The weather is getting colder and the heart of buying shoes is ready to move. After searching, I found a lot of moving shoes

Let’s share it for you.

[daily new shoes] what do we expect in autumn? 

I won’t say anything about the air jordan v. the Helios has started to look the best, so I can only look at the low-key one~~~

[daily new shoes] what do we expect in autumn?1 

Winter should be a good choice?

Needless to say, the next pair of the glove is a favorite shoe of the older generation of sneakers. I’m a fake

Sneaker needs to catch up, too.

[daily new shoes] what do we expect in autumn?2 

In other words, today I looked at other people’s starting pictures, which is still a rare classic that reassures me more than the previous spy pictures.

Finally, let’s take a look at one of the big wave of “spray”. This color matching texture is very good. Shouldn’t it be easy to discount?

[daily new shoes] what do we expect in autumn?3 

What about? Silver spray, fluorescent green bottom, very love, right?