[shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x


  • Appearance design:0.0
  • Comfortable cushioning:0.0
  • Stability protection:0.0
  • Sole performance:0.0
  • cost performance:0.0

” I+ Z! C’ F$ [5 p    v9 t
Dream Season XAsDream SeasonIn the seriesAncestorAsLunarlonThe former of science and technology

bodyAsMy first pairNIKE, this pair of shoes has an irreplaceable position in my younger brother’s heart. So small

My first evaluation is also dedicated to this pair of shoes. If there is anything wrong, please ask your men

Show mercy0 |3 a& {. g/ o# _7 d! l
rememberthatyes2011The first snow in,IWhen I went to Nanjing to attend the job fair, I didn’t find a job, but I did

It’s back,369RMBPurchased in Nanjing outlets mall。。。。。。# e6 n+ ~/ |+ Q. ]
When the evaluation starts, report your data first
Height:172 cm, weight:65 kg, foot type: flatfoot in flatfoot8 {2 S5 `# f: j    a; `% I9 J
Playing style: breakthrough, emergency stop, disguised, playing is the kind that costs more shoes
We use the evaluation standard of Xinxin shoes net, and each item10Full marks100” z7 q- o7 |5 F    q1 |” V
1、 Appearance: m’ P+ s& B4 \) l9 g
What it looked like back then

   [shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x1 . t6 ?* A’ [5 A’ _2 V# H4 h# t” W

What it looks like now        
(I love shoes as much as my life. I treat shoes like my concubine, so I look good)& ? 3 F9 r, K) h1 g0 z3 |3 s
        [shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x2                                  

   [shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x3      , h/ E/ N” ?) q0 v2 d7 |
0 i: o* v4 v% M! X3 ^/ B

The appearance is still an old saying. Radishes and vegetables have their own love. I loved the shape of these shoes back then, but now

I still love you very much4Kobe shoes used to be specialspot, sharp lines and a sense of speed.The whole pair of shoes is not bright

Obvious glue overflow and neat routing,I’ll give you this8branch, b% P: E9 w/ G9 q
two, package
The first feeling on the foot comes from the wrapping of the shoe facing the feet. This pair of shoes is designed as half palm inner boots,

The package for the feet is very good and close to the feet.* _ ( g+ Q7 K   ? ( W” |) @6 N
[shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x4 ! r. B. A/ `( E5 Z+ X
2 c3 f8 i, l0 h
There is no use on this pair of shoesNIKEThe fly line technology developed in that year was still the vamp of cow leather and synthetic leather,

Therefore, the package of this pair of shoes is closer to the foot than the stiff bite of current plastic shoes. Although I am right

New technology is not exclusive, but the texture of this traditional upper is not available in plastic shoes.

Every time I wear these shoes, the smell of leather, mixed with my strong foot smell, wow, it really makes me want to stop

(too strong taste)   O9 B’ b: h6 `! ^* R” G* t& O$ m
In addition, the tongue of this pair of shoes is also in line with the recent fashionfuseThe upper is quite different, mainly made of nylon mesh

It is made of cloth and won’t cut the ankle. With a medium high upper, it wraps the landlord’s pig’s feet very well. place

I’m still satisfied with the package of these shoes. I’ll give it to you8.5branch+ f5 n” R! n* G( I) h$ t
IIIAir permeability) I’ `- T; X    k
After finishing the package, let’s talk about the air permeability of this pair of shoes. Although the whole pair of shoes is made of leather, but

The vamp is full of air holes. Although it is not comparable to the current plastic shoes, it is still breathable,

At least not very bad. I don’t pay much attention to this aspect. I’ll give it to you as soon as I bring it7Divide it.” T- l    T. h( k8 ~
[shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x5                               [shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x6 
” n2 h+ U! @* w$ [2 w6 O
IVflexibility0 D! L0 k7 L+ w) u
Because they are medium and high top shoes, their flexibility is certainly not as good as the current low top shoes. It depends on how you choose.

The shoelaces don’t need to be tied too much. The flexibility is OK. After all, they are designed for defendersplace

So or7Points.
5、 Weight5 B+ o) F” F7 w0 m
Although these shoes are leather and high top, due to the use oflunar liteTechnology, fairly light

Quality, when I held it in my hand, I even had a stunning feeling, so I gave it to you in terms of weight8branch” Y& y6 [! e9 ]% Q. t’ }
6、 Wear resistance# Z% p* `7 O$ n! q. k0 A
This pair of shoes has been in service for more than three years, and the sole pattern is still so clear, which is mainly taken care of by the landlord at ordinary times

Yes, I don’t often play in the outfield, but I used itXDROutsidebottom, wear resistance is OK,

I give8.5branch
[shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x7 
VIIGrip5 ~$ C* i” u- \  p’ X  P9 F
The entire sole is herringbone pattern, and the traction performance is goodofBut compared with Adie’s shoes,

OutsidebottomWithout that stickiness,No,The feeling of sticking to the field, but generally speaking, it’s still OK

Yes, I’ll give it to you8branch
eight, stability
For stability, I thinkmainBy the torsion resistance of the midsole and the arch of the footSupporting part structure

Yes.Because it is usedTPUAs the support material of the midsole, the torsion resistance is good, but it should be improved

Slightly inferior toNIKEofCBoard. In view of my playing level and intensity, I can’t understand itTPUandCplate

So I’m very satisfied with this aspect. For arch support, because I

It’s a super flat foot. If the shoes can’t have arch support, they don’t have arch support. Otherwise, they really need it

I’m dead. So the stability of these shoes is very to my appetite,On the wholeI give8branch
nine, cushioning
For this pair of shoes, the most noteworthy thing is the cushioning of this pair of shoes. Hind palmZOOM AIR, take

After you drop the insole, you can press it by hand. Feet andZOOMThe distance between them is only separated by a pair of insoles,

So in terms of foot feeling, the feedback is faster and more obvious. aboutZOOMFeel and cushioning, not much

Say, everyone knows, one word, cool!
Forefootlunar lite Damping glue, yeslunarlonIn my previous lifeHyperdunk2010, section4

And similar to this bipolarzoom spead low 1The forefoot is used. It’s said to be NASA

Patent office, weight ratioEVALight, rebound ratiophylonOK. In terms of actual wear, step on it hard

Go,lunar liteThe foot feels really soft and can be felt without running in, but the feedback is not good

yeszoomIt’s coming quickly, so I don’t think the transition between the front and rear palms is very smooth, and the heel iszoom

Too fast feedback is abrupt. However, and laterDream SeasonThe series has only the forefoot

zoomCompared with, this pair of shoes can better meet my enthusiasm for sneakers, both psychologically and physically

howeverlunar liteThere is a very obvious defect. Over time, it will collapse and lose the original

It’s more elastic, soNIKEImproved this technology and wanted to keep itlunar liteLight weight and high elasticity

And improve its durability, that’s itlunarlonemerge as the times require.

I have a pair around melunarlonTechnology shoes, just to compare.0 o1 L0 @- N- T& q. T
[shoe evaluation competition] my first pair of Nike, dream season x8 
  q8 x/ M7 V& E4 \9 p
Personally,lunarlonI didn’t feel it on my upper footlunar liteSoft, but rebounds better, even better

To be close in elasticityzoomFeeling, if you saylunar liteIt’s the kind of soft girl,

lunarlonIt’s the kind of bigadorableyounger sister. in general,NIKEIt’s really improving, but it’s said

lunarlonIt’s not particularly lasting, I hopeNIKEDevelop more powerful technology as soon as possible.
On the whole,I’ll give you cushioning9branch
tencost performance# [: F# `3 d    N; w3 h+ z7 e    i
There is no obvious short board on this pair of shoes. It is a pair of very, very comfortable shoes with excellent package and light weight

Gas, excellent cushioning, if there is still a chance to buy again, if still369I’ll buy another one at the same price

Shuang, collect it well. In the future, you can pass it on to my son and let him knowNIKEOnce so kind,

No pit father

cost performance10branch

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