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The more you watch NBA, the more you feel that the Shoes NBA stars wear can reflect their personality and virtue.
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Today, I’d like to show you some unusual shoes and see what kind of shoes do those with outstanding personality like?

Jimmy Butler: Crazy 8, Butler loves these shoes very much. He has been wearing them for two seasons. He is a child’s lover of natural feet

Love or worship of Kobe?
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Parker: peak tp9. Parker always likes low-key and flat shoes. Once Nike was, now peak

Yes, but tp9 is definitely a good pair of shoes. Just like Parker, it doesn’t show mountains and dew.
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Randolph: air max body up, once a rebellious boy, Mrs. Randolph is getting more and more slippery at 30, but she wears more and more shoes

The more simple it is, maybe that’s what it means to return to nature.
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Maggie Morris: Zoom Soldier 7. Recently, many people in the NBA wear this pair of shoes, but Morris takes off the most conspicuous magic bandage of the soldier series, which is really very personalized.
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PJ Tucker and Durant: KD VI, the KD 6 of this generation is not well received by everyone, and the people who wear it in the league are also very popular

Obviously, Tucker is an alternative and adheres to the KD series.
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Kevin Martin: Jordan Superfly low, Martin has also been in the League for many years, and now he is more interested in shoes

It is practical and comfortable. Superfly low is just such a pair of shoes that are easy to wear and use.
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Wei Shao: Air Jordan xx8 se, Wei Shao, who returned from injury, still chose xx8, which is in line with his arrogance

Character, young people should be more domineering.
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Garnett: Anta kg4, actually, I think Garnett is a changeable person, sometimes not just for money,

From Nike, and 1, Adidas and Anta, does kg want to try sometimes

What about more shoes?
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Pierce: air legacy 3, how to say, it’s always strange not to see the green legacy. Pierce’s signature

Famous shoes are also wonderful designs. Adult models are not on sale. They have persisted silently for so many years.
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Joe Johnson: jordan six club, Johnson is definitely a retro man. He has always preferred this kind of club

Old school style shoes, you know, they are in the NBA, and they are all ancient beasts,

But he wore a pair of retro basketball shoes to fight. How confident does it have to be?
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Jason Terry: Reebok q96, these shoes are almost the last root of Reebok in the league. I really don’t want to

Has Tong Reebok reached the point where he lives on the remaining power of the down and out Iverson?
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Le Fu: 361 ° love, this is a standard curiosity that kills cats. You know, sometimes bad shoes can kill people.
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Igudara: Hyperfuse 2012 low, igudara is perfectly integrated into the warriors. Such a dancer loves dancing

The fierce man who jumped chose the Hyperfuse low, the favorite of the double point guards, which is definitely his preference.
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Jeremy Lin: hyperdunk 2012 low, this is also a person who only wears comfortable clothes, not the latest ones.
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Bennett: the air foamposite one, the champion, needs a lot of efforts. Although the spray is beautiful, it is suitable for self

Your own shoes are actually more important.
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Drummond: the air jordan 10 has been worn for two seasons, which shows the love for this pair of shoes. These are firm people.
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Monta Ellis: air jordan 7, I always think Ellis is one of the best shoe wearers in the league

When Nick Young has been obediently wearing only Kobe 8, we can only look at Ellis’s shoes.
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Wade: Wade’s way 2. With Wade’s popularity, Li Ning’s international influence has really improved a lot, but Wade

What I really like is this kind of somewhat retro and clumsy basketball shoe shape?
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Little Bynum: Wade team, Li Ning, is this to cultivate the rhythm of Wade’s team?
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Owen: hyperdunk 2013, the real spokesman, once again looks forward to the early arrival of his signature shoes.
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Lance Stevenson: Tai Chi, who also belongs to the type of diehard loyalty, is wearing a pair of shoes that are about to be forgotten

Wind and water rise.
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