[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience


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  • Stability protection:0.0
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      Today’sNBAWho do I like best? The first must beKOBESecond, it’s Warcraft.

Just like I like Jordan best, but I especially like O’Neal. Because of the location, I pay more attention to it

Center shoes, but now there are too few good centers, and there are even fewer good center shoes. I wore more solid clothes last year

War shoes areAJ13a gentle wind2as well asPENNY3, they all have good protection, but they are not center shoes,

wind2It’s actually the strongest, but Lao Ge they have to say it’s a power forward shoe. They all have the characteristics of center shoes

Sex, but after all, they are not prepared for the center.

      I bought a lot this year20A pair of shoes, about more than15Both feet are on, or actual combat or pressing horses

Way. But I have never been particularly satisfied with the actual combat shoes, includingKD5KD5EliteZK7Elite

ZK8LBJ10HD2012These recognized shoes are more suitable for actual combat. What I want to say is that there is no pair

I’m particularly satisfied. I always have some hard injuries on individual attributes. Today’s sneakers are lightweight and low top

The urbanization is very serious. In fact, I don’t think it’s a good thing for basketball players. Lightweight shoes

Yes, but we must not reduce the support and protection of basketball shoes, and low help is the keyKOBEBring it up

Yes, he didn’t work well. His Achilles tendon was broken. I don’t know if the heel shoes have a direct relationship, but I think

High top shoes are much safer than low top shoes. The side support of leather basketball shoes is better than that of todayFUSE

Much stronger. This can be seen from the feeling of wearing boots. I used to wear themTHome andREDWINGof

Boots have played football, and their ankle protection is not generally strong. I once tried to wear boots deliberately

When I do the action of spraining my foot, I find that I can’t feel pain without great strength, but now those plastic

Material shoes are too bad. Don’t wear it. Break your upper with your hand, and you’ll probably know the foot of your shoe

Ankle protection. Low top shoes, I think, have no ankle protection at all.

       In the low top basketball shoes I wear, the most protective isZK7But I still think

unsafe. Although there is no sprained foot, the shoes with high heel and strong protection will feel after playing

There will be slight discomfort in the ankle.

       Recently, three pairs of pure center shoes have been in actual combat. One pair is a ring. I have written evaluation, No

Repeat. I bought another pair recentlyD HOWARD3。 Actually, I didn’t like this pair of shoes very much at first

Huan, the reason is that his appearance and color matching don’t suit me very much, but last time I went to the discount store and found a pair

The blue version is completely different from other versions. The surface is a real first layer of skin, and it feels very delicate and soft

Soft, very textured. This is very rare in adidas shoes recently. I spent900More money to buy

These shoes. After several actual battles, I found that the shoes Adie gave Howard were very strong. If single

In terms of performance, this pair of Howard3I think it’s overHD2012of The reasons are as follows, first of all

It is obvious that the ankle protection and support that front shoes need most is better than thatHD2012It’s much stronger than the upper

It’s always high, covering the ankle and heelTPUThe frame is also very firm to fix the heel in the shoe, and also

Gives the shoe lateral support. My personal feeling is that the heel must be hard and give it to the one under the ankle

A strong support area, preferably ring-shaped. And the wrapping of the whole shoe, Howard3

The wrapping of Dai is very, very good. How good is it? It’s just like your second layer of skin. as well as

It feels wrapped, not likeKOBEThe suffocating bondage of shoes. The reason is Howard3Full

Palm inner boots, and they are the kind of inner boots with filler, very comfortable. The traction and cushioning are very good

A lot of people say adidas shoes are hard because they are shock absorbingEVABecause of, Adie’s shoes can’t be worn

ZOOMofNIKEBetter than feet. But in fact, just by virtue ofEVAshock absorptionAIDIYou can make the foot feel of your shoes

Very comfortable. From the initialADIPRENEShock absorbing adhesive. To this pair of shoesALIVEShock absorption technology, all of them

Very practical and effective damping technology, this technologyADIDASThere has been no special publicity, but when I

After really experiencing it, I found that this is really a very practical technology, very low-key, but absolutely enough

With the shock absorption feeling, it gives you the flexibility of rapid response. This is very exciting. From three years ago

It was on Howard’s shoes at the beginningALIVEUntil4Generation becomesCQI’m very sorry about your sole. his

The Howard series of shiadi has always been at a very high level of actual combat performance, but I didn’t finish until the end

A generation to experience. I’ll go back to Howard1and2,Find carryingALIVETechnology Howard shoes. I think this

This series is really suitable for my playing style. Performance, Howard3I have a high in my heart


       Or about these Howard4Generation, I said so much earlier, actually I want to make a point,

In fact, there is no need to follow the trend to buy other people’s favorite sneakers, to buy their own sneakers, to buy what others say

But I put on bad shoes. Only when you put on your shoes can you know whether they are good or not.

       I’m looking forward to this pair of shoes. In fact, Howard had already played with the Lakers in the playoffs last season

Colored Howard4At that time, I thought the shape of these shoes was not good-looking. But in a different color, this pair of Howard world

The tour color shoes are very beautiful. At least in my opinion, they have been designed by designers

There are a lot of colors used in a version. It is very difficult to design such shoes without conflict,

I think this pair of shoes reflects the designer’s skills, especially when the real object appears in front of me,

It’s amazing. The weight is very light, which is what Adie is pushing nowCRAZYQUICKidea.

And I think this idea is really good. At least it’s not like goods or gimmicks. Take this pair of shoes,

Outsole, midsole and the first pairCQIt’s different. I compared it and found that the change was very practical,

From the first three areas in the heel to an entire area, and there is no empty area in the front midsole,

The entire midsole becomes a solid and complete sole, improving stability. And the grooved midsole,

It also gives this shoe unparalleled smoothness and flexibility, which is similar toNIKEofFREEThe foot feels very similar.

After walking around for a few times, I found that the shock absorption of this shoe is still enough. I touched the midsole and it felt the sameHD2012of

The midsole feels the same. It’s all made of very elastic materials. So the shock absorption of this shoe is not much worse.

I took off the insole and took a few steps. The feeling of my feet was much worse immediately, but it was not that stiff feeling.

I think shock absorption is acceptable because I wear a lot of looks, such asNIKEWater drop, big

AIR, andAJPrevious generations of. Give me the feeling that the foot feel can be called hard, which is not suitable for actual combat. And Huo

Ward4The feeling of this pair of shoes. I knew it was a good pair of practical shoes as soon as I put on my feet.

       TECH FITTechnology comes from tights. The wrapping feeling of these shoes is generally not as good as Howard3So people’s shoes fit

One. But it’s also quite comfortable, because the upper is made of fabric, which is very easy to bend. Inner boots are also upper

The one with a large volume, and it is not a sponge, but a special material, similar toNIKEYour crash suit.

Other things will be discussed after the actual combat. As far as the feeling of getting them in hand is concerned, I still think it’s a good idea

A practical shoe.

   Speaking of the disadvantages, the workmanship of this pair of shoes is still a little rough. Because the outsole is divided into regions, it is difficult to bond

There may be more sudden, resulting in serious glue overflow. And inTECH FITUpper coloring is also a problem,

It feels like painting on a cloth, andNIKEofFUSEThere is no such feeling on your upper. This feeling

I feel very bad. I feel that the materials are very cheap. This is also one of the reasons why ADI lost the market. In his early yearsADIDAS

The texture is not lostNIKEof But now I feel that the manufacturing process seems to be slowly widening the gap. still

There are few details that show that this is Howard’s signature shoes. The details of signature shoes are very important,

Although this pair is also very distinctive, some details that used to exist on Howard’s shoes have been cancelled, which is better than

Such as Howard’s signature, number and English name. It’s all gone. This can not but be said to be a problem

There are two disadvantages.

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[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience2

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience3

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience4

CD color tongue is also a feature

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience5

Fixed ankle, good lateral support

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience6

I’m not interested in this MiCoach, but it’s TPU, which gives the middle palm the necessary anti torsion

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience7

The heel is really not very good-looking

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience8

Pay attention to the gradient color on the oblique side and the effect of painting

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience9

It’s like free, isn’t it?

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience10

World tour is also a compulsory course for Warcraft every year

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience11

Insole material ordinary

[Xinxin evaluation group] d howard4 initial experience12