Nike lebron 11 low live review


  • Appearance design:8.5
  • Comfortable cushioning:8.5
  • Stability protection:8.0
  • Sole performance:8.0
  • cost performance:8.0

  Not attachedNot dependent
Non commitment9 Y6 ^” p” d& X: N$ u- \1 `
Be loyal to yourself with your original heart and intention$ u, L    l. e& y6 g’ d- j4 x
Since we walk out of this road that only belongs to us1 D7 P: u2 C6 A3 t) G
This is egoism! C0 w1 j( ^( d4 G5 q8 l

Nike lebron 11 low live review1 & W* [    O, _- |* G

James’s whole low series has completely changed the previous playing method since the 8th generation
Low is no longer a subsidiary of the generation
And really create their own little world6 R$ g6 v8 V8 o) Q& W; {    Q
Such a drastic change represents a maverick in the world of sneakers
Like the Warrior Series
Low series has gradually become a parallel existence” y( n: y” |’ _/ P* o

Nike lebron 11 low live review2 

Quiet lines and soft curves8 c, Y8 p/ h* l
It doesn’t hinder my wild inner world9 ^6 v! A    e8 g
This side leaks bit by bit
You need to experience

Nike lebron 11 low live review3 
/ Y   ^+ {7 t7 o+ i
Reviewer data:‘ g1 X) K+ K/ |* s, |0 L- Q$ P1 O7 W
Height: 184cm
Weight: 82kg# S+ u” g- l: }, ]4 o9 V& ?+ \$ \
Resume: since taking part in semi professional basketball training in the fourth grade of primary school,More than 20 years old;Not counting the medals in the municipal competition, the highest one has won Cuba su

South Division champion;Always playing PG,The style of the ball is similar to that of James. He is fierce. He likes to break through by force and pull rods in the air, and then divide the ball

And transfer.  ~ ” X( D1 U& e! v
& Z& l. ^8 p8 z” e
Site data:* e$ M: u% o8 v$ V& _
The outdoor plastic site has good environment, low friction coefficient and proper thickness of plastic layer.
” `5 ?; b/ e4 R( M
Environmental data:
The actual combat time is about half a month. There are about four half court bullfights a week, each of which is no less than 2 hours, the temperature is about 10 ° to 25 ° and the environment is pleasant.9 e0 \: n6 S3 _$ w2 @. g% Q! f
, c” Z” ]! l3 D+ ?& amp; n: l0 `
Actual evaluation results:

According to the latest standards of the new evaluation team, we divide the evaluation of sneakers into two categories:

1) Actual combat evaluation score of sneakers
The referenced options are as follows:
1 v6 C4 z) Y$ O’ h5 P

$ I. x    L” D3 `* Q’ p3 \

number Evaluation item Project evaluation elements score
1 Appearance design Whether the overall appearance design of the sneakers is aesthetic and in line with the public’s aesthetics; Does it reflect the brand/Star element; Whether there is plagiarism; Are there any highlights in the overall design/defect 1-10branch
2 Comfort Whether the midsole is soft; Does the upper pinch/Weak wrapping; Breathability after prolonged wear 1-10branch
3 Cushioning Whether the cushioning technology feels obvious in actual combat; Is it well protected/The role of feedback; Is there any discomfort in the soles of the feet during actual combat wearing 1-10branch
4 Protective Whether the upper design can well protect the ankle; How wrapped the shoelace system is; Whether the midsole support system can bring a sense of security; 1-10branch
5 sole Grip; Wear resistance; Start steering capability 1-10branch
6 weight Shoes of different brands in the same location/Previous generation sneakers contrast 1-10branch
7 cost performance Official selling price/market value ;Suitable for people 1-10branch

5 @” v, |4 B( T
1 ~6 u” ^’ u# \% [* _) N, l2 U
1 U3 ? 3 V, G) j% S

And after brother cat’s actual combat+ C$ x7 X5 k- R5 W   }
James 11low scored:” H& g- [    k0 Y) Q8 F   ?

number Evaluation item score
1 Appearance design 9
2 Comfort 8
3 Cushioning 7
4 Protective 8
5 sole 7
6 weight 8
7 cost performance 7

1. Appearance design   Z$ U    X/ J* b5 D3 ]. _

The entire James low series from generation 8 onwards
Basically, the same style is used in the shoe shape:3 k! H$ e, m: b& d1 A( u3 m
Round lines + solid stability + unified Max outsole + identical sole patterns
But the height of the upper has always been satisfactory
Strictly speaking, this is not a full low version of shoes
Even higher than many regular star models

* Z: u% c% h” E( A5 c    O7 B
Nike lebron 11 low live review4 
– ^% e. a0 f* L4 f, @; t; Q
The details of the shoes were handled quite well
Common glue overflow and thread end did not appear7 |: @7 Z: A& J# }+ M) T’ K: U; w
Instead, it is a fine and exquisite manufacturing process
Satisfactory) c’ h& z% m. L: Q. C# a, j9 x% X8 r

Nike lebron 11 low live review5 

2. Comfort
% H/ N” }$ g! u6 F: y9 @
The full lining filling gives people an old-fashioned sense of thickness
Comfortable and reassuring feet‘ @. d6 S6 j! G
‘ X1 F( D+ i4 l# E1 d+ {

Nike lebron 11 low live review6 & n! ]$ U* R3 m0 R) O1 n; W3 P

The bearing area of the midsole is relatively small
It may be that the relatively flat arch structure of Asians is not taken into account2 a” _0 k( ~4 h9 y) v
It makes people feel uneasy and intimate

Nike lebron 11 low live review7 
5 m6 r    I6 c/ U
The wide toe cap can give sufficient space to the toes
This is also an indispensable part of comfort
: d. I! m’ _$ C
Nike lebron 11 low live review8 0 H1 w3 L3 z4 H, X. T( R
, A; Z& Z# u1 A, {6 P

The air holes covered all over the body do not bring real ventilation
Therefore, the comfort and sufficient air permeability of the lining have always been an irreconcilable contradiction& K% W4 Z$ s0 c4 H% b1 x, Q
4 n7 D” u7 T- k8 q” t7 S! [( N
Nike lebron 11 low live review9 

Nike lebron 11 low live review10 
  `/ W5 @” v1 E# _+ n, d( ]* `
3. Cushioning performance

The development of full-length Max today
There was a relatively historic evolution in the 8th generation of James
It makes the overall foot feel jump to a new level
Since then, this improved version of full-length Max has been used in the whole low series
+ |2 ^9 m# _# U: X: ], {
Nike lebron 11 low live review11 9 c8 z” u& I$ v0 m. R, t7 ]3 w% u3 E

The foot feel of this improved version of Max is between the original non heavy old Max and the elastic zoommax( y+ R) c) T7 `1 g
Relaxation is mild and soft
For the lighter brothers, they need to jump to feel obvious0 g+ J8 G4 R% q
But after the addition of thick cushioning rubber insole‘ x& ` ” N! Y5 q$ B% f- ?
The overall foot feel basically reaches the affinity realm suitable for all ages ( |) R2 R1 o# d% d: e% A

4. Protective
, E2 ^7 x0 A6 F
According to the current conventional design considerations for protection5 }# {1 N8 S4 s9 g( w7 I8 m$ l
It is mainly divided into three aspects:
) U” ?8 y9 L* C’ ~8 M& o, g( Z
1) Anti torsion TPU or carbon plate at midsole
This is the sadness of the whole low series& a7 j9 T0 [; x
The non mainstream series cannot receive even the anti torsion protection of TPU material, K0 |$ P& t* Q& X’ X9 m9 D
However, compared with the technology of full-length max
Brother cat doesn’t think the anti torsion material can improve the protection of the sneakers

2) Filling and protection of ankle
Basically reach the height of high version shoes
With fully filled ankle ring protection: Y+ A/ p( H) k& F$ `$ x2 R6 w2 j
The whole ankle feels at ease
Nike lebron 11 low live review12 

3) Reinforced protection at heel* B” z2 b- b$ [, y6 l1 u
The reinforcement of TPU material is not only practical* f1 J” ]* [& X, o
It also makes the sneakers really echo with zhengdai 11
Enhanced beauty

Nike lebron 11 low live review13 ) |- I0 F; Y+ J2 w0 a) R0 i

The addition of Max to stability can not be ignored
Max in the heel can be a certain degree of protection
But the relatively high midsole has always been a safety hazard
” [9 \6 S  s2 E9 j! \
‘ Q1 b( T* R: I. T’ A
Nike lebron 11 low live review14 $ T% d; R’ y2 P/ B7 q’ X; d. W” ~
9 g9 ^, A& @# w+ d
The so-called anti rollover design of the forefoot has reached a very crazy area on this shoe
This is undoubtedly unfavorable to prevent rollover
For such a high, middle and low shoe
Anti rollover is a very important existence!4 ^’ m) N9 g/ n3 j” l* _

Nike lebron 11 low live review15 7 ~, X1 C6 T$ Z: a- z
0 O6 n( |+ B- ^6 \& P
5. Sole
% W- C: u’ J% X* S7 ^
The design of the sole can no longer be described by inheritance8 p” X$ M3 q! H7 N7 j0 n; R. o’ ~8 g
Plagiarism or invariance is more appropriate
Nike designers are not professional enough at this point

Such soles can only get a passing score! s3 W4 o2 w/ q* \

Nike lebron 11 low live review16 + t0 A3 ]/ r5 b7 p% m; u- U   @/ f

3 u0 F3 g9 @2 M: {/ P    z. x3 m: v
( S    O. [% [$ X
6. Weight: Z) q’ g+ h* S” N; D
9 z3 E, K: O9 c5 U, k
The relatively thick filling design and the generous full-length Max make the weight certainly unable to become the selling point of this shoe
However, the overall weight remains within a relatively normal range for basketball shoes
No slot point( ?! C- |) K) \
1 C% z; }* G* p8 D( d5 I* x

7. Cost performance; H! i1 v’ A# E+ _. @$ K
& x0 F7 M1 y4 s8 k
The original price reached 1200+( W! v+ i4 B+ x8 k& v
But generally speaking, the discount range of James non regular series is the diving line
Cat brother predicted that this shoe should be able to drop to about 500
This price is relatively competitive

. @, g; N) D2 U
Combined with the above& k* L” I2 O, C” {1 ~” P
James 11low scored in the first half54branch
0 e6 K5 |4 d: A- ]: c
2) Subjective comprehensive evaluation of sneakers:
‘ ~$ v/ ^7 S/ ~0 T/ z4 n$ R/ s, S1 U
Standard:Make a general evaluation and score for the following contents (total)30Minutes):
1、   Characteristics and shortcomings of sneakers
2、   Market appeal and stadium performance of shoe spokesmen
3、   Estimate whether there is discount risk and market price trend of sneakers
4、   Shoe design/Is the innovation of science and technology practical, N- |    r: ]! D7 T    R    b7 i’ e
5、   Does it have characteristics and competitiveness compared with other brand sneakers at the same price
6、   Footwear audience user group   H) e$ J” [( }/ m5 C
1 ^& r- N’ @” [- K% I
, x4 }1 y2 w4 I% c8 b& A’ f+ R5 i
James used this low when he was in the all star game, E# R9 a, N( r1 [
However, the official sale was delayed until a few months later0 c% m& c; b+ I7 \/ e
In terms of appeal and influence& Y! H6 W! }# n0 y: c& M
No matter how wonderful and charming the whole low series is; \  u/ W6 x5 s4 n! P+ P: K5 \7 n
Can’t replace the position of zhengdai# U& `: O3 y+ a$ `4 Z
It can’t even shake the leading position of the Warrior series
Not to mention the relatively mediocre and down-to-earth design style+ J2 Y0 Q- A” X
So in a sense
Today’s James low shoes give brother cat a feeling of tasteless food and pitiful abandonment‘ ~2 E5 v2 `. k9 _, r3 ?

Based on the above factors, the score given by brother cat in the comprehensive subjective evaluation is:20branch+ d0 |3 d/ P. {# v

The total score of James 11low is:74branch

! v6 s& b’ z3 O1 \
Be true to yourself% l’ K; t/ X! G+ h0 V* q, t2 B
& l    Z4 p& ? 7 H( n# i) K
Stick to a basketball shoe with full-length Max as the selling point, i2 k3 W1 `& [2 d4 m3 J
At least in the original sense   n2 s+ f” `# [‘ k1 W
Brother cat thinks Nike’s idea is very good
But if you don’t work on design‘ `( r, C/ t2 y$ D: c. N
Just barely move forward for the established route. u9 f! H6 B5 D/ }4 L1 \  c7 ~’ s. d
Just like a person who blindly pursues independence but has no self direction and goal
That will eventually be eliminated by the trend# i” I7 x; b! X8 S( c
Egoism is just a form of life
If we sublimate it into a successful model
Nike designers still have a long way to go!! f+ f/ i( y9 C. T+ d

$ H8 i- a8 {) j) X! w
Nike lebron 11 low live review17