Weekly highlights weekly review Hello everyone, welcome to the new issue of “weekly highlights”.

    In this week, the second round of the NBA playoffs on the other side of the ocean has been played. The four groups have their own characteristics. Some are like adults beating children, some are like Zhao Si beating Liu’s big head, some are like teasing than brushing the sense of existence, and some are like wearing a vest and knowing you. There are gratitude, resentment, love and hatred intertwined, but they are constantly cut and disordered, The whole play has also been rendered to a higher level. The next division finals on both sides are more interesting. On the one hand, I finally wait until you vs. how you are still you, and on the other hand, I eliminated you vs. children. All the materials for a table of good dishes are ready. It depends on how the four cooks do it. It’s interesting.
    I think the most interesting thing about this week’s sneakers is that the elite version is not popular.
    Let’s go to [the hottest keyword in this issue – still not wearing].

[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear 

    What about this year’s Nike elite series? That’s quiteEmbarrassing.
    Let’s start with LeBron 11 elite, which should be the most reliable of the three pairs of shoes. According to the actual measurement of Laoge, the performance is also strong. Although it seems that it is no more luxurious than the ordinary version, and the increase in added value with the ordinary version is the smallest of the three pairs of shoes, the starting point is high, so we all think about it silently. But even though it is so good, and even solves almost all the disadvantages of the ordinary version, James himself still doesn’t like it. Wear it for the first three games of the second roundLeBron 11 elite, let’s feel that the first day of this pair of shoes can be counted. As a result, big Zhan Huang was either blasted or blasted himself. It is estimated that he threw it aside in disgust before the fourth game and replaced it with a pair of soldiers 7. As a result, he scored 49 points. Now even people who are not superstitious can see that the elegant “elite” little Lord, let’s drive the cold palace ~ sure enough, we still wore soldiers in the fifth game, completed the kill and snatch, and stepped on the face of our old enemy to advance to the division finals. OhOhOh…
[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear1 

    Besides kd6 elite, this season is the season that KD won the MVP, the season that KD established its future leader in Nike, and the season that KD series is close to LeBron Series in sales. After the official release, it makes us look forward to the praise of zoom max. however, Kevin Durant didn’t wear it even once, or even about Durant himself and his familyWhat news did kd6 elite expose? He and it are like parallel lines. There is no intersection. Seeing this, you may say that Durant’s legs are too long and his brain can’t control his feet. Well, look at professional and non professional evaluations at home and abroad. Compared with the expectations when listing, it’s like the Chinese stock market. After the game, he gave ordinary sneakers to people for attention~OhOhOh…

    Kobe 9 elite, uh,OhOhOh…

    I think these three shoes have their own characteristics. James is firmly on the line of the practical party, whether it is out of intention or not. Durant got rid of the previous elite’s relatively perfunctory treatment in terms of design. The design performance, that is, the original expectation, is good, which also shows the meaning of Nike jacking up Durant. After all, there is no top brand endorsement to sell bargains. Kobe 9 is another innovation in this series. Maybe this series won’t go far, but does the positioning of innovation and practitioners draw a blueprint for the future? Don’t wear it.

    [Key words — new hatred and old hatred]
    There are too many stories to tell in the second round of the playoffs at the end of this week.

[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear2 

    Walking horses vs Wizards

    This is a duel between the new forces and the new forces. This is a duel between the strongest defensive and athletic talents. No matter what the duel is, we have to make way for tease bigo. In the first game of the two teams, Roy Ebert, who has the title of black Yao Ming, angrily cut 0 points, 0 version and 5 fouls. For a moment, n (spit) B (slot) a (boundary) exploded. First, hem and ha two teased arenas and feimai on Ig, and then Barkley and teammate West. It is estimated that o’fat didn’t say anything nice in the program. What about Oden? I guess I didn’t sleep all night, but why do you say that Hebrew is funny? Because in the second scene, he was instantly resurrected with blood and demons, slashing 28 + 9 angrily. People with a clear eye can see it at a glance. Ya is definitely teasing you~

[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear3 

    Heat wave vs nets
    I hate the media hype when two teams like this come together. What pierce Garnett makes a comeback, what green army’s blood burns again, and what James’s fateful enemy? Is it interesting for you to fry like this? Don’t you know you in a vest? Don’t you just watch a few malicious fouls against James in each game ~ and this group of duels really went to the extreme in the end. Ray Allen, who made 0 of 7 three-point shots in the last game, surpassed his only three-point shot in the game 32 seconds before the end, turning the Avengers’ play into Infernal Affairs.

[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear4 

    Spurs vs pioneers
    The first round elimination of the Rockets cheered the pioneer fans, but calm people know that they can win just because the Rockets are less reliable than them. Sure enough, the Spurs were beaten back to their original shape in the second round, with an average of more than 20 points abused in the first two games. The Spurs are more cheap. They lost one game in the fourth game and took away 22 points in the fifth game. But people who wander in the Jianghu don’t get hurt. Parker was injured in the fifth game. Even if it’s not a big problem, it made the water discharge in the fourth game so dazzling.

[highlights of the week · issue 15] still no wear5 

    Speedboat vs thunder
    Ibaka, you’re a little shameless, okay? Even if you are Zhao Si, you can’t bully Liu Da tou like this~

    Finally, let’s take a look at the boots of the stars of hope on the first race day of Nike eybl this year~
    That’s all for the [one week highlights] of this issue. I’ll see you next week!

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