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Pictures and sources:

(1)Shoe websites at home and abroad;

(2)Online shopping evaluation;

(3)Sneaker magazine.

The following shoes have the following characteristics:

(1) It is easy to find in online stores and trading areas;

(2) Online purchase price in500-700Between yuan;

(3) The performance is suitable for actual combat.

3 d# a- J- G    V    f

The sneakers included in this issue are:

  Very wear resistant  


Infield use

NIKE Zoom Hyperfranchise XD  

adidas Crazy 8

NIKE Zoom Soldier VII

Air Jordan CP3 VI  

adidas Rose 3.5

adidas CrazyQuick  

adidas Crazy Light 3  

NIKE LeBron X  

NIKE LeBron X Low  

NIKE Kobe 8 System  

NIKE Zoom Hyperdisrupter  

NIKE Air Penny V  

NIKE Hyperdunk 2012  

NIKE Hyperdunk 2012 Low  

Air Jordan Melo M9  

adidas Adipower Howard 3  

Air Jordan Aero Mania  

Air Jordan Aero Mania Low

   a! U. W, T5 E: @$ x) E, B’ q
Here is a brief introduction of each pair of shoes 

700-800Meta interval% O- U/ Z9 A+ x
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3) 
one        adidas CrazyQuickTechnology:17blockQuickZoneOutsoleTechFitUpperSprint FrameTrayAs

adidasstay2013The main style in,CrazyQuickIt’s true“Quick”Fame,QuickZoneOutsole site

Extremely fast feel, unparalleled grip and foot accuracy, which is a boot that all flexible defenders should try.TechFit

The upper is excellent, the elastic material can cover the foot comprehensively and comfortably, and the wrapping feeling is impeccable. Although the outsole and upper are exhausted

Good is perfect, butCrazyQuickThere is still room for improvement. The rear palm radiation pattern compresses the foam sufficiently, but the forehand is slow.

It’s a little lacking. For some players who are good at bouncing, the hardness of the forefoot still needs some time to adapt, and the heel support plate can be used

Can there be a foot,TechFitThe upper is easy to wrinkle and wear, and the wear resistance of the outsole is also general. Of course, the industry has

Specializing in,CrazyQuickThe task of “speed up” has been well completed, and it is highly recommended to guard players. $ w3 L1 E    W/ e6 ?

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)1 
two        adidas Crazy Light 3Technology:3D SprintWebUpperSprint FrameTraymiCoachgroove

Crazy Light 3with9.3The ounce has refreshed againCrazy Lightseries9.7Ounce weight record, andCrazyLight 3and

Not lost on the road of lightweight, in the pastCrazy LightThe foot problem of the series has always been serious, andCrazy Light 3

More improvements have been made in the wrapping and fit of the shoe. The width of the forefoot has been widened, but it is still recommended to buy a larger size and fill the ankle

The filling is also thicker, and the tongue is easier to fix. The midsole is still of the “fast response, hard cushioning” type, and the outsole pattern is different

Changed, but still not very wear-resistant. althoughCrazy Light 3The overall change is not obvious, but the change of package and shoe shape is the value

To be sure, recommend it to shoe friends who like extreme lightweight. 7 ^- I% _% z” s8 c2 _; D# [
# {4 T3 X” S( z& o” |* f5 [
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)2 
three        NIKE LeBron XTechnology:Flywire 3.0AndHyperfuseHybrid upper, full-length visibleZoom Max, part

Color matchingXDROutsoleThe perfect combination of the best spokesperson and the best technology, just like foreign evaluatorsNightwing2303As I said,

LeBron XLike1995YearAir JordanXIIt has established the industry standard of basketball shoes. fromLeBronVIIStart,LeBronsystem

The appearance of the column has always had a strong sense of inheritance, and you can always see it in the new styleLeBronFind the shadow of the previous generation in the shoes,LeBron Xno

But inheritedLeBronThe overbearing style of the series has also made more attempts, including inclined uppers, inverted hooks, diamond strands and other elements

All letLeBronXout of the ordinary. Full palmZoomThe air cushion feels very soft and perfectly matches the heavy weight and flying flow, dynamic flying line and

HyperfuseThe combination of is quite perfect. The comfortable foot feeling is really hard to remind people that this is a pair of plastic face sneakers, except for the soft comfort

Comfort,LeBron XThe upper also has good durability. The skew design of the upper increases flexibility without losing protection,

But I personally thinkLeBron IXThe upper is better wrapped. Inside the midsoleTPUAnti torsion protection due to full-length visibleZoomMake

With, the midsole sometimes tends to roll over. This feeling is not obvious, but it is still worth improving. Improved outsole durability,

XDRThe grain of the version is also thicker, but for the sake of exposed air cushion, we’d better use it on wooden floor or plastic floor as much as possible. 6 J2 ^2 |. u( k- E& `

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)3 % }( D3 I$ ?& ^2 I
four        NIKE LeBron XTechnology:Flywire 3.0AndHyperfuseHybrid upper, full-length visibleAir Max 
% N” t0 P* G* u5 G- |+ ]8 ?
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)4 ‘ r. V2 i5 u( K5 O- [
five        NIKE Kobe 8 SystemTechnology:Engineered MeshUpper, full-length Lunarlon, glass fiber composite bearing

TrayKobe Bryant’s eighth personal exclusive boot. The Kobe series seems to be becoming more and more extreme on the light route. The Kobe 8 is thrown

Abandoning the Flywire upper that has been used for four years, we chose the lighter and breathable engineered mesh, which once again refreshed the weight of the Kobe

Series records, but it also brings the problems of decreased wrapping and weak upper support strength. This is not a very reliable protective model

Low top shoes. For those who play fiercely, the “defense value” of Kobe 8 is really not enough. The Lunarlon midsole offers

Softer cushioning than zoom air, the feel of the ground is still sensitive and fast. The vamp is not easy to wrinkle, but it is easy to get dirty

The bottom is still not durable. The flaky tongue may have a broken foot. The radian of the heel is very perfect. There is no pressure of zk7 while fitting

A sense of compulsion. At first glance, the appearance of the Kobe 8 is relatively “cheap”, but the real object is still quite beautiful. Engineered mesh can print patterns

The characteristics of make up for the lack of details of the shoe body. 

– J2 e/ P( [! f3 i1 k- I
600-700Meta interval 9 D/ `’ x8 j, M7 o# j( K# r

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)5 6 g$ E* G2 \  l; s$ b
six        NIKE Zoom Soldier VIITechnology: palm spacingZoom AirHyperfuseVampSoldier VIIinherit

Most of the advantages of the previous generation: stable and strong shoe body structure, flexible inclined high upper, lightweight and breathable upper, all-round

Match the location of the court.Soldier VIIThe shoe shape should be narrower, and the position of the Velcro on the upper has changed, canceling the original

The binding method around the heel is changed to a more direct large-area upper bandage. The actual effect is not much different, and it can still be pressed

Provide super tight upper wrap as desired. Cushioning is as versatile as ever, with the forefoot touching the ground and the back springing, which is a

A midsole that is flexible enough for shock absorption and doesn’t feel cumbersome. The outsole uses a more complex angular pattern, and the grip is still reliable,

However, the wear resistance has decreased a lot, and the official instructions do not seem to elaborate too muchSoldier VIIOutsole durability. ) n) ]; \% I4 h. A8 ^$ D) p’ Y
1 R/ n9 q4 F” Y# u& z
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)6 
seven        NIKE Zoom Hyperfranchise XDTechnology:HyperfuseUpper, forefootZoom AirFrom the midsole

For Outdoor Use”The words are not difficult to see,HyperfranchiseIt’s a pair of basketball shoes specially made for the outfield. It’s tough

The outsole and thick grain are ideal for harsh cement sites. Forefoot useZoom AirAir cushion, only basic in the backPhylon

But the overall feel of the shoes is not very hard.HyperSeries generally use a flaky tongue, butHyperfranchiseBut the tongue of my shoe is hard

It is filled with thick sponge and wrapped around the ankle, which is soft and comfortable, greatly reducing the situation of the foot. Silver red color is a good choice. Now it’s different

Online stores are generally only blue and green, and the price may be reduced to 10% in the future600Less than yuan.

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)7 7 b’ |7 v’ M( \
eight        NIKE Zoom HyperdisrupterTechnology:HyperfuseUpper, front and back palm spacing

Zoom AirHyperdisrupterThe sales volume in online stores is not good. This is a pair of sneakers with contradictory design. Have a look

HyperdisrupterProfile: midsole front and rear palm visibleZoom+HyperfuseVamp+1199The official price of yuan is enough to weigh

High end shoes, butHyperdisrupterIts simple appearance and low-key color matching are really difficult to arouse the interest of most shoe fans.

HyperdisrupterThe performance is very competent, light, fast, breathable, versatile, typicalHyperStyle, shoes, bread

The wrap is very tight, the support and fit are very good, and the outsole uses andHyperdunk2011Similar pattern, very good grip in the infield

But the wear resistance is average. “I don’t publicize, but I’m very down-to-earth.” it’s very suitable for forward players. 
! z1 b8 E+ f2 ^; \+ Q: o( w
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)8 
nine        NIKE Air Penny VTechnology:HyperfuseUpper, midsole carbon plate, visible backAir MaxFirst, for

PennyI am very happy with the return of the series, after allPenny VAlthough the overall shape is not amazing, it is also very attractive,

The upper curve well explains the flexible and elegant style of “penny”,600+The Internet price of is also kind. secondly,

Penny VThis timeNSWLaunch, so strictly speaking,PennyVIt’s not a pair of shoes specifically designed for basketball,

andPenny VThe actual performance of is really hard to say excellent, but many shoe fans still like to wear itPenny VPlay on the court, so it’s still

It’s included in the actual combat Scripture. The vamp is tightly wrapped, and the shoe friends with wide feet may feel some pressure, and the instep may have foot cracking,

The midsole has good cushioning, although it doesn’t have a forefootZoom Air, but the forefoot is not lack of elasticity, and the hindfoot is not lack of elasticityAir MaxIt can also provide sufficient information

Deformation protection. The position of the carbon plate in the midsole is very high. Flat foot shoe friends choose it carefully, because the position of the arch is easy to hurt their feet, and this kind of

It’s hard to adapt to the situation of your feet,LBJ8 P.S.LBJ9Shoes with high arches such as carbon board have this problem more or less. Ankle

The package at the upper is relatively poor. Although the upper line looks very safe, the actual fit is not good, and the “sense of security” is somewhat insufficient.

There is nothing to be picky about the outsole. The advantages of traditional herringbone pattern on plastic and wood floors are still obvious. Due to the general durability, the cement yard

It’s better to go less. 
1 V7 K8 A) A; Z
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)9 
ten    NIKE Hyperdunk 2012(no chip version)Technology: midsoleLunarlonCushioning3DGlass fiber stabilizer

Exposed typeFlywireUpper, outsoleXDR(partial version)2008In, the first paragraphHyperdunkThe light weight of shoes is turned on

Up to now,Hyperdunk 2012Once again carried the banner of innovation.Hyperdunk 2012Overthrow the past

HyperThere are many necessary designs in the family, exposed flying wires andLunarlonThe cushioned midsole isHyperdunk 2012The most remarkable feature.

In terms of actual combat performance, because the toe, body and upper are filled with sponge,Hyperdunk2012My feet feel very comfortable, No

PastFlywireThe plastic surface has a hard wrapping feeling.LunarlonFoamed materials may lack durability, but the foot feels light and soft

Soft, compared toZoomLunarlonMore relaxed, average and lighter. The outsole uses a wider pattern, but it is still not smooth

Recommended for long-time cement outfield practice, with excellent ventilation and midsole3DGlass fiber ensures a stable transition of the sole during movement,

Reduce the risk of rollover.Hyperdunk 2012In addition to wear resistance and durability, there are basically no obvious shortcomings in actual combat. The gorgeous shell

And practical performance coexist. 

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)10 $ C9 r; X# b, e3 l9 Y: w: n/ Y2 O( y
eleven    Air Jordan Melo M9Technology:Dynamic FitSystemFlywireStrap, forefootZoom Air, rear palm visible

Zoom AirCameron Anthony’s ninth signature shoe, although in the eyes of most shoe fans, adoptsDynamic FitSystematicM9Outside

Outlook is not pleasing, butM9The comprehensive performance of is quite excellent. From the perspective of universality,M9Even thanLeBron 10More versatile.

M9The upper fits almost perfectly,Dynamic FitThe system and inner boots have a snug, comfortable package,M9Not used

HyperdunkThat large areaFlywireOverlay, butDynamic FitThe fit and breathability of the system are commendable. in

Anterior and posterior soleZoom AirFull elasticity and moderate thickness ensure cushioning without slowing down the feel of the foot. Although the appearance is relatively

Tough, but the actual weight of the shoes is still quite light. The herringbone pattern on the outsole is very dense, and the pattern is all over the entire outsole, which can minimize the number of hits

The only drawback of slippery condition is that it is not very wear-resistant, and the upper support is slightly thin.M9Maybe2013The best forward shoe of the year, sex

I don’t have many things to pick on. I highly recommend it.9 b( @9 Y    f+ h4 L8 Y3 `
, o. ]0 _ 0 K/ ^; F* o3 R
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)11 , e’ a$ F’ M8 ]2 W
twelve    Air Jordan CP3 VITechnology:PodulonMidsoleXDROutsoleHyperfuseVampChris Paul’s sixth generation

Human boots,Air JordanThe lightest signature shoe in history, tooCP3In the seriesPodulonThe midsole feels the best.

CP3 VIThe upper is further lowered, but the lace design does not adapt to the changes of the upper, although the heelTPUSupport block

It’s quite stable, but it’s still recommended to wear itCP3 VITie the shoelaces as tightly as possible to increase the tightness of the soles and shoes. OutsoleXDR

The material is relatively durable. Although the lines are relatively soft and thin, the block undulating outsole shape can still meet the test of cement outfield.

PodulonThe midsole doesn’tZoom AirThat kind of soft cushioning, but the forefoot is still full of elasticity, and the transition between the back and the forefoot

Very smooth, breakthrough and running feel more accurate, very suitable for defenders. 
8 n6 t, \* M8 q9 |+ j$ u1 R
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)12 
thirteen    adidas Rose 3.5Technology:SprintWebUpperSprint FrameTraymiCoachgrooveRose 3.5Outsole resistance

The abrasion is not as bad as expected. The lines are different in height and have great depth. The abrasion resistance is still quite guaranteed (some color matching outsoles are made of

If transparent rubber is used, the material will be relatively soft). The shoe shape is relatively slender, because the midsole is usedSprint FrameTray arc setting

According to the plan, the midsole may feel a little narrow after tying the shoelace, but it is not recommended to buy a larger size, because the insole is relatively slippery and the sole is in the content of the shoe

Easy to slide. The overall cushioning is not obvious, but the foot feel is clear and sensitive, and the silicone insole also provides a little “elastic feeling”. Although the appearance is very

Thick, but the sponge filling at the upper is not enough. The wrapping feeling of the shoes is very comfortable, and the wisp space of the shoe body also has a good breathable surface

Plot.Rose 3.5It has no outstanding shortcomings. It’s a pair of reliable high top guard shoes.    t8 H0 l, h, G2 ?; V

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)13 8 N( y% u; }3 w- J; E! ~% X1 M
fourteen    adidas Adipower Howard 3Technology:miCoachgrooveStrictly speaking,Howard 3Not in the real sense

Front shoes, light weight and non muddy midsole are more suitable for strikers, butHoward 3The “alternative” also just shows that

The current trend of basketball, faster speed, more comprehensive technology and more position changes.Howard 3No general inside shoes

It has a oppressive and heavy feel, and does not deliberately add support design to the shoe body structure. The upper part of the shoe is narrow and the lower part is wide to ensure the overall stability,

The tilted upper also provides just the right support for the ankle, among other thingsHoward 3More mobility of both feet, even if

It’s a defender,Howard 3Your lightness can also leave you happy memories.Howard 3I haven’t forgotten my job as a center shoe,

The midsole provides sufficient and stable shock absorption and deformation space, which is very suitable for Feitian school and heavy shoe friends. If the shoes can be appropriately added

The bottom width and ventilation design will be more perfect.Howard 3It’s a recent forward, inside shoe andAir Jordan M9Performance one

Like excellent shoes, the price is also more advantageous. 
– Z$ a( T, C1 m0 e    Z

500-600Meta interval ; z. I! w9 F& {    A# Y1 x

[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)14 ) `# w” e” I3 U
fifteen    Air Jordan Aero ManiaTechnology:FlywireUpper, forefootZoom AirRay Allen used to wear middle-end shoes last season,

Aero ManiaThe performance route remains lightweight and fast, with midsole and outsole construction andAir Jordan Aero FlightAlmost exactly the same,

This forefootZoom Air+MidsoleTPUOur streamlined chassis are trustworthy,AeroManiaAlready done500+Shoes at this price

(especiallyJordan Brand)Everything you can do, comfort, cushioning and support, andAero FlightLike,

Aero ManiaThe outsole has excellent traction and good steering, but the herringbone pattern in the middle has poor wear resistance. Upper stripes

The design is very beautiful and has launched a lot of colors. If you want to find oneAir JordanAs a team boot, it is cost-effective

Aero ManiaIt’s a good choice. 0 c; x9 H8 n; ~ 2 l# O
, }) A0 G! S8 U, J, J* {
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)15 
sixteen    Air Jordan Aero Mania LowTechnology:FlywireUpper, forefootZoom Air 
‘ ~* p- j& T0 x( p
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)16 ” [7 w# s: s+ D” Q# A8 W
seventeen    NIKE Hyperdunk 2012 LowTechnology: midsoleLunarlonCushioning3DGlass fiber stabilizerFlywireUpper

OutsoleXDR(partial version)Low help versionHyperdunk 2012, a triangular structure is added at the upper to increase ankle support. + }# s  \2 [* M7 i” U. I5 \
: X8 v” w/ F” v$ y4 k, w8 J9 j9 D
[original by military division] actual combat treasure – 500-800 yuan medium and high-end sneakers search!!! (issue 3)17 

eighteen    adidas Crazy 8Technology:Torsion SystemNon-MarkingOutsoleCrazy 8Recently reproduced south coast color matching

Quite beautiful, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in performance and workmanship. Midsole cushioning remains firm,adidasIt should not be changed again

enterCrazy8The midsole or insole, ankle protection and upper support are excellent, and the outsole is super wear-resistant, with both advantages and disadvantages

Often prominent. The shoes are not out of size. You can buy them according to the normal size. The last row of shoelace buckle is the horizontal belt at the upper,

The default state is not tied. Tying the last row of shoelace buckle can greatly increase the wrapping of the upper. Be careful not to ignore it. 
$ U/ ~) e8 t9 r/ k
6 ~, J6 P+ z0 s: M* W

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