Kamikaze 1 “Rain Man” Kamp generation


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[nxy] kamikaze 1 “Rain Man” Kamp generation 
Now, all of them say that awesome dunk violence to Li Fei must have seen Camp’s performance.
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Sean Kemp, nicknamed “Rain Man”, was expelled from school for violating school rules before graduating from high school and lost his job

The opportunity of Taki university basketball team, directly participated in the NBA draft as a high school student in 1989, ranking 17th

He was selected by the Seattle SuperSonics to start his NBA career.
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At that time, there were few players who directly promoted to the NBA from high school. It was generally believed that high school students’ players would not have any problems

So promising, within the team, they will be more or less discriminated by the coach or other players, introverted

Silent Kemp entered the NBA with a very low profile. He started only once in camp’s first season,

The average game is only 6.5 points and 4.3 rebounds, but considering that the average game is only 13.8 minutes

In the past few years, this achievement is also sloppy.。 stay

With 8.4 rebounds, he became the rising star of the Seattle SuperSonics. He is excellentdunkandBlock a Shotbecome

He is one of the most ornamental individual technical performance experts in the NBA, and has gradually grown into an all-round player.

His violent dunk and ferocious cover are impressive.
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At that time, Kemp was almost unstoppable and always flew above the basket, so he was nicknamed reign

Man means ruler. However, reisgn and rain are homonyms, so people call him “Rain Man”

Yes. There is also a saying that Seattle is a “Rain Man” because it often rains.
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In 1996, at the peak, Kemp led Seattle to the finals against Jordan and his team

Bull army. The finals of that year had epoch-making significance and marked a new era for the NBA

Generation – the era of combination of forwards and defenders.Many years ago, the age of the two major center fighting methods of Chamberlain and Russell was different

It is said that in the era of center, if you want to be in charge of the army, you must have a good center; By the late 1980s and early 1990s

Thomas, Jordan and Drexler are the protagonists of the NBA. At this time, the NBA has turned into a guard. Think about it

To dominate the world, we must have good defenders. In 1994 and 1995, Ewing, O’Neill and Olajuwon made the NBA short

Returning to the era of center, the 1996 finals created a new tactical revolution – the relationship between forwards and defenders

Combination! On one side are “Rain Man” Kemp and “glove” Peyton, on the other side are “Batman” Pippen and “fly”

Jordan, such a finals is undoubtedly unprecedented!In the 1996 finals, Kemp averaged

With 23.3 points and 10.0 rebounds, they were the first in the team, but the Sonics lost 2-4 and failed to win the championship.
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In 1997, Kamp parted ways with Peyton due to salary problems and came to the Cavaliers, but then his performance became worse and worse year by year.

In addition, drug abuse, private life chaos and other events emerge one after another, gradually fading out of people’s sight.: W8 S6 [; k& O
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Kamikaze 1 “Rain Man” Kamp generation11 # W3 J! l: Y& m4 A
Earlier this year, Reebok re engraved the volcano, that is, the Kamp II, which is the volcano that people like to talk about

There was a good response. The Kamp generation, which will be on sale soon, also makes many old fans look forward to it. At present, it also flows

A small amount of factory goods are on sale. Let nxy share it with you.9 J” E0 G6 E8 E% [& d( w
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Kamikaze 1 “Rain Man” Kamp generation19 
Kamikaze 1 “Rain Man” Kamp generation20 

Generally speaking, this remake continues the excellent quality of Reebok’s current remake classic, and the shoes are very good in material and workmanship

Yes, it also retains the honeycomb in the back of the palm, and the upper foot feels very retro. Supersonic color matching as the original color

It is a very classic color, and according to the current outflow of factory goods, there should be several new colors on sale. classic

It has become a common practice to produce new colors after color reproduction and speculation in the market. Fortunately, Reebok doesn’t like it

There are still a few people. Everyone is chasing AJ, so many Reebok replica old shoes can be sold at a good price this year

Start with grid.

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