Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation


  • Appearance design:9.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:9.0
  • Stability protection:7.0
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:7.0

 [X-lab] which is the best AJ in actual combat? Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x actual combat evaluation

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation1

Unconsciously, I found that air Jordan has changed from actual combat basketball shoes to fashion shoes, and there are many trendy people who don’t play basketball

There are many feet, and there are few Jumpman on the court. Anthony’s Melo series and Paul’s are not included here

CP3 series, because I feel that both Melo and CP3 have their own logo, they have gone further and further along the road of AJ

More independent, but Nike is unwilling to make the product line too trivial. AJ team, once a symbol of good shoes in actual combat

It’s hard to get a new work this year. A large number of old AJ generations are like zombies climbing out of the coffin, except that they stick more and more

High price tags and messy gimmicks have been difficult to return to the stadium. Last year, SF2’s “drum door” also made this pair of rare reality

Zhanhao shoes are in an awkward situation, so the question comes – which pair of AJ is better in actual combat?

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation2

     AJ. 5 series, which has not been seen for a long time, returns and exits the new work – Air Jordan flighttime 14.5x

(hereinafter referred to as aj14.5). Many old shoe friends who used to take AJ as the first choice for actual combat pay more attention to this new work

I’ve also made a brief comment on this shoe before (please stamp this in the previous summary)


Now let’s share with you the actual experience of wearing this shoe recently, and take a look at this pair of aj14.5 actual combat table

What’s going on now.

Let’s start the practical evaluation:

Evaluator data: height: 177cm, weight: 65kg, playing style: not fast, good floor flow and sudden

Broken and COSCO. Pass organization first, traditional PG style.

Venue data: mainly outdoor plastic venues, occasionally infield, wooden floor or plastic.

1、 Actual evaluation results: according to the latest standards of Xinxin evaluation group, we divided the evaluation of sneakers into two categories:

The actual combat evaluation score of sneakers is 10 out of the following, and the total score is 70 out of the following

1. Appearance design: 9 points

2. Comfort: 9 points

3. Cushioning performance: 8 points

4. Protective: 7 points

5. Sole: 8 points

6. Weight: 8 points

7. Cost performance: 7 points

Total score: 56 (Full Score: 70)

Let’s explain the details one by one

1. Appearance design: 9 points

The appearance of 14 elements is very obvious, and it is not difficult to find the shadow of 15. It was specifically written in the unpacking brief comment before, here

I won’t repeat it. The overall line is very sharp, the shape of the multi section of the back palm is new, and the return of a large area of leather is also brought

Here comes the improvement of texture. Large openings in the upper and rhombic elastic fabric at the ankle enrich the details.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation3

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation4

2. Comfort: 9 points

With the cushioning of the front zoom and the rear lunar, it is very comfortable to wear and play everyday. The leather part of the upper is opened in a large area

Holes, but the improvement of ventilation is not obvious. It can only be said to be regular. This can’t be compared with the fuse upper. It’s good to play

I personally don’t care if the ball is breathable.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation5

The lifting and changing of the heel makes it convenient to wear shoes, but the lace up of the upper is tightened more with reference to the style of aj15, which is better than ordinary shoes

The tongue part of the shoe leaked out should be less, and the shoelaces should be loosened more when wearing shoes, but the upper with a larger area should be matched with the flightweb system

The wrapping feeling brought by the belt system is very good. It’s not difficult for the new shoes to tie the shoelaces tightly. This tie is shortened

Running in time with system.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation6

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation7

When it comes to flightweb, we feel that it is a variant of flying wire, which just turns the wire into a wider nylon belt. such

The locking effect of the change is no different from that of hd14 shoes with flying thread as laces

However, two problems have been solved in terms of durability: one is that too many flying lines are easy to change direction in actual combat

Excessive amplitude causes the side to be worn out by inadvertent contact with the ground (HD13 is obvious). The second is the shoelace and flying wire

Type shoelace hole will lead to shoelace friction fuzzing and strength change in the later stageBad.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation8

3. Cushioning performance: 8 points

The experience brought by the new combination of cushioning units in the forefoot zoom and the rear lunar is still very satisfactory. It’s worth saying

It was the forefoot. I thought it would be a mahjong zoom, but when I pulled out the insole, I felt the outline of the air cushion slot under the midsole cloth

The surprise discovery was a larger fan-shaped zoom, similar to the zoom of warrior 8. The cushioning and feedback response are well balanced,

It is suitable for speed and high flying friends. There is no sense of stepping on shit. The start is slow and laborious, and there is no lack of cushioning when landing

It feels like shaking your feet.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation9

The lunar in the back of the palm is a little harder than the HD series. I think it is also different from the omnipotent positioning of HD

Out of the training. This kind of rear sole is fully cushioned when taking off and landing, and it is the midsole of the rear sole when turning around and so on

Support and deformation will not cause unstable feeling due to too soft. Overall, I am very satisfied with the cushioning performance of aj14.5.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation10

4. Protective: 7 points

The upper adopts the middle upper design with high inside and low outside. The high support effect of the inner middle upper is better than that of pure low upper shoes, while the outer side

Low profile, high flexibility and enough. The upper design with high inside and low outside is very suitable for basketball and likes changing directions

For players with low top shoes

It’s a benefit.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation11

Moreover, the upper lining of aj14.5 has two elastic protrusions on both sides of the heel and ankle, which is very consistent with the health of the ankle

This design, combined with the stabilizing piece of the inner lining of the heel, achieves better foot locking than ordinary middle and low top sneakers

Ankle effect. If you want full ankle protection and support like high top shoes, aj14.5 may not provide,

But if you are a shoemaker who wears medium and low top shoes all the year round, the ankle wrapping provided by these shoes is not enough

The balance of support and flexibility is absolutely right and will satisfy you.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation12

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the toe of the toe cap is protected. Friends in actual combat will find it common to be trampled in actual combat,

The big toe is very painful to be stepped on here, and it is also easy to cause toenail invagination. Naturally, the toenail grows inward like a friend

Set deeper. Now the plastic upper is becoming thinner and thinner, and the protection of toes is serious and good, which is also the reason why plastic shoes have been criticized

One reason. This pair of aj14.5 shoes do not use leather, but the thickness of materials similar to plastic shoes is very thick

The shape of the foot and toe cap provides toe protection that is rare in other plastic shoes.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation13

5. Sole: 8 points

Aj14.5 adopts XDR outsole to improve the wear resistance in field combat. The herringbone pattern on the forefoot is the same as that of aj14

Provides good grip. The pattern on the back is a diamond pattern, which can be seen to echo the midsole shape of the heel,

And the grain gap is very large. The actual combat performance of this grain is general. Once I played in a plastic outfield with serious dust

I found that the rear paw was not grasping enough and felt slippery. Fortunately, for most actions such as starting emergency stop and changing direction, the main force is in the front

Palm, so this small problem of the back palm pattern is not fatal. Of course, if you use Waiba, which is rare in the world like emperor Zhan

It may be a big problem to make an emergency stop with the heel landing first.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation14

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation15

Aj14.5 does not use anti torsion system such as TPU at the arch, but the whole back of the foot is inserted into the arch like a sharp cone

Although the shape connecting the forefoot looks very handsome, it causes that the arch of the foot is not integrated, but two joints and the midsole at the arch of the foot

The problem of narrow outsole. In extreme cases, the lack of stability and torsion resistance at the arch will be shown, but as in general

The physical quality of basketball lovers will not worry about it at all, because this limit rarely appears and is difficult to appear,

This is why only high-end professional basketball shoes will be equipped with ARCH ANTI torsion system.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation16

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation17

The shape of the heel is prominent. This design often causes the protrusion of the heel to rub against the ground when turning around. long

The long-term impact on beauty is inevitable, but whatever it is, the shape is handsome enough. The actual battle is the king’s death court, which is always better than the high price

Generation reproduction can only be forced by road installation.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation18

The anti rollover design on the outside of the outsole of the forefoot once again makes the speed flow break through the flow point, and the midsole faces the upper like aj14

The extended reinforcement design reduces the roll and controls the shoes just like the modified car after installing the thickened anti roll bar

Excessive deformation on the outside of the face. Another small regret is that the midsole is a little thick and a little high off the ground. It feels like the site

It’s not obvious, but the configuration of the front fan zoom and the rear lunar determines that the midsole can’t be too thin, and the XDR of this shoe

The outsole is not thin, so the overall feeling is that the sole is a little thick. People who are afraid of heights are a little tangled, but it’s not

Big problem, hit high, barefoot still abuse vegetables.

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation19

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 x live evaluation20

6. Weight: 8 points

The first feeling is that hd14 is very light due to the large area fuse upper window, but it is actually compared with hd14 and HD13

The same size is 42.5, and the weight of each one is 350 grams. To know where the weight difference is, it is estimated that it will be dissected and compared.

In short, it’s light enough. There’s absolutely no feeling of procrastination. The data is less than 400g, plus the feet of the right size sneakers

No obvious burden will be felt.

7. Cost performance: 7 points

At present, the lowest price of aj14.5 without color matching is about 700, according to the color matching and size price

Will float up. Compared with hd14 and other key combat shoes in the same price range, they are also very competitive, and the actual combat performance is really good,

The configuration is also very kind.

Based on the above items, the full score of hd14 in the first half of the actual combat evaluation is 70 points, and 56 points can be obtained as a reference

2、 Subjective comprehensive evaluation of sneakers:

Overall evaluation and scoring for the following contents (30 points in total):

1. Characteristics and shortcomings of sneakers

2. Market appeal and stadium performance of shoe spokesmen

3. Estimate whether there is discount risk and market price trend of sneakers

4. Is the shoe design / technology innovative and practical

5. Does it have characteristics and competitiveness compared with other brand sneakers at the same price

6. Footwear audience user group

Wearing AJ’s robe and. 5 Series titles, the latest aj14.5 is coming. The blood of aj14 and aj15 is flowing

It is also equipped with new technologies such as lunar back, flightweb and so on. In the name of AJ zhengdai, a large number of reprints are made this year through aj14

To interpret the new definition of air jordan series practical shoes. Aj14 / 15 two generations of classic elements, large area

The use of leather surface, the thickness of forward-looking fan-shaped zoom, the high upper in the outsole, and the elastic protrusion filling in the inside of the ankle prevent

I’m very satisfied with the roll over outsole and upper reinforcement. More than 700 online shopping prices have also made up for the recent low prices of medium and high-end

Help the blank of practical shoes, and I believe the price will be better later. If you are a practical person who likes to wear low top shoes

Send shoe friends and have some AJ complex. Aj14.5 really has no reason to refuse to start. Individual subjective comprehensive score: 24 points.

The actual combat evaluation score before comprehensive evaluation was 56 points. Therefore, the final score of the whole evaluation with a full score of 100 is 80. Worth pushing

Recommendation, worth trying, won’t be disappointed. So the question is, which pair of actual AJ is better? This pair

Air Jordan flighttime 14.5 X may be one of the good multiple-choice answers.

The recent feeling is: more and more equipment, less and less playing. Former players can get together and have time together

There are fewer and fewer opportunities to play basketball. It’s not very interesting to play basketball without brothers. Or do you expect it to be cold

Let’s play together. I’m busy with decoration recently. My head is big. The actual posting is too slow. I’m sorry again.