[original] the hero is dying 

On this memorable day, I have a little emotion. Gang leader Qiao, who once accompanied us in our ignorant years, has long retired; and

The blacksmith who accompanied us in our youth and frivolity is also dying. Today, he can no longer see the arrogance of the past,

Vaguely see a little hero twilight, how can it not make people sigh and sigh.

[original] the hero is dying1 
After 8 months of hard suffering and 240 days of fighting with injuries, xiaofeixia miraculously returned! He has only his left hand intact

We explained what is the true Mamba spirit! Although you lost the game today, you won… Respect.
Maybe many years later, I will tell my children that I once watched Kobe Bryant brilliant, lonely and arrogant, and vertical and horizontal

It’s hard to lose in the field; Also looked at him sad, looked at him lonely, looked at his disappointed eyes after his comeback.

This is our age, the real superstar in our age.

Today’s game, Kobe Bryant wore a new replicaThe nike kobe Prelude 1 plays as if it’s back to 06

In the summer of, Kobe may also be recalling the killing God who soared 81 points, the omnipotent God who killed all directions. Let’s see

I hope he will slowly find himself and the omnipotent Kobe Bryant.

[original] the hero is dying2 

[original] the hero is dying3 
[original] the hero is dying4 
[original] the hero is dying5 
[original] the hero is dying6 
[original] the hero is dying7 
[original] the hero is dying8 

This is to commemorate the hero in my heart – Kobe Bryant