It was dog days again. The muggy weather made us more willing to hide in the air-conditioned room. The way to work seemed to become a daily suffering. But there is an old saying: practice three nine in winter and three volts in summer. I think it makes sense. It feels sticky on your body every day. Go out and run for a few kilometers to fully open your pores and drain out your sweat. Naturally, it will be refreshing.

       I remember when I went shopping a few months ago, I happened to visit Li Ning flagship store. At that time, there were advertisements of super light 10 everywhere, but three new running shoes had been placed in the middle of the shelf. This “Yunma” took my eyes at once. There’s no reason to like it, so although the price is not low, I still get a pair quickly.
       After several months of actual combat, the performance of this shoe can fully meet my needs. Although it is defined as a “marathon” running shoe, it sounds so tall. Generally speaking, the dual density midsole cushioning is still in place. The forefoot is slightly harder than the back, but the rebound is more in place. The outsole has a strong grip, and it can easily deal with the asphalt after a rain. But its disadvantages are also obvious. After all, it is not a major technology jogging shoe. It has basically no control over friends who have relatively large varus / valgus.
       Well, that’s all for the brief introduction. Hurry up.

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes1 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes2 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes3 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes4 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes5 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes6 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes7 

[photo studio] Li Ning’s “Yunma” running shoes8