[first look] fresh and hot “fear 3” real object, air jordan 3 fear! 
I would have thought that 345 whole suits were sold together. That saved a lot of things. I collected three pairs at a time. No

After tossing three times, I’m still imagining how domineering the big drawer shoebox in three pairs will be.
The results show that Nike is becoming more and more appetizing. One pair, one pair and three pairs should be the least favored

3, so it’s on sale first. Compared with many people waiting for 4 and 5, to be honest, I also think 4fear is very good-looking.
When you get the shoes, the shoebox is the same as that of 3 a while ago. There are hangtags and 3 instruction cards, not replica cards,

This color has no replica card matching. After all, it is not the original color. It belongs to the new color matching of money.” Y’ o% V4 B4 I4 r; ~9 w
The insole is a bright spot, but no one usually looks in the shoes. Try to take a look.& P% q, x0 f7 O9 _ 5 s# r
Radishes and vegetables have their own love. In fact, just looking at the matching clothes, the gray system is not as good as the angry bird

Look, but who made him have a “fear” gimmick.” U6 c; D/ i1 v, E9 R) F+ p5 ?( N
Update more pictures on the second floor in the evening.