[evaluation] Hyperfuse 2012 actual combat evaluation


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

   I bought hf2012 and didn’t wear it very much. I won the game in HF yesterday. Now let’s talk about HF wear

Feel it.
: b$ |    h4 n* G/ _ 9 R/ L
Appearance: XX% s- q+ b* a* V/ y* g$ f3 C
Appearance is a matter of opinion. I think the design of this kind of shoes is very characteristic, and I’m also very competitive

Yes. The most beautiful place should be the tongue of HF. It’s really beautiful) v3 e5 u    n4 S+ U7 J- z9 z’ l
Package: 8.5 points3 q6 o, x, Y3 M. Q    q1 q
HF does not adopt the design of inner boots. I feel that the package is not as good as the shoes designed by inner boots. The plastic upper is very hard and just opened

When you first wear it, you have to wear it several times before it becomes soft. The toes feel empty, only after tying the shoelaces

The forefoot will not deviate. However, HF’s tongue is very thin. Tightening the shoelace and instep will be a little uncomfortable, as if they were strangled

It’s the same. The height of the upper is just right. After tying the shoelace to the highest hole, the right wrapping feeling will make you feel right

This pair of shoes will be very confident and the ankles will feel very comfortable! The wrapping of the ankle is stronger than that of the sole.

You can fly around in the sky without worrying about the protection of your shoes.( z5 ?, C+ u3 U6 Z# V7 r% j
Supportability: 9.5 points
HF midsole adopts TPU, which is very supportive. The outside of the forefoot also has a design to prevent excessive valgus, allowing you to stop quickly on the court

I have more confidence when I change direction. The upper has concave convex design, and the protruding part has additional filler, which is relatively strong and rigid

It even makes you feel a little awkward when you start wearing it, because the upper part of the shoe is so supportive that it is firmly locked

I broke your ankle.% l’ Y# ?) d9 ]7 u/ Z* X! }
Air permeability: 9.5 points3 [8 o8 U1 d, @3 @
The air permeability of Nike “plastic” shoes is really great. In addition, the HF upper is full of large and small air holes, and the foot is in the shoe

It doesn’t feel covered at all. It’s the first choice in summer! But it’s hard to clean up. The tongue is also very thin, and the sponge in the tongue is carved

Empty design, beautiful and breathable. But is it not the excessive pursuit of breathability and the neglect of comfort?9 O9 M, m’ B7 E
Weight: 8 points, h! Z    f! V; k, V- W9 w’ \
Although the hyper upper is adopted, the weight is indeed reduced a lot. But the midsole didn’t lighten at all, which dragged down hyper.

I prefer lightweight shoes, and HF positioning is a pair of guard shoes, which has little chance of winning compared with the weight of HD

Not satisfactory. Or maybe I’m too light and adapt to the light weight of ad’s adizero series. Maybe Nike will

A little worse.+ [- J2 x. j* T# r
Grip: 9 points

Compared with the previous HF series, hf2012 has widened the upper and increased the width of the sole. Increased friction area, grip

Of course, it will rise. The sole is all herringbone design, classic and practical. There are concave convex fish bones on the bottom

I don’t know if this design is helpful for traction or cushioning.: N4 K8 T* {; h4 H) a” y* X
Cushioning: 8.5 points
Air Zoom in the forefoot doesn’t have any technology in the back. If there is no knee injury, this configuration is enough for the defender

Enough. After all, it’s better than ad’s adizero set. If you wear AD and fall to the ground, your heels can shake and hurt.

The feeling of forefoot zoom is not very obvious, but in the removal of long7 shoes, the feeling of forefoot zoom is obvious. I don’t know whether it is

Is it because of personal foot shape or force, or does each pair of shoes have its own characteristics? Not this

And cicada, look at your personal feelings
Sense of place: 7.5 points
HF’s sole is too thick, which is far worse than zoom BB series. The sole is too thick to return the feeling of the ground

Feed you, the clearance between the soles of your feet is too large, and the center of gravity is too high. Like cars, the chassis of sports cars is very low, so the handling performance is very good

OK. However, HF is not like this. When you change direction at high speed, you will feel procrastinated, feel a little powerless, and have strength

Can’t make it up./ ~/ N, u! L’ ~& E   _ ” u2 @
Wear resistance: 8.5 points
Everyone knows about wear resistance. Nike shoes have become more and more popular in recent years. Wear resistance is not as good as one. HF

Wear resistance is good in n’s shoes, but it’s still not wear-resistant. So,Don’t fucka cement floor!!!    Plastic

Hit it with glue, or it’ll hurt your flesh. I have actually fought in the concrete twice, about three hours each time, and the soles are obviously worn.

It is estimated that the cement land will be abandoned in about half a year.
‘ @’ P- W’ X0 R$ ~4 j/ \

  To sum up: Hyperfuse 2012 is a good pair of shoes. Generally speaking, the cost performance is quite good. The tiger meets white in its swoop

Dishes can be considered. I didn’t like HF before and didn’t feel very good, but I played a 5-to-5 game yesterday

After that, he made a complete change to HF. After playing the game, he had an impulse not to stop. He didn’t want to take off his shoes and wanted to wear them all the time to continue playing

match. This feeling continues to this day. That’s why I decided to write this article. I don’t like itDo not spray.

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