be a very “ADI” feeling.

0 M- U7 D) h0 w6 `” Q& w
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II3 
The shoes are made of a large area of mesh fabric. The overall feeling is soft. The air permeability must be good, and they are super light, which can make you feel comfortable
It saves a lot of energy in constant movement, but I’m worried about the support of the upper.* z$ i! N+ F- K( o3 K
! b/ Z! R3 w9 @
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II4 ( z’ ^) t: y: B3 A! K
The most intuitive impression of boxing shoes should be the high help, which is mainly to protect the ankle when moving and exerting force frequently.3 z” F: T3 G6 z

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II5 2 c” E4 N! |3 y& p7 E8 m2 @# {/ ?
The TPU in the heel and midsole should be regarded as the hardest part of the shoe, which provides very necessary support and stability for the shoe.   K9 d! D! I” f
In addition, you may ask, I can understand basketball shoes. What’s the point of this boxing shoes? What’s the technology? What are the functions and functions?! n! l, x6 W, y5 t/ ?+ _ 7 A/ m+ S
The first is to avoid bumping, stepping on your feet and grinding your feet. You may say that this is a fart function, but in fact, most people train on the cushion of the indoor boxing hall! F” U2 Y3 O6 g9 m. N7 j
They are all barefoot, and have you ever seen players practicing Muay Thai, Sanda, MMA, jujitsu, taekwondo and so on wear shoes? Only boxing and wrestling do not need legs) H7 n    D* Y’ U- W    H, ~1 d5 I
In addition, in boxing competitions, it is stipulated that shoes must be worn, mainly for protection and protection.
8 t+ L) |0 J! w0 j6 S    d
Secondly, boxing shoes don’t need cushioning like basketball shoes, because boxing doesn’t jump so high and so far, or boxers7 s    Q1 U    S) g3 m9 p: K
Basically, I don’t jump very much in the competition… So I don’t have much requirements for cushioning technology. What’s more important is to stick to the ground, have enough grip, good friction and
Antiskid is naturally necessary. The bottom of boxing shoes is generally thin, which is conducive to the flexibility, movement and strength of steps in actual combat.

/ \; `3 ]) h1 O# l
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II6 6 j( {5 L6 B7 D7 N8 M- D1 l2 ~+ L
By default, the shoelace of the shoe is the wearing method shown in the figure. After actual measurement, friendly tips are that you must wear and tie each shoehole honestly!
8 q8 [: o” v    P4 r’ `- X) Q7 ^
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II7 ; L) F8 t( i+ ~4 Q8 R) I
The shoes are really soft as a whole, and the upper support is poor. Although boxing does not have as many emergency stops and changes of direction as basketball, but$ G# |1 r# h9 I, B
It’s explosive when you need to step on the ground, so in conclusion, this pair of shoes is suitable for people who are thinner and lighter like me
Players above middleweight have no sense of security

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II8 
The feeling of shoes pedaling and grasping the ground is good, like the devil’s step, like the square dancing aunt, like the old monster coming.
I’m rubbing with friction, slapping with slapping, ^+ s: h$ v5 I# Q   ^

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II9 1 a; m    u7 ?’ n! C7 |” D    e- X
The ground on the ring is a bit of fabric, so it’s actually more slippery in the ring than on the mat,
Although there are no photos taken on the ring, the performance of the shoes is basically similar to that on the mat.

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II10 5 P: m0 a4 ]! [$ g; y/ q+ O
Do you feel like a pair of boxing shoes when they were born like me   F3 _    l3 E! ~ ” a. u

#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II11 
So now, it has finally played its real role in the ring!. K# m+ H) S3 F# D    F+ Q* B
” \% P2 T) B( X  g
#X-lab# brave heart — box rival II12 
Finally, please allow me to use an xgirls photo of the town building.) q! g% w- i# N0 B6 _

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