One week review and one week highlights. Here is the [one week highlights · Issue 8] brought to you by Xinxin shoes network. Another weekend,

It’s another holiday coming soon. Here we should not only remind everyone to grab tickets and go home, but also pay attention to safety. After all, people

It’s better to be in shoes than in embarrassment. It’s not fun to be molested by human demons in Thailand. There are many things to watch this week. First, there is “drum bag”

The “door” continues to heat up. After that, there are hot brothers drying new shoes frequently, plus the#yearTop ten sneakers#Microblog voting ended,

The workload of Xiaobian suddenly increased to an unprecedented state of blood avalanche. Let’s come one by one.
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[Key words]1: drum door]

since2012year12Month,Air Jordan XX8Since its release, the high-end atmospheric and high-grade configuration has made many people drool 3000 feet,

It’s a pity that the quantity is very small and the price determined by high-end positioning remains high all the way. Even if you want to kill the enemy, your pocket is empty,

Many people who like this pair of shoes must dream like Xiaobian one dayXX8It can be reduced to $1.25 a pair. untilXX8 SEof

Appear, as if the spring breeze woke up the people who like this pair of shoes, and take it with themM10Included in the annual inventory. Just when someone forced

When I bought it, I found a great secret: “I wipe it, so you haven’t fully developed!” gubaomen came from it.

Normally speaking, a pair of top matched high-end shoes should not have such a problem. However, since Xiaobian bought them, he doesn’t care

This moment and a half, waiting for the day Nike really wants to recall, maybe he can earn $2.38? There must be a need to hit, and there must be a life

Time will tell us the truth, but I hope this day can come early, otherwise, Xiaobian has a pair of 1000

More shoes have to be tangled: do you wear them or not?

[Key words]2[James]

The “new shoes” here should be marked with quotation marks. For James, it is obviously impossible to add one main line signature shoe and two sub line series

of Kobe Bryant is still enjoying the treatment of two sidelines when he enters the late stage of his career. As one of the two flowers, James wants to be afraid

No less than Kobe, new shoesLBJ11Even if you don’t wear it, the color will be the same. James has been at Nike for 11 years

Should k also say let James have dumplings? However, there is no final conclusion about what and how to reproduce. near

On the th, Zhan Huang finally dried out his signature shoes——LeBron 2as well asLeBron 3LBJ2Add black and white zebra color

It is composed of wild leopard patterns, andLBJ3Black and white gray colors are used, together with shoelaces similar to Oreo splash effect, although the color is

It’s not amazing, but it’s hidden. stayLBJ3Inside the ankle, James’s newLogo, according to Nike’s habit, I don’t plan to go on

The shoes in the city are generally not exposed, which obviously needs to reproduce the rhythm. Xiaobian naohaiThe picture that emerges in an instant is:

It’s also possible to gather ten pairs to make a “road to the emperor”.

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released1

( I* H- c1 _! {4 o

[Key words]3: birthday party]

It’s normal for a star to have a little kick on her birthday. It’s a little luxurious, like Guo Meimei’s package of the whole bar to celebrate her birthday and a low-key home

It’s over, but have you ever seen Wade pull so cool? Beijing time1month12It’s not long before Wade’s birthday

yes6One day, Wade took advantage of the heat’s lack of competition these days to hold a grand birthday kick on a three-story yacht. The whole yacht passed by

The elaborate decoration of the helper is made according to the dizzy camouflage of World War II. The guests include heat boss Alison and President LaiLee, and

James, “real giant” and other friends. There are more on boardWOW2The freshest colors, sleepless, red alert, Christmas, etc

Wait, wait, wait. Whether you’re dizzy or not, Xiaobian almost fainted. It is reported that these colors will be distributed in the next few days of each month

Sell a pair, and then grab itWOW2You don’t have to ask whether you bought it or not. Just ask whether you came or not. The bowl is full of money

No wonder Xiaobian dreamed yesterday that the heat won three consecutive titles and wade retired directly to sell shoes.

) t6 C) Y0 l: |0 ]) Y” b$ S6 L/ T+ e

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released2

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released3

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released4

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released5

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released6

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released7

– C* p3 w8 D$ _# K# J

[Key words]4: top ten]

#Top ten sneakers of the year#The event has come to an end. After nearly ten days of microblog voting, microblog has voted the top ten of the year

Sneakers are ready to come out, in1002With the active participation of people,XX8SE)With total votes313The absolute advantage of tickets was all the way ahead

Won the shoe of the year. Seeing here, do you think of gubaomen? in fact,XX8The demand is greater than we thought

To be big, the reputation is mixed, which may make the sole more memorable.James’s two signature shoesLBJ11LBJ10

Respectively293Tickets and274Two or three votes were won, although I don’t understand why the broad masses of the people voted for two pairs of shoes in the same series

But Xiaobian wants to ask, who will stop James?Kobe 8Followed by205Tickets20.5%I won the vote

The rate is fourth. Although Xiaobian himself was once a Kemi, Xiaobian also said in his annual top ten that Kobe’s

Two injuries are unacceptable.Among domestic brands, Li NingWOW1with190The ticket ranked fifth, Wei from top to bottom in a year

The way of virtue is lost toXX8And James and Kobe Bryant are proud of their defeat, and the huge fan base did not putLBJ11andKobe8Brush to the first

It’s lucky. I hope it will be on the list next yearWOW2To a higher level.Besides, peak’sTP9Although only votes34

The tickets came first from the bottom, but there were still difficultiesD Rose 3.5With juxtaposition, you can’t ignore this potential team if you can’t be selected into the top ten

Force strand.

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released8

/ U+ t! A8 E# x7 \* z

Two pairs of actual combat shoes ranked sixth and seventh, respectivelyHD13andUA Anatomix Spawn。 One is surprised, the other is happy.Jordan BrandTwo pairs of hitsM9andCP3.7with122Tickets and118The tickets ranked eighth and ninth. Maybe the one who wears it knows whether it’s good or not, maybeAJYou can’t buy it in many places, or maybe you’re used to Nike’s practice of “two flowers and one watch for each”. In this regard, Xiaobian just wants to say, don’t force itAJTake it seriously. Be careful. You can only take it88The tenth in the ticket listKD6Eliminated for the resurrection.The restSuperfly 2andD Rose 4And soldiers7They didn’t enter the top ten as expected. Although these three pairs of shoes ran for practical shoes, they abandoned you and had to play with themselves. In fact, it’s not hard to find after reading this poll:1aboutXX8LBJ11People are still flocking to such high-end shoes;2Star effect is far greater than actual combat performance, even if it is not suitable for actual combat;3Adie’s influence is not as strong as before. Two pairs of shoes together won votes89Tickets;4AJIs there a problem with the actual combat shoe channel and publicity?

[highlights of the week · Issue 8] the hot brothers sun their new shoes, and the top ten nets are released9

That’s all for this issue. I’ll see you next week~~~