[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation1 

      Hello, everyone. Today’s sneakers are the sixth of Kevin Durant, a popular star of Nike

Signature shoe – KD VI.
      Friendly tips, this evaluation is presented by [Xinxin evaluation group]. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source.9 k* X% B, F: S. O9 J
      In July this year, Nike officially released a new shoe, KD VI, endorsed by Kevin Durant. from

As can be seen from the previous spy photos and the published official pictures, the new KD VI retains this series

While meeting the high standards of speed and flexibility, we have made bold innovations in all-round design. These big

Bold innovation makes the KD VI finally presented not only refreshing, but also to some extent

It subverts some of our understanding of basketball shoes. In particular, some friends even jokingly classified it as

Inside the Mercurial Vapor “Assassin” football shoe of Nike. Of course, this is just a joke from your shoe friends,

For stars at Durant level, I believe the manufacturer will not rashly release a signature shoe, but

Durant himself will not casually hand over such important equipment as shoes to the designer and finally dedicate it to the fans

I believe he has a lot of thoughts on shoes.7 Q# k- M. q3 J
      I have also discussed the sneakers before. Interested friends can refer to:( v$ j7 \! a0 W: D& |8 B” P8 {
      Unpacking picture appreciation——
      Static evaluation——
      Let’s get down to business and enter the part of actual combat evaluation.7 l: ~4 G; W0 Z( v% d
      First of all, I would like to introduce some basic information about myself. Height 182cm, weight 65kg, shoe size 42.5,

The player is a forward on the court, the style of the ball is fast, most of them run and break without the ball, and the player template is (now controversial)

Sun Yue. In this evaluation, I chose two outfield rubber venues and two indoor wood flooring venues.6 o( B8 V8 H0 `2 i( b0 M” B% Q% o” I
      Next, I will share the actual performance of KD VI in the following aspects.
/ j! h1 p* g” |
First, design – 8 points.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation2 

[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation3 / t% @4 Q; v8 a9 \  ]3 u6 U$ @
The appearance design of KD VI can be said to have distinctive features, simple lines and refreshing color matching in hot summer

Earn a lot of eyeballs. As mentioned earlier, it is precisely because of the bold design that many people are unable to answer

Affected by the appearance of KD VI. I can only say my own words about this problem. At first, I was concerned about the appearance of KD VI

I don’t have a cold, but I’ve been wearing it for a long time, so I gave it 8 points.

Second, comfort – 6 points.
Don’t be surprised at this low score. First of all, we should confirm the midsole of KD VI, front zoom + rear max

The configuration has been tested for a long time, and the forefoot zoom of this pair of shoes feels very good. People will ask, why so

Why is the soft foot feeling so low? Because if I don’t consider the midsole, I’ll give it 4 points.6 Q5 b2 v2 R, G+ v2 V
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation4 
As mentioned in the static evaluation of the last issue, the wrapping feeling caused by the design of KD VI is very problematic, such as

Above. There is basically no fit of upper on the left and right sides of the sole, which is very hollow. We are very concerned about sports in summer

Air permeability. It’s very muggy because of all the plastic uppers. Take off your shoes for ventilation every time you go to the Bureau break,

Although fuse vamp technology is used on the tongue, it is a drop in the bucket and basically useless.
In addition to the above hard injuries, there is another point that needs your attention.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation5 
After a fierce match in the outfield, my left little finger was worn out. I always felt before

The soles of my feet were a little tight and didn’t care. This time, because it was a competition, I experienced too much concentration and found it when I came home. Here

In a subsequent actual battle, there was no wear and tear because it was only a half court confrontation. To sum up,

It should be the result of personal foot shape and accidental factors, but if a friend has a wide forefoot,

You also need to choose this shoe carefully.. J( N    E. v0 u8 I2 F- z7 k7 c

Third, cushioning performance – 9 points.) b3 N7 [: B: ?( U
KD series has always been regarded as a practical product by shoe fans, largely relying on the excellent midsole matching. whole

Zoom and max air cushions are wrapped in the Phylon midsole of the forefoot to ensure rapid feedback in the forefoot

At the same time, it can also make every landing steady.$ P# [% i# g3 Y: {
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation6 

[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation7 
! a) L( \! J/ k/ y3 Q1 Z’ L
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation8 
As mentioned earlier, although the KD VI uses the “mahjong block” zoom, it rebounds rapidly in actual wearing,

It is a little surprising that it is far from our subjective assumption of its performance.
# W    Z6 P/ D3 z* _ 1 ?
Fourth, protective – 6 points.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation9 $ {) x    J/ H3 p( H
The low help design of KD VI really makes people dare not give high marks in protection. Although the upper is integrated with Flywire

Technology, but the lack of foot wrapping can not be recovered by flying wire. Fortunately, the shoelace system is stable enough.

Here I would like to say more about the shoelace system. Although the so-called shoelace holes seem weak, shoelaces strung once are also nine times wasted

The strength of cattle and tigers, but the shoelace itself is stable enough. I haven’t loosened once in actual combat and daily life.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation10 0 c   | 8 M; q9 F% l) b1 K4 ? ( ^9 e
The midsole stability of KD VI is also good. Of course, it is not easy to twist the sole with my weight.

Fifth, sole – 8 points.
The KD VI’s new outsole pattern provides excellent traction and is reliable for emergency stops during turn back training.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation11 
The outsole material is soft rubber, with general wear resistance, as shown in the figure. If the long-term outfield, then consider

The max air cushion with a window in the back of the palm worries about the service life in actual combat.
% r3 D& b. |( X9 T6 `6 U# V” v
Sixth, weight – 9 points.
Due to the configuration of the midsole, the weight of the KD VI is bound to be lower than that of the kb8, but the simple design,

Coupled with a large area of a layer of plastic upper, it has made great progress in weight compared with the previous generation.

But I am not optimistic about this progress. After all, this weight reduction comes at the expense of wrapping.
6 M5 P# R, V( Y2 e
Seventh, cost performance – 8 points.# s+ Q” g6 a   ^! H
KD series has always occupied a place in the market at a price close to the people, although the rising price is slow

Slow away from Durant’s initial desire, but compared with various pricing that we can’t look directly at, the 1099 of KD VI

It’s not that exaggerated. Moreover, the discounts of various businesses keep up with the pace of listing, which makes people like KD VI shoes

Fans didn’t wait too long. I believe there is still room for exploration at the price of about 700.” C) w, q” \5 |$ g8 b

       Next, enter the part of subjective evaluation, 25 points (out of 30 points).
       Compared with the controversial appearance, I think the actual performance of KD VI is worth affirming, although

I have said a lot of shortcomings, but the beauty of the midsole still hides some ugliness. If you put aside the theory

No, if I just feel the feeling of wearing, I can’t seem to pick out any hard injuries in actual combat

However, we must admit the risk of ankle sprain brought by low gang. For my running friends, I believe

This trusted midsole will still work well with technical movements.& O( F9 ?/ J9 y% O$ K+ a4 n
       Another thing I want to make complaints about is the work of this pair of shoes.

You have to complain. See the figure below.
[Xinxin evaluation group] subversion, over — KD VI actual combat evaluation12 
       The blue part of the midsole is painted with pigment. The friction in actual combat will make it fade, which is related to the previous

The workmanship mentioned still makes me unable to understand how it can be worthy of KD’s status as a star, and the price has fallen.* w$ y, d- o    k’ N    D! [‘ u
0 ]; \& m3 l7 Q# g  e% b6 x6 b
       To sum up, the final score of KD VI in this evaluation is79Points.
       Of course, the so-called score is just to provide you with a numerical reference. If you are interested,

I hope what I mentioned is helpful to your choice.2 M& L% z0 N+ g6 f! a( v- A
       KD VI, as the first shot of the new shoes of Nike’s three superstars, is presented to us,

Its subversive design makes us enjoy talking about it, whether joking or looking forward to it. But I think this subversion has

This series, which has been very popular for a long time, is going too far. I hope it will not become a hot topic in actual combat because of this subversion

chicken ribs. The majority of shoe fans also hope not to influence their choices because of too much criticism. Shoes,

It’s still on your feet.– ^. r1 d* a. R0 j” e, C
       Thank you for your attention. I hope you will continue to pay attention to [Xinxin evaluation group], and we will bring you happiness

More professional evaluation.4 Q- |6 s! r* s4 j’ r