[NBA today] welcome Black Friday 

Many Chinese know that North America is the peak sales season of the year before and after Christmas, and all kinds of discount goods will appear during this period,

This Christmas shopping season is also a carnival for shoe manufacturers. They can’t wait to divide half of the sales of the year into these days.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday1 
In fact, this sales season begins at the end of November, when the traditional shopping season “Black Friday” in the United States is about to open

At the beginning, many electrical appliances and clothing products will be discounted from Black Friday until the end of Christmas

It is the best time to purchase in North America. Those who have seen crazy discounts in pictures or information mostly occur during this time.

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday2 

This week I was preparing for shopping on Black Friday, so the shoes on the stars naturally became a shopping reference,

Next, I’ll take you to see the shoes on NBA stars and their sales this week.

Anthony Davis: the Nike hyperposite, the No. 1 player, has a great discount. Those who are lighter should buy them carefully
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday3 

Avery clothRadley: adidas rose 773 II, ADI’s shoes have always been regular customers in the discount market. This shoe is considered a middle-end real shoe

War good shoes, the price is not expensive.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday4 

Matt Barnes: adidas D rose 4. After all, rose 4 has just come on the market. At present, the discount is very small. This shoe is ADI close

As an innovation of the first phase, it has made a certain breakthrough in shape and performance.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday5 

LeBron James: the nike lebron x elite, with great discounts and good performance, is the right time to start.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday6 

Joaquin Noah: adidas crazy quick, this shoe creates a new crazy style. At present, the discount is good and the weight is too heavy

Use with caution

Ruhr Deng: Nike hyperquickness, Nike mid-range combat shoes with good discounts and good performance.
Jimmy Butler: adidas Crazy 8, classic shoes, which are very awesome to wear, but they are enough to win.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday7 

Nick collison: the Nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 is an old shoe. It’s rarely seen. After all, hd2013 is very popular

Has entered the discount market.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday8 

Chris Paul: Jordan cp3.vii is said to have good performance and has just been launched.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday9 

Tyshaun Taylor: adidas EQT elevation, classic shoes. You can always think of Kobe Bryant when you were young when you see this shoe. Just now

There’s no discount just listed
Chris Paul: Jordan cp3.vii
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday10 

Derek Fisher: the Nike KD VI is no longer on sale.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday11 

Drummond green: nike lebron x ID, get started
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday12 

Derek Rose: adidas D rose 4
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday13 

Evan Turner: Li Ning seek, the actual discount is not as high as that of big brands. Seek shoes are not bad.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday14 

Dwight Howard: adidas D Howard 4, no one in the League wears this shoe except Howard. RP has a problem. It’s on the market

It also sells in general.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday15 

Jarret Jack: the Nike KD VI “peanut butter & amp; Jerry” shoes are not expensive, but also have a certain discount, and the color matching is very good.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday16 

Jamal Crawford: brandblack, a new brand signed by Crawford (everyone wants to be a new dada or

And 1), I don’t know much about shoes, the shape is good, and the advertising is very coquettish, which needs to be investigated.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday17 

Jeff Taylor: Jordan super. Fly 2, a good practical shoe, has begun to enter the discount market.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday18 

Jeremy lamb: Nike KD VI
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday19 

John waldas crazyquick
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday20 

Joe Johnson: Jordan aero mania, there are a lot of goods in the discount market, and the performance is fairly good.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday21 

Jeremy Lin: Nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 low, scum shoes, not expensive, but very suitable for defenders.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday22 

DeMar Carroll: nike lebron 11 ID, there is no discount for new shoes. Actually, this shoe is really good.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday23 

Jr Smith: Nike Hyperfuse 2013, a new shoe, is said to have good performance
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday24 

Ines Kanter: Under Armour torch, cheap shoes, very suitable for students.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday25 

Kevin Durant: Nike KD VI
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday26 

Kyle Owen & amp; Glen rice Jr.: Nike hyperdunk 2013
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday27 

Kemba Walker: Under Armour torch, UA always likes to put an old name on new shoes. In fact, there is no discount on these shoes
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday28 

Monta Ellis: Jordan super. Fly 2
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday29 

Nate Robinson: air jordan retro 13, don’t expect a discount on this shoe ~ ~ ~ come in when you see it
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday30 

Reggie Jackson: Nike KD VI
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday31 

Iman shanporter: adidas top ten 2000, personalized basketball shoes with stable price, average performance and absolutely eye-catching appearance.

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday32 

Stephen curry: Under Armour anatomix spawn, a typical representative of low price abroad and high price at home

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday33 

Tony Allen: miadidas D rose 4 
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday34 

Cedis young: the Nike Air Penny V can find a good price in the discount market. The shoes are more picky, too fat and flat

Don’t try if you are flat footed.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday35 

Tony roten: the air jordan retro 11, you have to pay a lot more to get it?
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday36 

Tai Lawson: Nike Zoom Soldier VII, awesome shoes, also entered the discount field, if there are two pairs of actual shoes.

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday37 

Victor oradipo: Jordan prime fly, entry-level Jordan, not recommended
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday38 

Nikola uchevich & amp; Samuel darlemport: Nike hyperdunk 2013
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday39 

Jamal Nelson: Nike lunar hyperdunk 2012
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday40 

Quincy Miller: the air jordan retro 9, a few AJS who often discount, is a little hard to play.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday41 

Josh Smith: adidas crazy ghost, mid-range shoes with huge discounts
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday42 

Tyshawn Prince: Nike hyperdunk 2013
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday43 

Isaiah Thomas: Reebok kamikaze II also has a certain discount abroad, which is difficult to find at home
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday44 

DeMar drozan: the nike kobe 8 ID and kb8 were included with huge discounts and good performance.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday45 

Rudy guy: the air jordan retro 8 and aj8 also joined the non discount club.
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday46 

Avery Bradley: adidas D rose 4
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday47 

Michael Beasley: Under Armour anatomix Spain
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday48 

LeBron James: nike lebron x elite
DeMar Carroll: Air Jordan xx8, basically no discount AJ, performance giant NB
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday49[NBA today] welcome Black Friday50 

Damian Lillard: adidas D rose 4

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday51 

Brandon Jennings: Under Armour anatomix Spain low
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday52 

Ben mcclemmer: adidas crazy light 3, light and good shoes. This series is getting better and better, and the discount is not large for the time being.
Gerald Green: Reebok Shaq attaq, a classic retro basketball shoe, should be used with caution in actual combat. Foreign countries have begun to discount it.

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday53 

Under Armour torch low

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday54 

Carmelo Anthony: Jordan b’mo, a cheap practical shoe that many people like, has mediocre performance and good color matching

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday55 

Andrew dramond: Air Jordan XIV “oxidated green,” can you buy this one?

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday56 

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday57 

Channing Foley: Nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 low
Jason Thompson: Nike KD VI

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday58 

Dean Chris Marsh: the Nike foamposite one has sold so many colors of spray, and it’s rare that the price can be increased

Such strong, miraculous shoes. Use with caution in actual combat.

[NBA today] welcome Black Friday59 

Peyton Siva: adidas Crazy 8
[NBA today] welcome Black Friday60