Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine

I have always felt that among the first ten pairs of Air Jordan, the air jordan 6 belongs to a role that does not show mountains and dew. It has less influence than other generations and is not so innovative.

The air jordan VI was first released in 1991. At that time, it was definitely the top basketball shoe. The air jordan 6 is a top shoe integrating all advanced technologies and. Air sole in the forefoot and visible Air sole in the back were the most sincere cushioning combination Nike could bring out at that time. This combination is better than the actual effect of some entry-level basketball shoes. After all, there are not a few basketball shoes without air cushion in the forefoot. This combination is also the prototype of the classic combination of max air + Zoom Air in the future. The air jordan 6 and the previous air jordan 5 look a little in the same vein. Of course, they are not without innovation. The improvement of the ankle and the replacement of materials for the upper are indispensable. Compared with the air jordan 5, the air jordan 6 has better wrapping and ankle protection, but it is precisely because of these complex protection measures that the air jordan 6 looks less concise than the air jordan 5, and its final status seems not as high as the air jordan 5.

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine1

These are just my personal feelings about the air jordan 6. In fact, when I was wearing the air jordan 6, master Joe was very fierce. Imagine that wearing this kind of basketball shoes, which now seems neither light nor practical, can score more than 30 points per game. What a strong personal ability it takes to achieve.

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine2

Let’s talk about today’s air jordan 6 carmine. I personally think this pair is one of the most beautiful air jordan 6 colors. I like black gold, but it doesn’t look as fresh as carmine. The large-area red frosted upper is so easy to fascinate people, and the translucent or even small blue outsole is even more difficult to extricate yourself, It can only be said that Nike has become more and more attractive to my buyers over the years. The first year’s air jordan 6 rouge and 08 remake have never been so intoxicated.

Next, let’s take a look at this pair of irresistible air jordan 6 rouge

The classic matching of white / red / black upper, due to the use of special carmine color matching, creates the unique visual effect of this pair of shoes, and the red part is the most colorful part of the upper.

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine3

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine4

The upper contour of the air jordan 6 is a little complicated, which is especially difficult to match with trousers

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine5

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine6

The depiction of the midsole is the symbol of that era. Deliberately dividing the midsole into multiple lines with a variety of colors is the favorite design mode of basketball shoes in that era, and the air jordan 6 is also popular

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine7

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine8

Fortunately, Nike’s external air cushion can transfer the visual center of gravity of the midsole to a certain extent. Anyway, a pair of basketball shoes equipped with external air cushion in that era were very eye-catching.

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine9

The special design to increase the strength of the ankle looked very advanced at that time, but it is definitely a burden today

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine10

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine11

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine12

The toe cap of the air jordan 6 is bulky. To be honest, it’s not so easy to match

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine13

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine14

The special design of the tongue has average actual strength and is easy to be damaged. Nike gave up later

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine15

The unforgettable rubber tongue feels a little rough, but pay attention to the inner side. Because the lining and rubber are bonded together, it is easy to separate over time, which will be very embarrassing to wear.

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine16

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine17

Plain heel, simple air and Jumpman logo

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine18

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine19

Soles, rubber soles and crystal soles, looked very beautiful in those days, but they are still so unforgettable now, but the friction is very general

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine20

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine21

Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine22


Light pink – Air Jordan 6 carmine23