Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation


  • Appearance design:8.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.5
  • Stability protection:8.0
  • Sole performance:8.5
  • cost performance:8.0

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation1 

        If you put this pair of Li Ning assassins in the real martial arts world, it does have some flavor. This pair

The quick response and tight fit of the shoes are really as flexible and fast as an assassin, and the arc 4.0 of the sole is just fine

Like the sharp blade in the assassin’s hand, it is the most interesting part.
       In the previous static evaluation, we shared a lot about the upper and zipper, which needs to be supplemented

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       So today, after two outdoor and two indoor court actual combat experiences, let’s share this with you again

The actual performance of an assassin.

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation2 

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation3 

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation4 

       Old rules, evaluate people’s situation:Height 182cm, weight 65kg, shoe size 43, mostly running without ball and

Break through and fast break.
       The two outdoor courts are rubber ground, the temperature is up and down at 28 degrees, which is relatively hot. Both indoor are better than

An ideal wooden floor site with a temperature of 25 degrees is more comfortable.

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation5 

      As I mentioned in the static evaluation, the biggest feature of this shoe is the use of upper zipper. And in

In actual combat, the combination of inner boots + zipper showed a high level. Because the upper zipper is completely independent of the inner boot

It exists alone, so the inner boot can be used as the upper of a shoe to some extent, which enables the inner boot to

It provides the most basic wearing function, that is, it can wear shoes without zipper or without zipper

Enough to use. The zipper has a certain elasticityFlexshell upper provides higher wrapping performance,

And the feet are firmly fixed in the shoe, which can also ensure the stability of the upper in the fierce lateral movement. place

Therefore, the double-layer upper is provided with comfortable fit by inner boots, and the zipper upper provides support in actual combat

It brightened my eyes.

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation6 

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation7 

       As another major highlight of this shoe, the application of arc 4.0 should also be of great concern

Square. In the static evaluation, we said that the arc of structural damping is fixed in the rubber frame, in the window

TPU reinforcement is used in the location. These two improvements to the arc are very targeted – to improve the

Lateral stability of the bottom. Because we know that arc, as the principle of absorbing impact by using structural characteristics, makes it

The midsole must be designed with more hollows and not too hard, and these hollows move laterally with great strength

Deformation is inevitable in. In order to solve this hidden danger, the price is adopted when the arc itself cannot be changed

The method of “cage” is ingenious.
       In practice, both full-length arc 4.0 and thick insole provide good cushioning

Fruit. In the process of running, you can obviously feel the transition from back to front, and it is a transition from back to front

This allows good feedback during forefoot start-up.

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation8 

       But it’s hard to get the best of both worlds. Adding a “cage” outside the arc undoubtedly increases the height of the midsole, which is a bit

Similar to the LBJ x, the cushioning effect is improved, but it also increases the distance from the foot to the ground, although this is not obvious

It will certainly lead to some results, but it will give some discount to the sense of venue. And although the midsole is solid,

But it also greatly increases the weight. 43 size shoes in 450 grams is a relatively general result, while shoes are held in

If you hold it in your hand, it will be more obvious. The upper is still relatively light and thin, and the weight is concentrated on the midsole.

However, you don’t have to be too rigid in numbers. After all, if you wear shoes on your feet, the difference is about 50g. You should feel that it won’t be

Too obvious.

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation9 

       Finally, let’s look at the soles. This part of assassins basically followed Li Ning’s tradition and had good wear resistance,

There is basically no wear and tear after four games. But indoor wooden floors will show a little lack of grip and need shoes

Only when there is no dust at the bottom and no water can we fight normally. The outdoor court can be ignored and has good grip.

       Overall, these Li Ning assassins are much better than the demon and super light 11 I’ve worn before

In particular, the design of zipper and the improvement of arc have been proved in practice.
       Advantages: strong wrapping, good stability and improved cushioning.
       Deficiency: friends who are slightly overweight, zipper is too tight, and instep is high can’t pull it up.
       Such a shoe, I believe, is more suitable for struggling in the outfield floor flow, those breakthrough fast “small sports cars”.

       Finally, seeing that several great gods released self explosion in their posts, I couldn’t escape. I carefully chose two

Zhang can make do with it. I hope we don’t have adverse reactions~

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation10 

Li Ning assassin actual combat evaluation11