In fact, these two shoes have nothing to do with Inter and AC.& P/ M/ a7 R! I’ Z! g” C
    Speaking of these two shoes, I would also like to thank brother Lao. He took the initiative to buy these two pairs of shoes for me, which I like very much. It took quite a few weeks

Today, I finally got my two pairs of long-awaited rings. So far, my shoe buying activity this year has come to an end. Blood rain at the end of the year

I won’t participate in the fishy wind. I bought enough at the last remake. Brother Lao, I want to say here that everything is fine

There is a beginning. Sometimes people don’t start smoothly, but the road will be smoother and smoother in the future. You can’t lose heart because of the difficulties and obstacles at the beginning

Frustrated, even give up. Believe you and I are not such people, so encourage each other!0 p3 _7 \0 c/ b% S
    Somehow, perhaps years have polished the edges and corners and consumed the spirit. I can’t satisfy myself when I write my composition recently. Look back

Three or four years ago. Full of passion and imagination, but now it seems that only the courage to face the reality is left, and there is no inspiration at that time. also

Maybe this is the result of people being assimilated by society. I also gradually lowered my head and bent down. I really don’t know whether it’s good or bad, just this

Is the necessity of growth.

    The good works of Reebok many years ago are back. The name shaqnosis is so awkward that I only spell it once. Maybe I misspell it one time

He was teased by RI RI and Lao Ge. I still care about what others think of me, although it doesn’t matter. Buying shoes seems to be my escape from the complexity now

One way is that every time you enter the palm instrument’s shoes, your heart will be happy for a while. It’s like a breeze, but it’s really like the wind blowing gently

Similarly, after a moment of joy and relaxation, you have to face what you have to face. The terrible thing is that this feeling is getting shorter and shorter. Maybe one day

Without this wonderful feeling. I can say goodbye to my sneaker career. But now, I still enjoy that short moment

Between. Live in the moment and cherish your every day.
    After starting with the black-and-white rings, I still feel not satisfied. I always think that amazing works such as rings should stay a few more while they are hot

Double is. After a few years, I want to buy it and regret it. Anyway, I haven’t worn enough rings.
    In the first year, there was only one color of black and white. I believe this is the only one in the history of sneakers, and black and white is the same as that of o’nei at that time

The colors of the magic team in which he worked were not matched. Maybe the regulations of sneakers limited the use of colors at that time. In the world of black and white, black and white

It includes all. But how ordinary and boring it would be if there were only black and white in this world. So Reebok sent an n

A variety of color matching of annual rings, some are good, some are disgusting. So far, I think these two pairs are still a little meaningful and worth entering.
    In fact, I was interested in the black and blue color in the spy photos last year. But this year, I found that the material has changed and the film transfer leather has replaced it

Reflective material, I have to say it’s a pity, but when I got the real object, I still thought it was a work of heart. The details are very detailed

In place. Black and blue is the traditional color of magic to commemorate O’Neill’s magic years at that time. In addition, it also cooperates with the details of electric embroidery

The details of the metal stars on the magic Jersey are all made of metal wires. There are four small stars next to dunkman in the heel of the shoe

The characteristics of Orlando. There is no such design in other colors. The details are quite thoughtful. The shoelaces of this model are also unique reflective

Material shoelaces, I believe you will see its luminous side when you turn on the flash. This also coincides with the theme of magic. And the ice blue sole of the sole is

It’s even more amazing. Imagine that if the sole of this shoe uses the blue and black color matching effect of ordinary hard rubber, the effect will be greatly reduced and there is no dream

The feeling of. The ice blue bottom is not easy to turn yellow under such a dark tone midsole, and greatly enhances the wear resistance. I paid attention to it

This sole is thicker than an ordinary rubber sole. The first feeling of holding this pair of magic color rings is that there are enough materials,

Although it is made of nubuck leather, it is very textured and feels very thick and not thin. Such materials also ensure practicability and support on the side

The support is very, very good. I believe the actual combat performance of this shoe will surpass the growth rings of other colors. A slight pity is the sponge pad at the Achilles tendon

Since it has become leather, the filler has been greatly reduced, so it is a pity. It seems that only the primary color is most in place, not the interior

The lining is also different from the primary color. It has become a common lining instead of the lattice of the primary color. Although the difference is small, the visual effect is also similar

I’m all right, but I still feel a little regret.– P( g: ~3 `/ C/ N; @
    The real object of this pair of hot color matching is worse than the picture. The reason is that the material is not very real. At first glance, it is a very thin kind of synthetic leather,

It’s different from the primary color. The primary color should be softer, and this one is thin and hard. The red of the transfer film leather is not that kind of positive red, but a bit like riding

The rose red of Shi color matching. The rose red of this material has some hair powder, and there is a little color difference in different light. But the color of this pair is still different

Often praised. That’s why I bought it. First of all, white, black and red is a classic color. Basically, the basketball shoes in this color are different

It will be ugly. In order to highlight the characteristics of Miami, the designer added yellow on the lining, which makes it feel like the finishing touch and makes it hot in an instant

In order to match this theme, this shoe also has a yellow shoelace, which is perfect for the Chinese team after wearing

I think there is no sense of conflict. The lining is also replaced with a small lattice lining that feels very smooth. This is the same as the primary color. This match

Color represents O’Neill’s final glory. Although it is only a short season, he has won another championship ring, which shows O’Neill

Your strength. So this color still has its commemorative significance.( f7 B8 R* b& |* N
    These two pairs of shoes have their own characteristics. Personally, I think black and blue magic is better. One is texture, and the other is detail. I think they are both

Better than the hot color. The effect of these two pairs of shoes is very good. Compared with the primary color, they have their own aura and are not inferior

The feeling of. Anyway, I like it very much.5 E. \+ m8 ?: ]$ Y
    Although the configuration of ring shoes is not the highest, it is the most representative pair of shoes in O’Neill’s Reebok period. I believe if

If Reebok designers can have wild imagination, they can play very well, and it is very gratifying that the foot feel of this pair of shoes is not good

It’s always good. It’s a grade better than the volcano, so it’s definitely not a double look. Even if you fight with it in the outfield, it will never make you angry

disappointment. But I still want to emphasize that if you don’t have some skills and domineering, you’d better not wear it. Because it’s really bisexual

Lattice shoes. I hope you don’t embarrass him.

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[eight winds do not move] Inter Milan home vs Milan away1 
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