In the early morning of December 20, 2006, Iverson transferred to nuggets and left the city that once belonged to him. This year is just

It is also the answer. Iverson has entered the League for the tenth year, and the answer series has also come to the tenth generation.

The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2) 
The appearance design of answer x pump completely breaks the frame of Iverson basketball shoes in the past, and the surface is large

The huge contrast of the area color block highlights the spirit of Iverson’s personality.
The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2)1 
The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2)2 
Answer x adopts RBK Reebok’s adjustable pump adjustable technology, which focuses on

After returning to people’s sight, its strong wrapping feeling and comfort quickly attracted the interest of many shoe lovers

Fun, the adjustable pump adjustable makes the same shoe suitable for many different types of feet. this time

The successful re application of adjustable pump technology also proves that RBK Reebok will re innovate this technology

After the introduction of correctness in sports shoes, and the answer series is also from the original honeycomb technology – DMX series——

Pump — gradual transformation of pump adjustable.‘ i& d2 r” ]% l* p* Z* ~
The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2)3 5 q( l+ I, {. Q( Y
The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2)4 7 z. c0 a9 H    g3 b% p; g
The sole part specially imitates the design of the sole pattern of the bulldog, breaking the frame of the flat sole, which is concave and convex

The uneven sole design can actually stick to the player’s sole, minus other unnecessary sole friction,Give Way

Speed players can accelerate and change direction faster.: q$ g7 d’ r+ w, U8 O
The answer to miss those years: Iverson (2)5 
Zipper and ankle Velcro provide strong wrapping and ankle protection.
The whole pair of shoes is full of Iverson’s personality elements, the silhouette of dribble, bulldog tattoo, signature, number, etc.

I remember when the spy photos of these shoes first appeared, how many people thought they were extremely ugly, and how many people thought they were a

The beginning of the revival of nswer series is like the love for Iverson. There is no love as much as there is love

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When AI Cheng is the past!