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  • Stability protection:0.0
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First answer

Crumple the memory and let it blend into the shoe pile. Gathering and dispersing the clutch is a hundred turns and a thousand times.

Today, let’s talk about answer1. This pair of shoes was produced in 1997, a very classic year, and also

It was a very clear year in my memory. When I mentioned that year, I immediately came up with the scene of Hong Kong’s return,

There are arcade kof97, aJ12, 10 yuan an hour Jedi storm in Internet cafes, red alert, Xidan sports

Puma Philo converse counter in the boutique collection. Numerous, complicated and illogical memories are like dreams

Same. I remember that I had to go to cram school in Beijing No. 4 middle school every week on the second day of Zhengzheng day. At that time, I was early

It shows that he doesn’t like learning. Whenever he is tired of listening, he climbs to the observatory with his familiar classmates for a meeting,

At that time, the observatory had to fly on the 7th floor. At that time, the ignorant were fearless. Every time you stand

High up, looking at the dimly lit street and thinking of the unknown future, there is always inexplicable melancholy and emptiness. future

I had no idea what it would be like at that time. At that time, I didn’t have a few pairs of sneakers and feet

The shoes were Li Ning’s. at that time, I felt that those who wore aJ12 and air more uptempo in the school were very special

That’s awesome. Whenever I see them swaggering through the market, I always secretly envy them in my heart. As for my pair, I don’t know

When will the Tao come. At that time, dreams were sneakers.

The accumulation of sneaker knowledge I started basically began in that year. At that time, even computers had not entered my life

In my spare time, reading magazines has become the only source of information. And I remember contemporary sports at that time

Some pages of the magazine are about sneakers. There are only a few words and a few pictures. There is an issue of the magazine devoted to sneakers

Reebok shoes. Reebok shoes were at the height of the sun at that time, no matter in terms of appearance, technology and spokesperson.

Compared with Nike, Adidas just had the concept of foot in the sky in 1997, and gradually became more and more competitive with Nike

Nike and Reebok are in full swing. DMX was almost born at that time. That’s

In an era when science and technology is the king, every family tries hard to carry out technological innovation, and design is also bold. Visual impulse

Strong hitting shoes emerge one after another. Dmx-10 was used on running shoes when it was just launched. 3D drift velocity

The combination of DMX airbags really charmed a large number of children. The DMX also has a strong sense of science and technology

The obvious sense of fluidity makes this technology very popular. At this time, Iverson’s answer dmx10 appeared.

I remember it was 1180 yuan at that time. I took it up and looked at it in Lisheng sports in Beijing and put it down. Lacquer leather and crystal

The shoes at the bottom shocked me. I think the ultimate of shoes is just like this. In terms of foot feel, DMX is actually better than full-length air

Much more comfortable. The AIR on the front is basically a beautiful bubble. When you wear it, the old bubble is broken.

But at that time, the number of air represented the size of vanity. Buy big air shoes, you are the focus, your little partner

The children were frightened. The concept of dmx10 is the concept of big air. Something that scares little friends.

Speaking of answer series, I actually feel it. I’m a Nike fan at heart. but

Yes, I’m willing to try more shoes. At that time, Reebok was cheaper than Nike, especially this one

Answer4 series, I remember, is only a thousand. The most awesome answer4 is only 899 yuan. That’s it

Texture and foot feel are really two world things, which can’t be compared with those engraved this year. I can’t afford it anymore

When AJ and penny, I wore two generations of AI shoes, one is 3 and the other is 4, which made me feel very good. from

I haven’t worn this series of shoes since the beginning. Although every generation comes out, I will pay attention to it,

Several generations are really great. For example, answer7 is a pair of shoes that are quite in line with my aesthetics, but because of these shoes

It’s too rampant. I just gave it up. When generation 9 and generation 10 came out, AI series ushered in the second spring,

But it’s a pity that AI has been far away from glory since he left Denver, and his AI series has also gradually changed

Gradually towards the end, I remember the last 13 generations. Even Reebok is in decline, which is still in its infancy

Reebok has stopped the research and development of basketball shoes, which makes people sigh with regret at the vicissitudes of life.   

This year, Reebok began to reproduce the classics on a large scale, starting from volcanoes, rings and zebras

Into our eyes. In this world dominated by Nike, it seems that a fresh wind has blown in.

Let our nerves get different stimulation. Answer series is also in its list, large-scale reproduction

Answer4, but to my great disappointment, there was no DMX airbag, the texture and feel of the shoes

It has completely changed. A shoe that I was looking forward to getting ready to start was defeated by a feeling of disappointment

Yes. Fortunately, the airbag of answer1 is still there. When I first saw the black gold original on the microblog of Xinxin sneakers.com

When the color was about to reappear, I was really happy for several days. This pair of shoes has always been a part of Reebok in my heart

A totemic existence. According to the daily saying, “these shoes were awesome and had no friends!”

If a pair of shoes is on the shelf or on the web, you will be attracted by its appearance and introduction. but

When you buy it, you will have a rational understanding of it. So I suggest a pair of shoes

Bad can only be judged if you try it yourself. The premise is that if you like it, there is no such premise if you don’t like it.

In terms of performance, I don’t think these shoes are my dish at all. First of all, it has a fatal defect, that is, the foundation

Too thick, coupled with the special structure, resulting in poor starting and grip. The package and support are even more impossible

I’m satisfied. Although the upper is made of genuine leather, it’s too soft, and the wrapping and support are not enough. It’s hard to wear

It is a taboo that the upper and rear feet cannot be firmly wrapped in the shoes. And the soft upper with the erratic drop

The shock made up the shoes. I feel like I’m treading the waves. Although the upper of these shoes is not low, I think it is

The intentional design gives the ankle a great degree of freedom, that is, no matter how tight the shoelace is, it can’t have that sense of support. place

So I put this pair of shoes in daily wear. In daily wear, those shortcomings have become advantages. Comfort

very nice. Low key colors and styles can make me wear at work. The shock absorption can also ensure the safety of my daily work

need. The most important thing is that I finally have this pair of totemic Reebok shoes. Got to know one of my friends

Reebok plot.

This pair of shoes is engraved again. The price is very approachable, and not many people are chasing it. The reason is that these shoes are made of

In recent years, the mainstream people of shoe consumption do not know, or unremittingly do not know. But these shoes are

For people of my age, it must have its value of existence, or even a full sense of existence. this

What kind of market is very good. Children go after bubble AJ or LBJ. And I’m still chasing those in my heart

A landmark totem. I will choose LBJ series or hyper series. But I still have these old shoes

However, I am happy to pursue it.

I hope the classics come back, more violent come back!