Nike zoom kd7 review


  • Appearance design:9.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:9.0
  • Stability protection:8.0
  • Sole performance:8.5
  • cost performance:9.0

 I don’t often ask myself what is a qualified evaluation article? Back 10 years, someone may write a sneaker test on the Internet

It must be a so-called professional, and it will attract countless onlookers. After all, you can buy it at that time

Getting or getting a pair of shoes can really make the little friends envy, but now we can easily handle the shoes on sale or even not on sale

The evaluation is easy for everyone, simple or complex. It is not difficult, and the types of evaluation can be extended indefinitely

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Today’s protagonist is the most watched shoe kd7 this month. One of the reasons why it is not used here is very simple. Nike started with kd6 last year

The release time of KD series new works was advanced to the summer. In fact, the intention is very simple. Most basketball shoes in summer in previous years were made in outdoor style

The main recommendation is that there are few styles that can arouse topics and stimulate consumers’ desire to buy at this stage, except for the so-called “China”

Version “, so we can get KD zhengdai to this time period for release. On the one hand, it can fill the gap of summer files, on the other hand, it can avoid

At the end of the year, signature shoes were listed together, and the same brand competed for the market.

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I don’t know when I began to have a KD shoe player label on me. Of course, it’s a play, which is still close to the word collection

Far from it. However, the largest number of single shoes at home now must be KD shoes, because I really liked the design of kd4 that year,

At present, there are 13 kd4 colors in the hands of the full count, and then the kd5 and 6 generations have only customized nikeids. I think most of them wear them

Friends who have tried or tried KD series will have the same feeling as me, that is, it’s not so easy to wear. Of course, it’s easy to wear

One thing varies from person to person. The reasons why it is difficult to wear are as follows: first, Durant’s own foot shape is a common black foot shape,

That’s thin and long, so considering this, several pairs of signature shoes made by designer Zhang Chuanxi (long haired man) are shoes

The model is thin, so it is definitely not particularly comfortable for Asians with wide forefoot. Personally, I think the kd5 is relatively good,

After all, there is no Velcro on the foot, and I believe many people with high instep will be confused, or the fourth generation won’t stick

On the Velcro, it is either the tongue card of the 6th generation on the foot, and the Velcro design on the foot has always been a close relationship between the designer and the player

Play chess with each other. One has to add, and the other is indifferent to life and death.: p: S8 B- P9 T* D( }+ F” ~
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I remember that the first time I saw kd7 was about a week before the official release. I won’t repeat how to see it here

Yes. The first feeling is kind. After all, I like kd4 too much, so I like the design of foot Velcro. In addition

At that time, my friend also told me that hyperposite was used in the heel and zoom air was equipped. Seeing such a combination is an instant

Aroused my desire to have.: v’ N0 ]# @% E2 e( B: g
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If I remember correctly, KD series has its own exclusive shoebox since the 6th generation. This time kd7 has updated the shoebox. Of course, I manage it

Solution can be regarded as a recognition of Durant himself. At least it’s also the regular season MVP. The signature shoes have reached the 7th generation, shoebox

You can’t lose too much to LeBron and Kobe.
Nike zoom kd7 review1 9 |: e* M% S0 ^2 Q    c* U
The first feeling of kd7 in my hand was quite unexpected. I thought there were more velcros on the upper and more materials compared with generation 6

Hyperposite, it’s not too light, but it’s really light. This light weight comes from the toe, which can

It is said that the front part of the shoe body is made of soft mesh cloth, and only the inner side of the toe cap is reinforced by thermal bonding technology,

As the upgrade of foamposite, the biggest advantage of hyperposite in the latter section is to effectively control the weight, so these two

Together, they form the light weight of the whole pair of shoes.7 U1 @2 M$ n; I, p, w# w4 U4 Y/ K
Nike zoom kd7 review2 
Nike zoom kd7 review3 # s9 ^( Q7 C+ h+ k9 U
The first three buttonholes of the shoelace system are connected with Flywire hidden in the upper. Of course, the purpose of this design is very simple to fasten the shoelace

It can provide good wrapping for parts. I have to mention here that I prefer this kind of flat and wide shoelaces, which is similar to the biography

Compared with the traditional round shoelaces, they are not easy to loosen in practice and can avoid a lot of trouble.; [9 L. d8 T’ K- I! H’ g. ?
Nike zoom kd7 review4 # T/ s6 n4 Z! M  J$ \5 S
Nike zoom kd7 review5 
Nike zoom kd7 review6 
Nike zoom kd7 review7 + p’ Y   ~% g    v$ s+ a
The Velcro on the foot is different from the traditional one. It is TPU instead of synthetic material and leather. I think the purpose of this design should be

In order to increase the service life, but it may be more troublesome for collection players. This material is easy to oxidize and can last for years

If the head is long, it may break if it is not stored properly. In the center of the front of the Velcro, you can see the new No. 35 logo, which is necessary to say

Are you? Forget it, 35 is Durant’s shirt number. The designer cleverly placed the word 7 between 3 and 5 to show

This is his seventh pair of signature shoes, and the seven points on the outer edge also mean that. Open the Velcro and you’ll see a string of Durant’s house

People’s names are mother Wanda, grandmother Barbara, father Wayne and brother Tony. Today’s design

Not surprisingly, almost all brands have similar icons on the signature styles designed for players.” u8 X# m4 C! r- h
Nike zoom kd7 review8 
Nike zoom kd7 review9 % `’ V4 m( u; N$ X; T* r
Nike zoom kd7 review10 
Nike zoom kd7 review11 
I have to mention the tongue of kd7, which is one of the important designs for comfort. I don’t know how many people can accept kd6

The tongue design is not suitable for me anyway. It’s really stuck on the foot surface. In contrast, the tongue of kd7 is connected with the inner boot and upper

One piece design, on the one hand, can reduce the use of traditional car lines and reduce the weight, on the other hand, it can enhance the wrapping and improve the wear

It’s comfortable. We can see special patterns on the Nike swoosh logo on the inside of the tongue, the inside of the foot and the inside of the heel,

This is exclusive to July 4th, the Independence Day (American color).4 J7 S; a# |” [2 p( R% ]+ L
Nike zoom kd7 review12 
When it comes to hyperposite, the official statement is to pay tribute to foamposite again. It seems to say that air foamposite one

The first appearance was in Maryland, Durant’s hometown, where people have a special preference for foam shoes, said

How do I feel here? If Durant is Chinese, he must be from Tianjin. He has a good reputation as the hometown of foam. All Chinese shoe fans make it.

However, I personally think that although foaming is good, it can indeed improve the texture of shoes, but it is easier to scratch in practice. How much impact does this have

Beauty… Don’t talk about me. I’m not a Virgo.
Nike zoom kd7 review13 7 m# I; p7 g” {9 Z6 \
The insole of kd7 is relatively thick. When you remove the insole, you can see that there is a layer of cushion similar to cushioning glue below. How much can you mention

The feeling of wearing.) s* M” J9 x6 l3 |* k3 V+ j
Nike zoom kd7 review14 , R& I! s; |% ~
Nike zoom kd7 review15 & u3 n% \8 @- H* \
Nike zoom kd7 review16 
Nike zoom kd7 review17 
When it comes to the sole, the forefoot is still a mahjong block zoom air. Needless to say, you can feel its existence when you put your hand in it, including the heel

It is the first time in the KD series that the visual zoom air is selected. The combination of the two can really be called a little perfect. in

Instead of using the traditional one-piece TPU material for the bottom part, four TPU injection strips are placed in it. The official saying is class

It seems that it can provide independent support and torsion resistance according to the deformation of shoes during movement. It sounds so advanced! But this is big

Home can be ignored, and you can’t feel it when you wear it. In terms of outsole, the pattern adopts a catch-up pattern similar to cloud pattern. Who let you du Cong

I dreamed of being a weatherman when I was a child (is weatherman a very popular industry in the United States?) there is an outsole at the heel

The map of Durant’s hometown, Maryland. Big chuck is Durant’s basketball enlightenment teacher. This icon is not the first time

It appears on the KD series.) O1 y7 s1 U) \( w’ k. [
Nike zoom kd7 review18 & C1 ~* H4 v; H; E- G, C: e
Nike zoom kd7 review19 
Having said the above, I want to make a more intuitive comparison for you. Since the shape design is closest to kd4, I will

The insoles of the 4th generation were compared with those of the 7th generation, and the size of the widest part of the forefoot was measured. The actual result is that the 7th generation is indeed wider. This time

Those who have been complaining that the front of KD series is too thin can breathe a sigh of relief. However, kd7 is still not suitable for high instep

Friends, after all, there are Velcro, plus one-piece tongue. If the instep is too high, please give up automatically and don’t try.: |8 c; w’ W” s    A& B; v
Nike zoom kd7 review20 ! T7 M& [: d. Y
Nike zoom kd7 review21 
$ L; S” r( v2 {& i5 j” I
Compared with previous generations, the feeling of kd7 on the foot for the first time is significantly different. The foot has no binding feeling, soft and high fit. Bottomed

The comfort is obviously better than that of the previous work. There is no so-called wearing and opening (what is said here is not glue opening, but wearing adaptation). I

You can feel it intuitively when you come up.
Nike zoom kd7 review22 
Nike zoom kd7 review23 
Nike zoom kd7 review24 
At this point, if I had to give kd7 a score, I would give at least 8 points. The deducted 2 points should be included in the protection of the ankle

And the service life of vamp materials, but the problem of service life also varies from person to person. To sum up, kd7

It can definitely be called the strongest in the history of the whole KD series!