Nike chuck posite live review


  • Appearance design:9.5
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.0
  • Stability protection:7.5
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:7.0

  [Xinxin evaluation group] Nike chuck posite live evaluation

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Actual evaluation results: each performance score is 10 points, personal subjective evaluation is 20 points, and the total score is 100 points
Evaluator data: height 180cm, weight 65kg.
Playing style: mainly jump shots, supplemented by breakthroughs, more changes and emergency stops.8 }% x5 h0 E5 m1 H: v* I
fieldAnd environment: outdoor rubber ground.8 k# f6 L0 U3 |    i) @6 h    L% W
$ x* E: e* t; r0 F

; V/ o. [2 {% I& |: K

1. Appearance: 9.5

Nike chuck posite live review2

# Z8 O$ }’ v3 S: l9 `

Nike chuck posite live review3

Analysis: there have been a lot of introductions about appearance in the unpacking picture appreciation article,  。The appearance is different,

I personally appreciate and love it very much,The stingy 0.5 is the oxidation of the crystal sole

Worry about factors such as upper scratch, and thenalsoLeave room for future shoes.

6 a* c) m# I0 T3 L* X
$ }9 ~    p* X) Y$ x

2. Comfort: 8

+ g” V# V! h# Q# `$ ^

Nike chuck posite live review4

Analysis: the performance of comfort is really good, especially wrapping, full-length inner boots and elastic bandage

The shoelace buckle is perfectly combined, and with the familiar foamposite upper, you have a good experience as soon as you put your foot on.

But Chuck posite’s zoom is thin and hard, not as thick and soft as “spray”,

Therefore, it is naturally worse only from the perspective of comfort.

1 W) n( w; L9 y2 C    g$ r5 c
9 Y   `$ ^- {- f0 w2 K0 l/ V( B; u

3. Cushioning: 7.5

$ j- i$ W” k7 d

Nike chuck posite live review5

Analysis: Chuck posite’s cushioning has been mentioned many times. The front and rear palm zoom is thin and hard, with good toughness.

When I first put on my feet, my biggest feeling was that I rubbed it. Does this shoe have cushioning? After pressing the road for several days

Things are getting better, at least you can feel it clearly. Besides, the performance of this kind of cushioning in actual combat is generally

Because of good toughness, fast feedback and the radian design of the forefoot, it is very suitable for starting breakthrough. Is helpless

The heel part is heavy and cumbersome. With the overall weight of the foam upper, the shoes don’t look so light.

It’s understandable. After all, it’s Buckley’s endorsement shoes, not Ross’s… in addition, it’s a large-scale zoom

Put it there, so the cushioning effect on take-off and landing is still obvious. In conclusion, the cushioning of this pair of shoes is more suitable, or

We should be more inclined to actual combat.

4. Protection: 8.5

Nike chuck posite live review6

Analysis: the support of the foam upper, the wrapping of the full-length inner boot, and the heavy armor like heel,

The design of the medium high top, the crystal bottom at the Nike small mark in the figure is anti eversion, although it is not luxury in exposure

Large carbon plates, but the same provides solid torque resistance. To sum up: protection is like its armor

Similar in appearance.

5 A5 v( w” B: m# P” m4 N( I

5. Sole: 8

Nike chuck posite live review7

Analysis: seriously, whether it is anti-skid or wear-resistant, it is better than I expected.

It takes me more shoes to walk than to play ball… I’ve been pressing the road for a week and several actual battles to see the current wear and tear,

Quite satisfactory.

0 h2 k5 H& B. @

6. Air permeability: 7

Nike chuck posite live review8

Analysis: I really didn’t think that any pair of foam sprayed shoes had very good air permeability,

Compared with the full body armor, flyknit upper and plastic panoramic skylight, there is no one

But it’s still very suitable for this season.

+ G! w, y3 n1 g& u& P+ |
( G! n1 l: L; Z) N1 m. l# p) ?# i

7. Weight: 6.5

( P. e2 V’ d    n9 N1 y, y
1 ? ” a( @    W/ V: Z- l: |

Nike chuck posite live review9

Analysis: the weight is really not light. The first article also said that you can see it from the postage. Especially the heel,

As the forefoot said just now, it’s very suitable for starting a breakthrough. It’s very crisp, but the problem comes when I’m at full speed

Push forward and almost land on the ground with only the soles of the front feet. At this time, you can obviously feel the heaviness brought by the heel,

It doesn’t have the lightness of guard shoes at all.

* c) G$ k5 h. m7 A% a2 H

8. Cost performance: 7

Analysis: because it is a new model just launched, coupled with the star shoes for the 30th anniversary of Buckley’s cooperation with Nike,

The price of such gimmicks as bubble blowing sequel is still relatively expensive, but it doesn’t seem to be able to configure it

It’s satisfying, so the cost performance is not too high on the whole, but if you really recognize its appearance and wear it

If it’s not painful to play with your life and fight, it’s not a matter.

$ v. q6 E9 b. [; }! T” B’ a

9. Subjective evaluation: 18

& j$ {. J4 h7 w

Nike chuck posite live review10

OK, let’s summarize. First of all, this pair of shoes looks very bright, but it also varies from person to person, each pair

There are some disputes after the bubble shoes come out. After all, they are so advanced, so some people think they are ugly

Some people feel beautiful, I am the latter. The biggest feature of cushioning is strong toughness. It is not as soft as spray. It can be said that it is more inclined to actual combat.

The forefoot feedback and start-up are very fast, but the back is a little heavy, so I don’t think it’s suitable for a sensitive and fast defender.

It’s more suitable for SF. It’s necessary to break through and start. It’s necessary to have cushioning for jump shots. It won’t be too soft. It doesn’t feel powerless. The weight is also SF. It’s OK

Accept and control. Then it is more suitable for strong explosive and powerful defenders. And inside players who don’t have too much cushioning,

Protection is also enough. After all, it’s Buckley’s shoes.The air permeability is generally not suitable for long-time actual combat in hot summer,

Cost performance is more suitable for trenches.Personally: 1. I like its appearance very much. 2. The performance is very suitable for my combination of jump shot and breakthrough,

Similar to SF’s playing style.3. Have a special liking for foam sneakers. 4. I can handle the weight, and I won’t run all over the field.

5. I was deeply impressed by the comfort, wrapping and forefoot start. It would be better to step on the hard zoom at the beginning, which is also comfortable.

To sum up, I gave a high personal subjective evaluation score.

Final total score:  eighty  branch